The Best Toiletry Bags, aka Dopp Kits, for Travel

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Dopp kits are a great way to keep your toiletries contained and tucked away from the rest of your travel bag. Grab them and go, and you’ll stay organized with all the necessary creams, hair gels, Band-Aids, condoms, and whatever else you may need. And the best Dopp kits make sure that if your cologne pops open in the middle of a flight, the rest of your bag isn’t ruined.

Keeping fully stocked toiletry bags in various places is a SPY life hack we pride ourselves on. That leather weekender duffel bag you use for 70% of your trips? There should always be a fully stocked Dopp kit in there, with its own toothbrush, contact solution and deodorant, independent of the ones you use for your day-to-day. There should be another one in your gym bag, in case you get a mid-workout text that there’s some party to go to, leaving you without time to dash home to get ready otherwise. End up staying at someone else’s place on a Tuesday night and need to spruce yourself up at the office? Keep a fully stocked Dopp kit at your desk so you can look your best. If your Dopp kit is always stocked, you never have to worry about forgetting anything when you’re frantically packing the night before a big trip.

But while it’s good to keep these different kits around, each one doesn’t need to be exactly the same. A smaller neoprene pouch can stay in your work or gym bag with basics like deodorant and a toothbrush, while a substantially sized canvas one can be your go-to for big trips when you need cologne, moisturizer and hair products. The nylon workhorse can live in your weekender bag when you need a full setup but not the entire medicine cabinet. Try out a few of the best Dopp kits below to get your routine right!


1. Bellroy Toiletry Kit


Bellroy is known for packing hidden pockets into their wallets, which are among the best men’s wallets in the world. The brand brought the same idea to its new EDC line of bags, which includes this handsome toiletry kit, which has a couple of internal pockets within a larger main compartment. There are fewer bells and whistles, but this Dopp kit is no less functional. It comes in a few colors and has a handy carrying loop. One smart feature they did pack in is a built-in toothbrush holder that keeps your brush away from everything else.

belroy everyday carry toiletry case, best dopp kit
Buy: Bellroy Toiletry Bag $55.00


2. Herschel Supply Co. Chapter Toiletry Case


A Dopp Kit is something that can end up ruined if you’re a little too careless when putting the cap back on your sunscreen before rushing to the airport. So while you should buy a quality one, going too luxurious could be a mistake. In comes the Herschel Chapter Toiletry Case, which comes in several colors for all your travel and preparedness needs. They’re sufficiently roomy and at $25 or so per (depending on the color), it’s easy to pick up a few and never stress about damaging them.

Herschel Supply Co. Chapter Toiletry Case, best dopp kits

Buy: Herschel Supply Co. Chapter Toiletry Case $29.95


3. Tumi Alpha 3 Split Travel Kit


Tumi is known for classic, professional, well-made luggage and this Dopp kit fits in with that ethos. Crafted in a chic black, this option comes with their warranty and would look great with their luggage. You can even make it official and engrave your initials on the face of the bag. This Dopp kit is also made from ultra-durable ballistic nylon to save your stuff from sudden spills.

Tumi Split Travel bag, best dopp kit

Buy: Tumi Split Travel Kit $125.00


4. Royce New York Leather Toiletry Kit


The Royce Leather Toiletry kit lets you store your products in high-end fashion. The clean-cut design, available in black or tan (pictured here), is a sharp-looking storage solution that has fold-down sides for easy access and is aesthetically something that you’ll be happy to display on your bathroom counter.

Royce New York Leather Toiletry Kit

Buy: Royce New York Leather Toiletry Kit $112.50


5. Harry’s Men’s Toiletry Bag


Harry’s is one of the best men’s shave clubs, but the company’s products can also be purchased directly. The Harry’s Men’s Toiletry Bag is one of the best TSA-friendly dopp kits, and it’s made from a tear-resistant fabric that’s also resistant to water, which is a great feature in a dopp kit for obvious reasons. We’ve tested and loved this bag, and if you’re buying it as a gift, then you can also buy it with Harry’s Shave & Shower Travel Kit. The latter costs just $35, and it’s one of the best gifts fro men in 2022.

harry's travel kit, best dopp kits
Buy: Harry's Men's Toiletry Bag $20.00
Buy: Harry's Shave & Shower Travel Kit + Bag $35.00


6. Topo Designs Dopp Kit


This Dopp kit from Topo Designs is made of a tough, water-resistant Cordura nylon that’s built to withstand whatever wear and tear you throw its way. The bag has a triangular cut, so it’s narrow at the top and wide at the bottom — making it easy to prop upright and stash away in a bag or backpack. The inside of the bag is bright yellow, making it easier to see what’s inside.

