The Works Way: Doing More than Expected

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One of the things that makes me proudest of my team is their willingness to do the extra little bit that makes a homeowner’s life easier.

As the general contractor, it is our responsibility to make sure that the plumber comes when the plumber is needed; that the electrician knows exactly where to place outlets; the guy who lays the tile doesn’t interfere with the guy who drywalls; and so on. That’s a general contractor’s job and what’s expected.

At WORKS by JD, though, “doing what’s expected” is never enough. Every construction project includes some way, big or small, in which the WORKS by Jesse Debenedictis team goes beyond.

For example, we recently renovated a master bedroom. Part of the renovation involved removing a built in cabinet and desk. The homeowner had promised the cabinet and desk to his next door neighbor—and my guys removed them and carried them next door as carefully as if the gift were intended for their own homes.

Or take a recent bathroom renovation. One of our guys noticed that a broom holder in the bathroom closet was broken. So he asked the homeowner whether she wanted it fixed and he fixed it for her. That’s simple kindness, and we believe in it.

The entire team at WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis knows that homeowners appreciate those small attentions because homeowners come back to us whenever they have another construction or renovation project. Tell us about your own upcoming construction or renovation, and let’s start working together today.


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