The Opposite Of Design Fails: 121 Of The Most Brilliant Design Ideas That People Have Ever Shared In This Online Group (New Pics)

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Some days it feels like the easiest way to go viral is to do something horribly. The internet loves poking fun at poorly designed stairs, terrible products, cake baking fails and certainly stupid things people have done. But every now and then, it might be nice to celebrate something that was actually done well. It may come as a surprise, but for every designer out there that you makes you question how they got their job in the first place, there is another one quietly creating masterpieces. 

We found a subreddit dedicated to sharing “high quality images of interesting designs, including architectural, graphic, industrial, furniture & product design” and combed through their community to find some of our favorite pics. Enjoy this list of excellent designs that you might even deem “the opposite of crappy design”, and be sure to upvote the images that you find most satisfying and impressive. Then when you’ve finished this list, check out Bored Panda’s last publication on the same community right here.

#1 An Advertisement Using Pedestrians As Ticks On A Dog

Image credits: 2FANeedsRecoveryMode

There must be plenty of amazing designers out there, but for some reason, the worst ones tend to find their work circulating around the internet. So where are all of the skilled designers hiding? Sergey Krasotin, design director and co-founder of Humble Team, wrote a piece for Medium titled “Why is it so hard to hire a good designer — and how to get a great one” detailing how surprisingly difficult it can be to find designers that will blow your mind. 

First, Sergey sets a baseline of what makes a “good designer”. He notes that having a good set of "hard skills" is a must for designers. “Great designers are able to apply the best methods and practices to any project, without having to reiterate over and over. That means using design sprints and customer journey maps when they’re needed, knowing how to do design research and building a prototype,” he writes.

#2 This Wooden Owl Door From Copenhagen, Denmark, Was Created In 1930

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#3 A Well Designed Crossword

Image credits: International_War935

Sergey goes on to say that excellent designers are proactive and responsible for product goals. They should not require hand-holding. The best designers constantly come up with new ideas and pitch suggestions to improve products. Some additional characteristics Sergey recommends looking for when hiring designers are people that are team players, solutions-focused, born creatives, self-organized and individuals with great communication skills. “So how hard could it be to find a proactive designer with hard skills? As it turns out, pretty difficult,” Sergey writes. “Not because there are none on the market right now, we’re honestly sure it’s quite the opposite. The reason is that the working environment really matters." He remains optimistic, though. "With great team management and a team structure, any new designer will thrive — whether they’re senior or junior.”

#4 "Where's The Fifth Pig?" - World War II Anti-Hitler Poster Created In The Occupied Netherlands. When Folded Correctly, It Creates Face Of Hitler - The Fifth Pig

Image credits: makkelelele

#5 Panda Bathroom Painting

Image credits: shin_kuzu

#6 Nasir Ol-Molk Mosque, Iran. Built In The 18th Century

Image credits: SoggyConclusion4674

The first problem Sergey notes when designers don’t have a great set of hard skills is that no one ever pushed them to reach their full potential. He explains that designers cannot simply work alone and discover how to get better, they require guidance and mentorship. If they are pushed out of the metaphorical nest too soon, they might not learn how to fly. “Without someone there to point out their mistakes and make suggestions for how to improve, they’re never going to get better,” Sergey explains. “They can create a horrible design and get away with that. They can stay on the same level for years without getting any better and no one will notice. There is no authority, no critics, no movement.”

#7 Corner Desk

Image credits: germannutella

#8 Conservation Awareness Poster

Image credits: Eloquentdyslexic

#9 Poster By Polish Illustrator Paweł Jońca

Image credits: hova414

Another problem product designers may encounter is being “marooned on their own in a product team”. Working on a team can be vital to keeping ideas fresh and innovative. Sometimes, two heads (or more) are just better than one. Being able to bounce ideas off of peers can go a long way, and it prevents one person from having to shoulder the weight of an entire team.

One designer who has been working solo in a product team for years wrote, “For the past few months, I’ve been working on an app for a plastic surgery clinic in Los Angeles. One of the app’s features is a direct chat between a doctor and a patient that allows them to exchange all the necessary information and prescriptions. And you know what? I’m building it all from scratch, from the ground, while a similar chat for collecting patient’s test data already exists, made by a guy who’s sitting one floor below me. He’s even done a user’s testing and fixed all the main bugs. And still, here I am, doing the same things over again.”  