topo designs dopp kit

Buy: Topo Designs Dopp Kit $34.00


7. Calpak Terra Hanging Toiletry Bag


For a more spacious option, pick up this toiletry bag from Calpak. This smartly designed toiletry bag has plenty of storage, including external pockets and loops that make it easier to grab what you need. The bag strap allows it to hang from a towel hook in the hotel bathroom or wherever else you can. There are several mesh pockets, and the cube shape makes it easy to organize your essentials.

calpak dopp kit
Buy: Terra Hanging Toiletry Bag $48.00


8. REI Co-op Travel Kit


REI’s travel kit has a slim design that makes it more space-saving when you’re packing light. The handle makes it easy to carry and to hang up. There’s an internal mesh pocket for organizing your essentials, and it comes in a couple of vibrant colors. The kit is also made from recycled materials, making it more eco-friendly. Not bad for a $20 bag.

rei dopp kit
Buy: REI Travel Kit $19.95


9. Carhartt Legacy Travel Kit


This Dopp kit from Carhartt is about as simple as they come, but it has everything you need for carrying your essentials. It’s made from a durable woven polyester on the outside and it has a convenient carrying handle. The inside of the bag has a coated material to handle any spills or mishaps. It’s available in black or you can get it in Carhartt’s classic brown color.

carhartt travel case, best dopp kit
Buy: Carhartt Travel Kit $19.99


10. Adidas Team Toiletry Kit


A toiletry kit is a great item to keep in your gym bag, and this Adidas toiletry kit is one of the best dopp kits for the gym specifically. This toiletry kit has an outside zippered pocket for stashing small essentials, and there’s a carrying handle on the outside. The inside of the bag has a mesh pocket for additional organization. The inside of the black bag is a vibrant lime green, making it easier to see what’s inside your bag.

adidas dopp kit for the gym
Buy: Adidas Team Toiletry Bag $19.86


11. The North Face Base Camp Travel Canister


North Face’s toiletry kit takes inspiration from the brand’s duffel bags, and the tubular shape makes it easy to store more of your grooming essentials. When you unzip the bag, there’s a hook for easy hanging. The sides of the bags have handles for easy carrying. As a bonus, this Dopp kit even includes a detachable mirror.

north face toiletry bag, best dopp kit for camping
Buy: The North Face Base Camp Travel Canister $35.00


12. Longchamp Boxford Toiletry Bag


This simple option from Longchamp is reasonably priced for the premium brand, and the best part is that there’s an entire line of reasonably priced luggage to go along with it. Pick up the backpack, garment bag and duffel bag to go along with your Dopp kit and you’ll be all set to go anywhere in style. The bag itself lends itself to excellent organization with the dual-zippered pockets and interior delineation, providing easy access to everything you need.

longchamp dopp kit

Buy: Longchamp Boxford Toiletry Case $85.00


13. Dagne Dover Hunter Dopp Kit


Dagne Dover’s Hunter Dopp Kit is made out of neoprene, the material also used for wetsuits and in some outdoorsy gear, which makes its spongy texture perfect for a toiletry bag. Basic and with no frills but sufficiently roomy inside, pick it up in red and never lose your kit inside your bag again. Plus, the neoprene material is handy when something (inevitably) spills.

bets dopp kits, dagne dover

Buy: Dagne Dover Hunter Dopp Kit $55.00


14. Urban Outfitters Tooletries Koby Dopp Kit


The waterproof Tooletries Koby Dopp Kit is made out of 100% antibacterial silicone. Not only can you load this up with shampoo and body wash bottles, but you could also bring it into the shower with you. And no need to grab travel-sized supplies — the top zipper is plenty large enough to store full-sized bottles of all your favorite stuff.

Urban Outfitters Tooletries Dopp Kit
Buy: Urban Outfitters Tooletries Koby Dopp Kit $35.00


15. Vetelli Hanging Leather Dopp Kit


Why dig through a bag to find exactly what you’re looking for when you could easily lay everything out in front of you? That’s the beauty of a tri-fold hanging bag. The handsome leather Dopp kit features four internal pockets, two zippered and two snap-fastened. It’s made out of water-resistant polyurethane leather, making it safe for bathroom storage. And the whole bag is securely fastened with buckles, so it won’t fly open while you transport it by the carrying handle.

leather tri-fold Dopp kit

Buy: Vetelli Hanging Leather Dopp Kit $45.89 (orig. $59.00) 22% OFF


16. Mirason Hanging Toiletry Bag


If you’re looking to store full-sized products (because who wants to bother with travel-size shampoos and shaving cream bottles?), then you’re going to need a large Dopp kit. Enter the Mirason Hanging Toiletry bag. The roomy traveling bag features a large main compartment, as well as several additional pockets and organizational pouches. It’s crafted out of waterproof PVC leather and boasts a water-resistant liner, so leaks are a worry of the past. And when you open this bad boy up, the lining features a built-in metal hook for over-the-door hanging.

large hanging toiletry bag

Buy: Mirason Hanging Toiletry Bag $38.99


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