How to Provide Creative and Smart Storage for Your Attic

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Do you have an attic in your home? If you are creative person, you can use the attic for additional space in your home. You can use it as a bedroom, home office or bathroom. Since the attic has limited space, you have to be smart on how to arrange it and have the proper storage space. It is even tend to have to be smart and creative to maximize of limited space. Despite their lack of appeal, attics have a lot of hidden space if you know how to maximize it. If you don’t have any storage space in your attic, you can install shelving between side roof beams. Almost every attic has a awkward space such as under the slooping roof, you can use it as a storage area. By installing a built-in cabinet or shelf, you can maximize the space while having smart storage. In addition, you can also choose to use furniture that has dual functions. Like a bed that blends with storage at once. In addition to saving space, you will have a choice of places for storage in your attic. Don’t forget to use organizers such as plastic bins or baskets. They will help you to organize your attic. Whether you want to organize your books, store your clothes, or keep your children’s toys safe, an attic can be an excellent storage space. Here are references for you.

How to provide creative and smart storage for your attic1

If you have a closet with limited space, then you can use the built in shoe type storage as an additional storage idea that is more effective and efficient. Choosing this built in storage will use it as a storage container that looks neater and avoids clutter. This built in shoe rack will make the design of the room beautiful and will make your home look more attractive.
Shoes Shelves Under Roof from shelterness


This open wall shelf in the attic is liked by many people because it greatly saves your floor space when decorating this attic house design. Choosing a shelf with this roof shape will create a beautiful room design and will give a neat impression to this design. At the bottom of the shelf you can add a cloth basket that you can use for that perfect extra storage idea. You can use this shelf to store various books and toys neatly and will save space in this room. Bookshelf from shelterness.


Do you have a loft decor with limited floor space? If so, then you can use a shelf equipped with a container under the roof. These plastic baskets and cloth baskets are the best choice of storage aids that you can try. With this storage basket, your attic will be neater and less cluttered. Choosing this type of storage will create a neat room design and avoid clutter in your attic. Plastic Container  from shelterness.


This bedroom wardrobe has clear storage areas for clothes. This storage cabinet saves a lot of bedroom space because it is placed in a closet to create a neat and clutter-free room design. In addition, this wardrobe is also equipped with sliding doors to give the impression of a beautiful room and will create a different look. In this wardrobe you can add string lights to give a beautiful room and will provide perfect lighting. Boxes Stand Storage from digsdigs.


Built-in attic storage is a smart use of space for you to try in this loft bathroom decor. This is a simple method that you can try because it will make the design of the room beautiful and will make the design of the room neat. In this bathroom you can add skylights and a shower room to produce a bright and airy room design. This wall-mounted towel rod storage will give your bathroom a neat design. Built-In Shelves from digsdigs.


This stylish and very smart loft storage space with elegant stained built-in shelves will give the room a beautiful feel and will keep the room tidy. Choosing a shelf made of wood and used to store various accessories and makeup tools will make you look beautiful. On this wooden shelf you can add a small drawer to produce a neat room design. This skylight and sunbrust chandelier will make the room feel spacious and bright. Wooden Shelf from digsdigs.


To save space, you can add storage built in wardrobe which will result in a neat room design and avoid clutter. Here you can also add a dressing table in the middle of the wardrobe to complete the décor of this loft bedroom. This storage idea will save space and will give the attic room a neat look. A neutral color scheme will make for a beautiful and attractive display. Built-In Closet from digsdigs.


An attic space with a stand for hangers is a very smart idea to use this small space with a challenging roofline. Using a rod to hang your clothes will create a neat look. This is a simple way will present a smart wardrobe design for your attic. It can be a solution if you decide not to place a closet. Here you can create your own which will save your budget while boosting your creativity. Rod Wardrobe from digsdigs.


An attic space with a hidden built-in storage compartment with a barn door is a very smart idea for you to try in decorating this attic house. This simple design will give a unique look and will present an eye catching room design. You can use this storage to store suitcases, and wicker baskets which will give it a neat look and avoid clutter. These white walls and wooden floors will make for a spacious and warm attic design. Hidden Built-In Storage from digsdigs.


Attics are great for a tidy, uncluttered space. Applying a wooden crate for this reading room storage idea will leave the room design uncluttered and will avoid clutter. You can use this bookcase to store space needs that don’t cost a lot, so we recommend making a simple and easy storage shelf using used wooden crates. This simple design will give a different look and a natural touch to this loft reading room decor. Wooden Crates from farmfoodfamily.


It’s a simple idea to make more room with the bed to fit your extra sheets and clothes. Choosing this pull-out bed will save space while making room for your loft floor. At the top of this bed you can add a bookshelf which will result in a neat and clean room design. Combined with the white color scheme and skylights, this will help you create a spacious and bright space. Attic Beds with Drawers from farmfoodfamily.


Finding space for an internal storage solution in the attic is easy to find. And the low gable walls and steep roof are the perfect places to find extra space for creative storage solutions that maximize space. This built-in storage with vintage drawers will keep any room design neat and clutter-free. You can use this drawer to store various accessories and ornaments that will not make your room cluttered and will keep the room clean. Built-in Storage from familyhandyman.


The built in shelves will make the room design neat in this attic house. In addition to shelves, you can add these built-in cabinets which will provide extra storage for this entire room. Complementing storage with this basket will create a neat appearance and will make it easier for you to store various ornaments with ease. In this attic space that lacks natural light, you can create an open atmosphere with a white color scheme and a large window on one of these walls. Built-in Shelves from familyhandyman.


To create a special attic space that can double as extra storage, you can apply multifunctional furniture. To give the impression of being spacious and airy in this attic decoration, you can add a daybed which is equipped with several drawers at the bottom of this bed. Complementing the decor with several drawers will make it easier for you to store things while giving the impression of a neat room. Multifunctional Furniture from familyhandyman.


One thing that really stands out about this idea is the sloping ceiling and the open shelf in the middle to separate the beds from each other. This metal shelf will look sturdy and durable and give this design an industrial style. This shelf will make it easier for you to store various ornaments and books neatly and avoid messy items. The large and sturdy beams seem to unite the ceiling which will give this loft design a distinct look. High Ceiling Attic Rack from donpedrobrooklyn.

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