#10 Subway Details In Sweden

Image credits: psgenius

#11 This Billboard To Raise Awareness About Stutter

Image credits: UnironicThatcherite

#12 Photo By @anniset & @drcuerda | Breast Cancer Awareness

Image credits: Copper___Rose

When designers start to become burnt out, they tend to take a horizontal shift in their career. Feeling frustrated with too much work on a product team or being tempted to think they have reached the peak of their field, they give up on any vertical growth and decide to do something else. While it is understandable to want to mix things up, this puts them at a disadvantage. By starting at the bottom of another branch, designers make it even harder to ever attain a more senior position. Sergey stresses the importance of having a mentor, not only to keep an eye on a designer’s work but also to help them navigate their career trajectory. Skilled designers often move into product management or analytics positions before they have had the opportunity to reach their full potential as a designer. Then we end up mocking the new designer's work online in a list of design fails... 

#13 You Ever Been Snitched On By A Cardboard Box?

Image credits: arlalanzily

#14 This Park Bench Can Fold Out Into A Table. All Park Bench Designers Can Stop What They’re Doing, We’ve Reached Elite-Park-Bench-Status

Image credits: Christinedrink

#15 What A Structure Of Building!

Image credits: karmagheden

When it comes to career opportunities for designers, graphic design is certainly a popular field. In the United States alone, there are currently about 175,000 graphic designers, and the industry continues to grow by about 1% annually. But as with any other industry, it is impossible to know exactly how it will be until you’ve entered the field. To help prepare aspiring graphic designers for their future careers, Brianna Flavin wrote a piece for Rasmussen University detailing all of the things she wished someone had told her before she became a graphic designer. The first thing Brianna notes is that boring work is just something graphic designers can expect. Another designer echoed this idea saying, “Being a professional graphic designer is just as much about working on tedious boring jobs as it is building cool brands that require lots of creativity. You aren’t always going to work on projects that are exciting and fun, but [less exciting work] is a huge part of the job that some find surprising at first.”

#16 Time Poster On Americas Obesity Epidemic

Image credits: Minimum_Focus_2857

#17 Beautiful Concept Packaging For Honey By Maksim Arbuzov

Image credits: Helpful-Substance685

#18 The Lost Class - The Agency Leo Burnett (Chicago) Held A Graduation Ceremony For The 3,044 Who Would Have Graduated This Year If They'd Not Been Killed In School By A Gunman

Image credits: Hadders33

Collaboration is apparently a very important aspect of graphic design as well. “It’s easy to feel possessive about your designs or your ideas; but when you are working as a graphic designer, collaborating with others is a huge part of the job,” Brianna writes. “There are always more variables to deal with when you add more people to the work you’re trying to do—but… teamwork can be a very gratifying part of the role.” Although not everyone is naturally a great team player, working together must be a full proof way to avoid ending up on any crappy design lists. With the input of several skilled designers, the end result of a project comes out as strong as possible.

#19 Rain Vortex

Image credits: Historical_Jacket_50

#20 Found In A Clothing Store Dressing Room

Image credits: myjupitermoon

#21 This Dragon Bench, Carved From Wood...

Image credits: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

No matter how skilled a graphic designer is, they are never going to be perfect for every project. That might be another reason designs sometimes fall flat. “I went into this field thinking that a great designer can create for anyone,” says Shavanna Pinder, a graphic designer at Geek Powered Studios. “When in reality, client and designer pairing is much like any other close relationship; styles, temperaments, and values should complement each other.” Similar to how every client has unique preferences for who cuts their hair, who manicures their lawn and what doctor they feel most comfortable with, clients must find a graphic designer who they really mesh with as well. “It’s better for everyone—and a lot more enjoyable—when you and the client are on the same wavelength,” says Shavanna.

#22 Anti Nazi Sticker In Berlin

Image credits: Michael_D_Higgins

#23 Inclusive Picnic Table Design

Image credits: deep_soul

#24 This Lidl Lithuania Grocery Bag Promoting Paper Bags Over Plastic Ones

Image credits: ArchaeologicalTop

Another difficult aspect of being a graphic designer is that sometimes clients just don’t understand everything that the job entails. “I was surprised by unrealistic expectations from clients,” says Natalie Downey. “Whether it’s a shockingly low budget or an unreasonable deadline, be prepared to have a solution.” She explains that sometimes it is necessary to set boundaries with clients when they are asking for too much or demanding they pay too little. It can be frustrating to feel like you have to negotiate, but as the professional who is being hired for a gig and who understands the industry, the graphic designer is ultimately responsible for communicating effectively and reaching an agreement with their clients. 

