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Most of the rooms in our house that you’ve seen on the blog are spaces I consider more or less complete and feel happy enough with the way they’ve come together that I’m ready to photograph them and put them out there for the world to see. Over the past (almost) three years, I’ve shared room reveal-style posts for our nursery, our powder room, our kitchen, our mudroom and laundry room, our closet, our living room, our hall bathroom, Teddy’s new bedroom, our backyard, my parents’ loft, the loft bathroom, Will’s home office, our playroom, and our pantry… I’ve very much approached decorating this house in stages, so at any given time we have a number of spaces I feel comfortable sharing with guests (real life and online!), others that are works in progress (read: in varying states of disarray), and others that have barely been touched since the day we moved in. I’m sure it’s not an approach that suits everyone, but I guess for me personally I’d rather have a handful of rooms that really feel like home and others that are still blank canvases than have every room feel like it’s a work in progress. 

Anyway! That long-winded preface brings me to today’s post about a very much still-in-progress space in our house that I haven’t shared previously: our dining room! I’m still deciding how I’d like to pull things together in here (and our bedroom, and the guest bedroom, and and and…) but I thought I’d share a couple pieces that have come in recently since it took me a full 2+ years of living in this house to commit to ordering dining chairs. These loop dining chairs have been my absolute dream chairs for as long as I can remember and as soon as Will and I decided to make this huge investment, I got an email saying they would take more than six months to arrive. But here they finally are and they were every bit worth the wait! I would have loved to find a more budget-friendly version (these are maybe in the same ballpark?) but I know we will have these forever and ever (at least as soon as I find a more practical fabric to cover the seats in — as I said, very much still a work in progress!). 

Over the past year or so, we’ve also added this brass and lucite chandelier and this china cabinet that I found for a steal on Facebook Marketplace. I’m thinking my future plans for the space involve some kind of decorative trim and then this wallpaper you see a sample of tucked behind the frame between the two windows. I do know I plan to keep the hardwood floors bare so you can see the design underneath the table, but otherwise there’s plenty up in the air… I’ll keep you posted!

bungalow 5 loop dining chairs and visual comfort vivian large one-tier chandelier

bungalow 5 loop dining chairs

bungalow 5 loop dining chairs with visual comfort vivian large one-tier chandelier

loop dining chairs (similar for less)  //  chandelier (similar for less)

dining table (similar for less)  //  china cabinet

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*photos by Julia Dags

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