Want A Functional Home Upgrade? Here’s What To Do

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It’s one thing to commence a home upgrade and another to make it functional. For many homeowners, an upgrade is done to improve property value, extend the lifespan of the building and maximise space. If you’re part of the 69% of people upgrading their homes this year, how do you intend to incorporate functionality into the design? Here are some ideas worth considering.

  • Create a partition in your garage

motorbike in a garage

Indeed, the garage is a place for many homes to keep cars, motorcycles and other items. Some households convert the space into a storage area for unused items. No matter what you use the garage for, the most important thing is making it a safe area to contain everything you intend to keep there. However, have you thought about how to make it more functional? One way to do this is by creating zone-off areas.

This means creating partitions in the garage and using each part for a specific purpose. For example, if the space doubles as a laundry and workout room, creating zone-off areas would be a great idea. This helps you organise the space and rid it of clutter and congestion. Fortunately, you can make divisions without erecting new walls by using multi-fold screens or room dividers.

  • Extend the bathroom vanity

First of all, most bathrooms in the UK measure 2 metres by 3 metres. That is small compared to other similar spaces across Europe. Due to this space constraint, creating an ideal bathroom for your household may be challenging. Fortunately, there are ways around it to make this space more functional. Take a look at your bathroom vanity. What goes into making it more functional? If you have space on either side of it, they can be extended to create a more purposeful bathroom workbench. Additionally, consider dividers for your bathroom drawers and cabinet to help keep things organised. Grab bars are also very useful, especially when it comes to safety.

  • Extend shelves above the kitchen countertop

kitchen upgrades

In many UK kitchens, the main countertop is against the wall. In more contemporary ones, you will find an island or peninsula-styled countertop that is not necessarily attached to the wall. However, if yours is a more traditional one, there are several options to explore in making it more functional. For instance, with a kitchen countertop attached to the wall, you can create extensions above it. With a two or three-tier shelf built above the countertop, you will have more space to play with.

This works best in kitchens with limited spaces. You can have a functional countertop with extended shelves and a few cabinets in the same area. In extending shelves above the kitchen counter, it would be helpful to consider headroom. This eliminates the risk of bumping your head against the shelves. It would be better to seek help from a woodwork expert in this regard.

Your home can be as functional as you want it to be. It is recommended to plan first with an expert for the best results. One benefit is that well-thought-through functional elements can help you reduce the cost of purchasing more household accessories.

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