This Online Group Is Dedicated To ‘Mildly Interesting’ Stuff, And Here Are Their 130 Best Posts (New Pics)

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Not everything needs to be over the top to captivate our attention. Even the smallest of things to a wondering mind can turn out to be hiding a story behind them. That is why today, we have selected another list of mildly interesting photos for your forever curious minds.

Over 21 million members on this subreddit are proof that there is no shortage of observant people who are consistently ready to be surprised by, at first, seemingly ordinary things. With the help of these images, we can notice how different we all are, depending on where our attention is drawn, and appreciate all the randomness available all around us if we just keep looking.

So if you're feeling stuck in a rut, or just looking for a little inspiration, we invite you to dive into the complexity of the ordinary and discover something new to you. And for more on Bored Panda, visit our previous post here.

#1 A Local Pizzeria Started Using A Dough Ball Instead Of The Plastic Thingies To Keep The Pizza Intact

Image credits: UnintentionalExpat

#2 Someone Knitted A Sweater For Their Car's Emblem

Image credits: bluemoonlighter

#3 My Local Hospital Has Provided A House For A Cat That Frequently Visits

Image credits: syncopant

#4 The Bubbles At The Bottom Of My Water Glass Look Like A Script Of Some Kind

Image credits: Lilt34

#5 A Broken Tube TV In My Work Has "Game Over" Burnt Into The Screen

Image credits: nordvplan

#6 This 1969 Dollar Bill We Found In My Dad's Small Money Collection With A 00000001 Serial Number

Image credits: Miss_Behaves

#7 This Randomly Illuminated Patch Of Street

Image credits: giu989

#8 My Takeout Rice Container Was 100% Filled

Image credits: SwashbucklingWeasels

#9 This Enormous Mountain Of Saffron In A Bazar In Tehran

Image credits: Lucamadeus93

#10 My Uber Is Also A Convenience Store

Image credits: big_news_1

#11 I Toasted Bread To Absolute Perfection

Image credits: InFlames235

#12 My Grocery Store Blocks Out Characters On Packaging

Image credits: Trooperlite

#13 Tall Skinny Snowman Made With A Bucket

Image credits: randalwon

#14 I Have An Uncanny Resemblance To The Freya Carving At Epcot’s Stave Church

Image credits: norskunna

#15 This Bottom Left Window Is Actually A Painting

Image credits: BannedFromEarth

#16 The Prize Car At This Dying Mall Is An 18 Year Old Corvette

Image credits: EyeLike2Watch

#17 At My Job We Have 2 Of These Foam Things Hanging, Specifically For People To Poke, So That The Other Ones Don't Get Destroyed And We Don't Have To Throw Them Away

Image credits: Jamie_logan

#18 This Public Restroom At A Hotel Has Black Toilet Paper

Image credits: nothochiminh

#19 We Found Neighbouring Houses With The Same Colours As Our Jackets

Image credits: pantalooon

#20 This Pizza Shop Offers Two Types Of Straws, But Questions Your Reasoning

Image credits: planbskte11

#21 This Building Im In Has Chairs And Desks Mounted On The Wall

Image credits: WillyHeeler

#22 I Can Grip Things Backwards

Image credits: SentientPotato42

#23 Our Office Received A Pallet Jack On A Pallet Today

Image credits: efjer

#24 Batteries With “Bitter Coating” To Prevent Kids From Swallowing Them

Image credits: fernanaj

#25 The Remains Of This Hammer Stuck In Asphalt

Image credits: marmosetohmarmoset

#26 My Mug Shattered By Itself Inside Of The Cabinet

Image credits: JohnyGhost

#27 These Mini Tent Displays At Academy Sports

Image credits: dblljackncoke

#28 The Top Of The Boston Skyline Is Just Barely Visible From Cape Cod

Image credits: WeaponizedFeline

#29 An Origami Dwarf I Folded

Image credits: JonSnuu69

#30 The Vegetable Shops Here Show A Pic Of The Farmer

Image credits: keebler980

#31 I Collect Vintage Pokémon Food Products

Image credits: mewisme700

#32 My 2022 Year In Review (Drinking Calendar)

