Surprising Household Hacks For Spring Cleaning

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Bookmark this for household hacks when spring cleaning. From home remedies to quick organization tips, this article will have you raring to get started!

Household Hacks for the Hardworking Homemaker

I love finding new household hacks I can use to my advantage. They make spring cleaning faster and help me be more productive with the other tasks at hand. I like being thorough when I clean so I make sure not to miss any spots and to put everything back in their proper place. Here are some of the best household hacks I’ve found to date:


1. Turn Shower Hooks Into Closet Organizers

Repurpose your old shower hooks into closet organizers. That way, you won’t have all your accessories in a messy pile on the floor. I particularly love how this tutorial uses old denim as its fabric for the base. It gives off a laid back and chic vibe.

2. Find Lost Socks


Always losing socks in the laundry room? Try this household hack to make sure you get all the pairs together again. I store all the pair-less socks in a marked bucket in my laundry room. That way, if the missing sock turns up in the next wash, I can simply look in the bucket and find its pair.

3. Deodorize Room With Cinnamon

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Cinnamon helps mask any unwanted smells in a home. Begin by sprinkling about 2 to 3 tablespoons of cinnamon powder on a rug or a carpet. Since it's organic, it won't leave any harmful side-effects.

4. Magnetize Trinkets


This hack won’t have you scrambling for your tweezers and hair pins any longer. Simply mount a magnetic strip on the side of your medicine cabinet where you can store your small grooming tools.

5. Clean Marble Surfaces

Learn how to clean your marble countertops for spring cleaning season. Wash the marble using a cloth dampened with both warm water and a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid. Then remove the soap with another damp cloth. Don’t forget to apply a coat of marble polish regularly to maintain the stone’s luster.

6. Group Products Together

Organize your medicine cabinet by categorizing them into body parts they're used for. Group your hair tools together, gather all eye makeup products in one container, and grab another mini bucket for creams and band-aids.

7. Clean Bath Toys with Vinegar and Water

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This home remedy is safe for your kids and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. All you have to do is mix vinegar with water, let the toys soak in for 10 minutes, then gently rub using a sponge. They should be good as new when dried.

8. Turn Over Mattress

They say a mattress should be turned over four times a year to reduce any sloping. Don’t forget to turn it from top to toe, and side to side to make sure you get all the parts.

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9. Make A Chalk Dehumidifier

A chalk bundle rids your closet of any excess moisture to keep your clothes smelling fresh and dry. Did I mention this household hack takes up less room than an electric dehumidifier?

10. Revive Dusty Candles

Bring old candles back to life by sliding them inside a pantyhose and rolling them around. With a few rolls, they'll look just as new, leaving you with a new centerpiece to decorate with.


Here are some more household hacks just for you:

These household hacks surely make spring cleaning easier on the pocket. Who would’ve thought that most of your cleaning agents could be found in the kitchen, and you could repurpose your old shower hooks?  Now, you won’t have to spend for any chemical detergents nor buy extra storage solutions.

Tell us which household hack you're excited to try in the comments section below!

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