Weekly Wrap-Up {Harry Potter, Laundry Cabinets, & More!)

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Happy Friday!

This week, Jackson and I finished reading the second Harry Potter book, so we had a movie night to watch the movie (complete with tons of candles to make it look like Hogwarts, of course) and we started on the third book! I feel like after this one we might have to slow down – they get a little scary, don’t they?!

I’m thrilled for the weekend this week – do weekends even mean anything to you anymore?

We’ve made a concerted effort to make our weekends feel a little set apart from the rest of the week – I’ve stopped posting anything on Instagram over the weekend, I don’t put makeup on, we keep pajamas on as long as we want to, and we try to have some special family fun. Think: big breakfasts, movie nights, board games, and lots of long walks!

It’s hard to make anything feel special these days, but I think the more we can do to make our weekends be a little set apart, the more sane we’ll stay.

At least, it’s a theory I’m working with. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Today marks five entire weeks of quarantining/social distancing for us. In some ways, it’s been so incredibly lovely to have all of this extra family time – I love that Corey is working from home, we’ve settled into a school routine that I enjoy (most days), and it does feel like a time we’ll look back on with fondness. But, on the other hand, we miss my parents desperately (the boys FaceTime with them every night!), we miss our friends, and we’re heartbroken for all of the families who have been really negatively affected financially by all of this.

We are doing a birthday parade for one of Jackson’s friends tomorrow morning, and I’m honestly so excited to get out of the house and see some friendly faces.

And maybe while we’re already out of the house we can grab some drive through breakfast tacos!

Anything to make the day feel a little more special, you know?!

ICYMI: This week on the blog

elsewhere on the internet…

  • I’m shopping for a laundry room cabinet – we had planned on getting an IKEA PAX wardrobe but the earliest delivery date was the end of May and I’m not that patient. I’m eyeing this one, this one, this one, or this one. Which would you choose?!
  • I’m using this list to help me know where to order some plants online, because we’ve been here 5 months and it’s high time I start filling the house with plants!
  • This was one of the most satisfying renovations I’ve seen in a loooooong time.
  • I’ve got to try this for the windows at the front of our house!!
  • This living room has me swooning.
  • I pre-ordered this cookbook, so it arrived last week and we’ve already made several recipes from it – and we’re planning on trying one more tomorrow! The dinner rolls were a huge hit in my house.
  • This breakfast nook is so good, I gasped.

Have a happy weekend, friends!

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