#25 Batman vs. Penguin – Hero & Villain Poster By Simon C Page

Image credits: Just-Aman

#26 This Amazing Door Design In Paris

Image credits: Auxxit

#27 Art Deco Door Brick And Wood

Image credits: NoConsideration1777

Maybe it should not be shocking when we find excellent examples of design out in the world, but there’s nothing wrong with celebrating them. In fact, lists like this should encourage aspiring designers to continue working hard and to ignore any crappy designs they encounter online. You don't have to fall into the trap of horrible design! We hope you enjoy the rest of this satisfying and impressive list, and don’t forget to upvote the images that stand out the most to you. Then if you’re looking for even more examples of excellent design, check out this Bored Panda list next.   

#28 An Ashtray In Dubai

Image credits: Atysh

#29 Mural Painted Upside Down For Reflection In Marijampole, Lithuania

Image credits: liamo000

#30 Whitespace Under Letter M Outlines A Cat/Dog

Image credits: _justAverageGuy_

#31 This Unique 'Samurai Vodka' Bottle...

Image credits: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#32 Rooftop Office In New York City

Image credits: B-L-O-C-K-S

#33 Disneyland Paris’ 30th Anniversary Logo

Image credits: teatowel_chicken

#34 When The University Of Michigan Needed To Extend Its Law Library In The 1980s, Architect Gunnar Birkerts Designed The New Wing To Be Concealed Underground

Image credits: archineering

#35 Posted This In Midlyinteresting, It Could Be Considered As Slightly Design P**n. This Water Bottle Has A Small Matterhorn In It

Image credits: curteousn

#36 Roman Pool, California

Image credits: iandivyw

#37 The Coming Food Catastrophe

Image credits: 150c_vapour

#38 The Font For The Dune Movie. I Love That Every Letter Is The Same Shape

Image credits: Shakey1212

#39 Kudos To Nabisco's New Pop-Open Boxes, Which Actually Let You Fit Your Hand Inside The Cracker Box For Once

Image credits: SAT0725

#40 Wonderful Paintbrush Packaging - Mexico

Image credits: heribertohobby

#41 Awesome Table Seemingly Coming Out Of The Floor

Image credits: dips009

#42 A Push/Pull Sign On The Door Of A Glasses Shop

Image credits: Geschinta

#43 This Poster Protesting Against The Beijing Winter Olympics

Image credits: Neinstein11

#44 A Mosque In Iran

Image credits: SoggyConclusion4674

#45 Nytimes Magazine Antiwork Cover

Image credits: blankblank

#46 Covid Progression Each Year

Image credits: sdharmin

#47 Clever Design Incorporating A Fire Extinguisher At An Aquarium

Image credits: bartlettdmoore

#48 I Got A Unique Chess Set For My Birthday. Designed And Made By A Potter Friend. I Think They Are Stunning

Image credits: TheAxiomOfTruth

#49 This Little Farms Egg Logo

Image credits: tvise

#50 20 Foot Tall Door Facade By Gabriel Schama

Image credits: ScottieDoooo

#51 Snow White Poster

Image credits: FinalboyWasTaken

#52 McDonald's Halloween Ad

Image credits: NIGHTWING1287

#53 Astro Boy Traffic Light In Sagami, Japan

Image credits: frankieholmes447

#54 Tulip Chairs In The Netherlands

Image credits: DRmaxito43

#55 Anti-Smoking Cigarette Packs...

Image credits: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#56 Staedtler Pencils Ad. It's Crisp, Clean, Creative And Eye Catching

Image credits: Helpful-Substance685

#57 Because Of The Way The Font Was Designed, This Sign Can Be Read Both In Latin Alphabet And Thai Script (ไทยแลนด์). Credit: Monta Paowattanasuk

Image credits: Twomby

#58 Fish Light

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#59 Tono Bathroom Designed By Foster&partners [1080x1080]

Image credits: earthmoonsun

#60 This Pro-Abortion Poster

Image credits: Jeissl

#61 This Fabulous Floor. I Would Love To Know If This Design Technique Has A Name

Image credits: Helpful-Substance685

#62 Bar Association Hammer Pencil

Image credits: PattaJaga

#63 This Toaster's Cord Has Finger Pull

Image credits: VEDAHtheDJ

#64 This Spacious Waterfall Shower

Image credits: mtlgrems

#65 In Toronto

Image credits: ThoughtFission

#66 Urine Good Hands

Image credits: 108daffodils

#67 This 1 Cup Milk Pitcher

Image credits: GreenScREEndEAth

#68 1969 Blaupunkt Pop 70 Sound System

Image credits: abaganoush

#69 Elastic Band Packaging

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#70 This Picture Used In The Title Of An Economist Article