Image credits: dnekrash

#33 My Local Five Guys Is Being Run By Five Girls Tonight

Image credits: exonomix

#34 They Made Oreo-Flavored Oreos

Image credits: HereWeGo5566

#35 Waffle House Includes Sales Tax

Image credits: Jove108

#36 A Friend Brought A 100 Sided Dice During Our D&d Session

Image credits: Icemobius

#37 The Green Bean Size Difference Between The No Salt Added Can And Regular Can

Image credits: butler7

#38 The Result Of My Family Putting All Of Our Fruit Stickers On Our Fridge For The Past Several Years

Image credits: Seaspooder

#39 An Egg I Bought From A Farmer's Market (Bottom) Compared To A Store Bought One

Image credits: pls_dont_ban_mod

#40 Cat Bed Instructions: “Your Cat Will Figure It Out”

Image credits: TuxedoFloorca

#41 My Tea Residue Looks Like A Sitting Dog

Image credits: icedmatchapls

#42 Opened A Clif Builder Bar To Find A Piece Taken Out

Image credits: Snowedin-69

#43 I Can Snooze My Christmas Lights For 6, 8, Or 6,639 Hours

Image credits: THORGNASH

#44 Put This Quarter On A Train Track And Everything Was Flattened Except “In God We Trust”

Image credits: capitankirk7

#45 The Ceiling Lights In This Medical Test Lab Are In The Form Of Electrocardiogram (Ecg)

Image credits: thesahilpatel

#46 There's A Desserts-Only Mini Mcdonalds Outside My Hotel

Image credits: umichscoots

#47 My Dad Ironing American Cash Before A Trip To The Old Country

Image credits: Parking_Spot

#48 This Little Caesars Has Their "Upsell" Instructions Displayed On Their Front Counter

Image credits: poopdedoop

#49 Amazon Driver Left This Big Tote With Our Packages In It On Our Porch

Image credits: stwaldo

#50 My Work Has Feminine Hygiene Products In The Men's Room

Image credits: mistersigma

#51 Of The 69 Things They Tested Me For, I'm Allergic To 60 Of Them

Image credits: lexi_the_leo

#52 This Restaurant In Monterrey, Ca Doesn’t Allow Children

Image credits: rockmeamat3ur

#53 Tsa Gave Me This Card To Check The Length Of The Line

Image credits: sickbandnamealert

#54 A Letter From My Grandpa Was Mistakenly Sent To The Irs, Who Opened It And Sent It Along To Me With An Explanation

Image credits: Hurricat

#55 This Off Brand Pepto Bismol Is Just Called "Stomach"

Image credits: xcuteikinz

#56 My Sons LEGO Koenigsegg Supercar Has A Swedish Flag Hidden In The Middle

Image credits: mallettsmallett

#57 Our Garbagemen Left Us A Christmas Card In Our Mailbox

Image credits: brandschain

#58 This Little Carpeted Room Next To My Bedroom Door

Image credits: herlipssaidno

#59 This Bus Stop Is Facing The Wrong Way

Image credits: birdnerdthethird

#60 Found 4 Unopened Packs Of Pokemon Cards From 1999

Image credits: RSFGman22

#61 My Walgreens Brand Tylenol Capsule Is Just A Pill With A Removable Shell On Either Side

