Pet-friendly Airbnb in Tagaytay: The Lakehouse Tagaytay

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Dog-friendly hotel in Tagaytay. This was the only thing I ask when my very good friend Charlotte invited me to join her to a staycation in Tagaytay. It was a little challenging to find a pet-friendly hotel in Tagaytay so we ended up doing the same search on AirBnB. Within a few minutes, Charlotte sent me this link that shows a small house perched on a cliff down the road with a cafe that is just a minute away where you can eat and watch Taal volcano at the same time.

I didn’t actually care at all how it looks. As long as my dog Ollie can stay with us inside this budget accommodation in Tagaytay, I am good. That time, we have booked an island trip getaway outside the metro so I am are watching our expenses which we eventually canceled because of unforseen things that happened. Good thing, the refund went smoothly. After this pet staycation to Tagaytay, I will also be going to Naga and Pangasinan with my dog in tow so I want to make sure I am able to spend my hard-earned money as wise as I can.


The next thing I know is I booked our stay for 2 nights only. The host of this AirBnb unit in Tagaytay was very responsive through email communication which I like the most because I don’t have the luxury to Google everything I need to know when I can just ask her. I think it is her job as the host to make my life easier in terms of having a good stay in her AirBnb unit and not eating all of my time figuring things out myself.

Around 10am, I found an air-conditioned bus waiting to Tagaytay and really reluctant if the bus driver will allow me inside because I have a dog. All of my trips in Bicol with a dog is through an ordinary bus because they don’t allow pets on air-conditioned bus. I was really lucky because the bus conductor did not even bother to ask if my dog is fully-vaccinated which is true. I have his vaccine record in case he asks for it. He even did not bother to ask why Ollie is not wearing his diaper which I am about to do before we get inside the bus.

We arrived close to 2PM which was the check-in time. If there was no traffic and if we have an own car, I believe one-way trip to Tagaytay is only 2-3 hours total. Since we commuted, it took 4 hours. From Fuera Mall, we took a “bukyo”, a modern tricycle that is used in Tagaytay.  The driver was not familiar with The Lakehouse Tagaytay including those other drivers also waiting for passengers which I understand because it was newly-listed on AirBnb. Good thing he found it within 10 minutes.  

From the main gate, the one that will greet anyone staying in The Lakehouse Tagaytay is DreamWorz Cafe. Both are owned by one person thus there’s only one main entrance. My jaw dropped when I realized the we have one of the best views of Taal in this cafe. Tired, I quickly asked the staff of the key to get in The Lakehouse Tagaytay. I and Charlotte went to Tagaytay separately. I got in first.

The Lakehouse Tagaytay is small in terms of space but we realized you don’t need really a palace to feel at home.  What we need is a home that with interiors that is arranged beautifully. I cannot believe that aside from that king size bed, this AirBnB unit has a small single sofa, a life-size cabinet, a small refrigerator,  flat TV plus a set of two chairs and a small rounded collapsible table. 

We love also the art on the walls from the books to the paintings. There’s nothing we don’t like in The Lakehouse Tagaytay which we highly recommend to those who are looking for pet-friendly AirBnb near Metro Manila.

The bed located in the middle faces a glass door leading to the terrace with an amazing view of the lush trees just few within a meter apart! This is the best part of The Lakehouse Tagaytay! I would say the priceless. I think The Lakehouse Tagaytay’s location is the bomb here! Aahhh, I and Charlotte literally regret only booking for a couple of nights here! We should have booked longer. 

Not to brag, Charlotte and I have spent many nights in different accommodations here in the country, in Thailand and Taiwan already. We have a high standard when it comes to choosing accommodations. The Lakehouse Tagaytay is 10/10 for us. 

The comfort room was divided in half so when I am using the toilet, Charlotte could get a warm shower which saves our time. The flash of the toilet though needs a tiny bit of fixing but there’s bidet.  The kitchen is located outside. There's a small portable gas burner and a small kitchen table. They have all the basic cooking utensils you will need. There's free dish detergent and even bathroom deodorizer. Below the sink, I saw several cleaning brands used to tidy this AirBnb unit. 

Dreamworz Cafe offers very limited food so we ended up going out to eat in other dining spots. In my case, I am on plantbased diet which was a bit more difficult but I still love a few stuff I ordered. If you are lazy enough, just 5 minutes away from this pet-friendly AirBnb is McDonalds. You can continue walking for a few more minutes and you will have more choices of restaurants plus the mall. Over all, I would say The Lakehouse Tagaytay's proximity to other establishments is also a plus. 

Special mention to The Lakehouse Tagaytay’s FAST WIFI. We are full-time online freelancers. We work, hustle and get paid online.  The Lakehouse Tagaytay is our top bet as best AirBnB that is pet-friendly and definitely for digital nomads too.

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