Image credits: fismer

#71 The Soho Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan

Image credits: yungandreww

#72 Barcode On A Roll Of Paper Towels

Image credits: big_al_1968

#73 Geese Management

Image credits: slumberpartymassacre

#74 The Arctic Cathedral

Image credits: karmagheden

#75 This Packaging For A Digital Polaroid Camera

Image credits: enee5tvh

#76 A Horrifying Cover From The New York Times

Image credits: lotsofcheesepls

#77 Pollution ➔ Solution (Greenpeace)

Image credits: apf3lsaft

#78 Our Local Library Has Books For Bench Legs And They're Titled As Famous Novels

Image credits: DadJokeBadJoke

#79 Pyramid In The Woods

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#80 Combining Two Yamaha Industries - A Computer Mouse

Image credits: CaVeRnOusDiscretion

#81 The Clock Of A Local Hair Saloon

Image credits: xXHacker69Xx

#82 Cover Of Italian Magazine Internazionale

Image credits: KarlGreenMagic

#83 This P.r Lounge Chair Designed By Alexandre Caldas

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#84 Japanese Black Melon-Pan

Image credits: BaronVonBroccoli

#85 Love This Local Wax Bar's Design!

Image credits: StatuatoryApe

#86 Ancient Roman Art Of Man And His Hunting Dog On The Gold Ring With Engraved Gem

Image credits: RomanVsGauls

#87 Bauhaus-Era Teapot, Designed By Marianne Brandt In 1924

Image credits: archineering

#88 Amazing Storage Cabinet Appears To Be Glitching (By: Ferruccio Laviani)...

Image credits: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#89 This Book… Stand?

Image credits: sinmantky

#90 Shenzhen Wenheyou, A Decorated, Retro Sci/Fi Themed Food Court, Shenzhen

Image credits: tanmaypendse63

#91 House In Ghent, Belgium. The Cage Was Clearly Inspired By The Surrealist Painter René Magritte

Image credits: jonmpls

#92 Illustration From An Article About Increased Drinking Of Alcohol During Covid Lockdowns

Image credits: bob-lob

#93 Antiwar Graffiti In Russia

Image credits: AptSeagull

#94 The Front Page Og A Danish Newspaper Today

Image credits: Depple

#95 This Graphic Regarding An Article On A Salmonella Epidemic

Image credits: its_xSKYxFOXx

#96 This Great Use Of The Meta Logo

Image credits: KirbyMace

#97 My Dentist's Office Is Located In An Old Church. This Is Their Logo

Image credits: ThePipes123

#98 Miketysons Weed Company Designed Edibles In The Shape Of An Ear

Image credits: Artificial8Wanderer

#99 This Movie Poster. Coffee And Cigarettes

Image credits: NessieReddit

#100 So I Was Searching Through The Internet For The New Batman Advertisements And Found This Billboard For "The Dark Knight Rises" Instead

Image credits: Brone9

#101 Christmas Post From The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network. Created From An Actual Seismic Event.

Image credits: wid_get

#102 This Wine Glass Shaped Porch

Image credits: felix_manuel_7

#103 This Living Room In Turkey

Image credits: mtlgrems

#104 Coffee Shop Next To The Waterfront (Check Out The Waves)

Image credits: esharpest

#105 Ad For Jb

Image credits: FacedorkTV

#106 The Facade Of The People's Friendship Palace In Uzbekistan. Built In 1981, Photo By Me

Image credits: Pflunt

#107 The Logo On This Box Of Alcohol At My Workplace

Image credits: kspfan264

#108 Woven Paper Advert For Weaving Classes

Image credits: Kissaki0

#109 Album Cover

Image credits: jamestporter

#110 The Donut Shop My Wife Works At. Didn't Notice At First

Image credits: gotenksburns

#111 Print For The 1988 French Open

Image credits: PugsandTacos

#112 The 2022 USA Olympic Covid Mask Says USA Upside Down Too

Image credits: JackOfAllSpades12

#113 Ps1 Hot Tub!

Image credits: Lapharel

#114 Saw One Of Their Trucks Today, Couldn’t Help But Stare

Image credits: Life4Vice

#115 “Welcome” Fits Perfectly In Compass Rose

Image credits: MrWhiteTheWolf

#116 The Vessel In Hudson Yards, New York City

Image credits: Vaziiq

#117 Hemp Monoblock Single Mold Chair

Image credits: tousie

#118 Logo Used For A Vet, Found In R/Mildlyinteresting

Image credits: Jualisco

#119 Found This Gem On The Packaging For Kinjabang Spicy Noodles

Image credits: FunkAgent

#120 Ticket Box Offices At My University’s Theater Are “Hidden” When They’re Closed

Image credits: cluttered-thoughts3

#121 The Logo Of Dubai Shows The Name Of The City In English And Arabic At The Same Time

Image credits:

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