Image credits: Lexaprofessional1998

#62 A Park In My City Was Adopted By The Satanic Temple

Image credits: ShowerStew

#63 This Popeye’s Employee Strapped On The Job In Nashville

Image credits: EfficientPlane

#64 I Rented A Car And They Forgot The Key Box In The Back Seat

Image credits: Feurrado

#65 My 1 Euro Coin Fell Apart

Image credits: AddAFucking

#66 Twa Air Hostess Requirements From The Mid '40s

Image credits: 3ngine3ar

#67 A Cross Section Of The Wire That Supplies Power To My House

Image credits: Slartytempest

#68 This Map Has Two Australias, No Tasmanias, And No New Zealand

Image credits: HyperApples

#69 This 57-Year Old Telegram My Grandpa Sent My Grandma

Image credits: kevinmparkinson

#70 The Recommended Dosage Of My Fiber Supplements Is 1/5 Of A Bottle Per Day

Image credits: Girthw0rm

#71 Apparently You Can Get A Dual Covid And Flu Testing Kit Now

Image credits: woja111

#72 Toaster Bath Bomb I Found At The Mall

Image credits: frogmug

#73 This Puzzle Is Actually A Prank Puzzle

Image credits: icemage27

#74 My Relatives Keep A Rocket Launcher In Their Linen Closet

Image credits: Bbiron01

#75 The Back Of My Vacuum Looks Like A Dude With Dreads

Image credits: G0Br0wnies

#76 My GF’s Microwave Has A Metal Tray Inside

Image credits: hajleez

#77 Giant Espresso Martini The Restaurant I Work At Just Added To The Menu

Image credits: ccrhoadess

#78 Took A Small Squirt Of My Shaving Gel, And Got A Little Chicken!

Image credits: DetailFactory

#79 The Texture On The Ps5 Controller Is Made Up Of The Playstation Symbols

Image credits: tmack3

#80 This Donut Shop Looks Like A Donut Box

Image credits: rhetorical_poop

#81 My Mcmuffin Egg Had Runny Yolk This Morning

Image credits: Professional-Law-974

#82 Puking Sink At An Old German Bar

Image credits: Archer0s

#83 The "Amerika" Isle In A German Supermarket

Image credits: Arnski

#84 Home Made Cheese Aging In One Of My Refrigerator "Cheese Caves"

Image credits: 5ittingduck

#85 The Salvation Army Having A Confederate Flag As An Auction-Able Item

Image credits: vokatt

#86 Local Surplus Shop Sells Air Conditioners That Explicitly Say That They Don't Work

Image credits: Jeremy_Gloofus

#87 ‘Contract Terms’ On Neighbors Front Door For Ringing Doorbell

Image credits: Lava_Panda

#88 I Found Reddit Sliders At My Local Charity Shop

Image credits: Ariabug

#89 On I-385 In South Carolina, There’s Just A Sign That Reminds You When The Korean War Took Place

Image credits: Falcons2Flynn

#90 My Son’s School Is Teaching Metaphor Via Tupac’s Poetry

Image credits: imalwayshongry

#91 My Fridge Shot Out A Completely Grey Icecube

Image credits:

#92 Someone Placed A Webcam Sticker On This Urinals Flush Valve At A Music Venues Bathroom

Image credits: f0n1xr131ng

#93 My County Does Not Allow Alcohol Sales On Christmas Day

Image credits: The_Alkemizt

#94 I Bought An Old Math Textbook And It Has The Original Pledge Of Allegiance In The Front Without "Under God"

Image credits: seditiouslizard

#95 This Chorizo Package Is Rather Honest About Which Parts Of The Cow It’s Made From

Image credits: set_null

#96 A One-Person Bench

Image credits: i_dont_c_anything

#97 Doll Came With A Tiny Phone That Has A Tiny Broken Screen

Image credits: cooliojames

#98 One Of My Bullets Came Upside Down From The Factory

Image credits: BtotheF

#99 My Dentist Office Is Shoes Free

Image credits: teatsqueezer

#100 I Own Actual Carbon Fibre Scraps From The James Webb Telescope

Image credits: Silminator

#101 My Old Ricotta I Had Forgotten In The Fridge Which Had Turned Vivid Violet

Image credits: Ok-Albatross3793

#102 This Shelf In The Closet Of Our New Home Was An Upside Down, Wooden Ouija Board

Image credits: toetun

#103 1956 Truck Looks Brand New

Image credits: SubieYoshi

#104 The LEGO Set I Got For Christmas Is 18+

Image credits: Steve_Macc

#105 My Cashier Accidently Charged Me For 459 Mangos

Image credits: Schifty

#106 The Tiny Bat This General Inspector Has On His Utility Belt

Image credits: andimron

#107 This Diner Offers Burgers Up To 105 Lbs

Image credits: mitchdwx

#108 This Dijon Mustard Came Without A Lid, And The Expiration Date Was Printed Onto The Mustard Inside

Image credits: EthanGLD

#109 This Old Toys R Us Is Now A Gun Store

Image credits: superbusymom

#110 The Extremely Uneven Stairs Used To Reinforce Firefighters Proper Procedure

Image credits: MadManxMan

#111 My Vasculature (Left), Compared To My Man Cody’s (Right)

Image credits: callmeskips

#112 My Tongue Piercing Leaves Lines In My Ice-Cream

Image credits: Foodforfaeries

#113 My Parents Have Republican Mac And Cheese In Their Closet

Image credits: Ello2011

#114 Security Locked Chocolate

Image credits: Lmfaooliliana_

#115 Nerf Guns Have Riffled Barrels

Image credits: gotfondue

#116 My Potato Exploded

Image credits: CommonCut4

#117 100,000,000,000,003 (One Hundred Trillion And Three) Zimbabwe Dollars

Image credits: LieutenantChonkster

#118 This Restaurant Only Has A Women’s And Unisex Bathroom, No Men’s

Image credits: Hangless

#119 This Snow Puppy My Wife Casually Threw Together

Image credits: snakedoctor223

#120 "Stabilo Fineliner" Fit Absolutely Perfect Into The Tape Reels Of A Cassette To Rewind Them

Image credits: lordgurke

#121 My Fingers Turn Deathly Pale Sometimes

Image credits: Cyndakon2

#122 This Big Toblerone Compared To A Small One I Bought

Image credits: Flappertje

#123 These Chairs Have Fart Vents

Image credits: RedrumTheUndead

#124 This Company Ships Their Product In Boxes Marked As Plain Flour To Deter Porch Pirates

Image credits: CondeNastyDigital

#125 This Carton Of Juice Showing The Correct Way To Pour Juice Out Of It

Image credits: baggos12345

#126 A Bullet I Found Under My Bed While Staying At A Hotel

Image credits: Puzzleheaded-Sun-205

#127 One Of My Snowglobes Has Turned Brown Inside

Image credits: TheloniusDump

#128 Got A Random Pill In My Prescription. It’s Half The Thickness And Labeled Differently

Image credits: moeveganplease

#129 Costco Is Selling Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef

Image credits: 5apnupua5

#130 Our Assorted White Ornaments Came With A Single Green Pickle

Image credits: Flomo420

#131 This Coffee Shop Uses Oat Milk As Their Default Milk

#132 My Primary Doctor Has A Bobblehead Of Himself At The Front Desk

#133 This Stonework Looks Textured In The Sun, But Flat In The Shade

#134 These Recyclable 6 Pack Holders That Replaced The Plastic Ones

#135 Costco’s Pepperoni Pizza Has Fewer Calories Than The Plain Cheese

#136 Train Weels Have A Contact Area Of About One Fingernail, As Seen In This Picture

#137 My Local Target Sells Sex Toys

#138 My Primary Doctor Has A Bobblehead Of Himself At The Front Desk

#139 This 7-Eleven In The Philippines Specifically Sells Room Temperature Bottled Water

#140 My Daughter Got A Globe Ball With Only America On It

#141 This 7-Eleven In The Philippines Specifically Sells Room Temperature Bottled Water

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