My 1 Year Review Using The Home Edit Walmart Products (+ My Favorite Organizers!)

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Solve all your messy problems with The Home Edit Walmart products!

three clear food storage containers with dry food on wood side table the home edit products

The secret is in the system. 🤩

A year ago I organized nearly every room in my home with The Home Edit products. I’m sharing why The Home Edit Walmart line is game-changing.

Clea & Joanna from The Home Edit

You’ve likely taken notice of these stylish systems at Walmart if you’re familiar with the popular Netflix show, The Home Edit! 😍

I’m excited to share why your home needs these too after organizing many nooks and crannies in my home. And I’ve even recently added a few more too! After all this time, I can say without a doubt these The Home Edit products stand the test of time and actually STAY organized. 🙌🏼

various styles of organizers on table

Here are all The Home Edit systems I’ve scooped up so far and how I’ve used them in my home:

Here are 9 reasons you absolutely need The Home Edit organizers from Walmart and nothing else:

1. Every organizer from The Home Edit Walmart line is incredibly durable.


An organizer that’s lacking in durability will create a dysfunctional space long term which ultimately defeats the purpose of any organizer.

These BPA-free plastic organizers are thick and seriously solid! 🙌🏻 They still maintain their sleek shape despite packing them full of heavy bottles. Needless to say, I have the confidence to organize anything I put my mind to with all of these organizers!

They also make durable and stackable bamboo bins that come in various sizes:


Now, these are a bin I don’t mind having out on display! 🤩 Plus, I absolutely LOVE the fact you can stack them. 🙌🏼 What’s even better is that The Home Edit clear organizers fit perfectly inside of them so you can still organize and store everything you need with ease. 😍 Above I’m using the small bamboo bins with the large clear insert organizers.

2. Each set is versatile for so many different spaces. 


My high expectations were blown out of the water with The Home Edit organizers from Walmart!

Initially, I had myself convinced they wouldn’t be a good fit for every space I hoped to organize. Lo and behold, I found them to be even more practical in every single space I used them in…and then some! 👏🏻 In fact, they’re so functional, I even found myself being able to store more stuff inside of them than I previously had in each space. 😍

I’ve had this masterful setup in our bathroom and under our kitchen sink for a year now and it still looks just as organized. They’re also been just as functional too. 🤩

3. All of The Home Edit products are stackable.


It likely already goes without saying that stackability is simply a game-changing feature. You can fit so much stuff and utilize space you couldn’t before with this feature. Every single one of these containers is compatible so you can stack until your heart (or space) desires. 😍

Funny enough, I thought my space was pretty organized before (which clearly wasn’t the case judging by my before photo 😆). Thankfully, The Home Edit organizers turned up my cabinets a thousand notches!


After a year of using this setup in our bathroom, I can say they’ve held up incredibly well! I love being able to see everything we have and I don’t spend a ton of time shuffling stuff around to find what I need.

These have been the most functional to keep items we frequently use near the top and less frequently used stuff at the bottom. Needless to say, The Home Edit products are PERFECT for bathrooms and have been working out perfectly. 🤩

4. There are endless organizing possibilities.


I love that all of The Home Edit products are compatible so the mixing and matching possibilities are truly endless. 🤩 I’m so glad I scooped up multiple sets of their modular clear storage system because they have been perfect for organizing inside of our Home Edit bins. And inside of all our drawers too.

In fact, The Home Edit products are the ONLY organizers that has kept our junk drawer tidy every day for over a year! 😱🤩


These organizers fit absolutely seamlessly inside drawers and nearly look built-in they fit so perfectly. 🤩 And they’re exactly the same height so I never have to worry about things getting mixed up from bin to bin. That feature alone has been a total game-changer for me. In fact, it’s the exact reason I’ve never had to organize our drawers! 😍


The only thing I have changed since getting these last year was incorporating more of their smallest drawer inserts so I can group and organize even more odds and ends. Putting things back has also been a cinch for our entire family since every square inch of our drawers is covered with this modular system. 🙌🏼

5. They just make sense when you can see everything inside.

clear organizational bins stacked on top of each other with winter accessories

Functional doesn’t even cover it. When The Home Edit products are stacked on top of each other you can see everything inside. Plus, they’re easy to unstack when you need to access something on the bottom! 🤩

woman reaching into coat closet to grab clear bins with winter gear inside

I recently grabbed a few more for our coat closet to better organize all of our winter accessories. I found that our old larger bins (which you couldn’t see through) were so dysfunctional. Every time we needed a hat or gloves, I was shuffling through the mess to find what I needed.

Now, with these containers, I was able to group like items together. So, I still have everything in one place, but it’s much more easily accessible. 🙌🏼

They even fit PERFECTLY inside every drawer in my home.

hand holding clear bin organizer with sharving tools inside

As I already mentioned above, their clear inserts fit perfectly inside my standard drawers. However, the larger bins are also perfect for deeper drawers like our large master bedroom nightstands. 🤩 I really appreciate having this added organization since we have a small bathroom that our entire family of five shares. This has allowed my partner and me to store what would normally go in a bigger bathroom, seamlessly into our drawers. Win, win!

6. The Home Edit containers are even perfect for your pantry too. 


I’m in love with these food storage organizers and I want to scream it from the rooftop!!! 🤩

They’re stackable, air-tight, fit perfectly inside drawers, and are freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe. 😱 The Home Edit even thoughtfully made every side clear so you can always see what’s inside at all times.

There isn’t anything not to love about these pantry organizers. They’re the newest items I’ve added to my Home Edit collection and I simply can’t get enough!


I already had a pretty tidy pantry but I still had plenty of bins where bags of food would just get thrown in and it still felt unorganized. These small food storage containers have been just what I needed! 🤩


I love the compact size for smaller quantities of food and with the innovative airtight lid, I feel confident even putting foods like brown sugar inside. Plus, they have larger sizes too for larger quantities of food.

What’s even better, they’re perfect for leftovers and lunches since they can go in the refrigerator, freezer, and even the dishwasher. 🤯

7. They help minimize clutter, even when you don’t think you have any.

pile of random metal and wood organizers on granite countertop

I realized just how many mixed-matched organizers and boxes I was able to ditch after organizing many of my spaces! These Home Edit organizers proved to be the most functional I’ve ever had despite thinking I was already pretty organized.

Above is just a small example of some of the organizers I was able to ditch. What’s not shown are the 20+ boxes that went into recycling, dysfunctional bins I ditched, and numerous food bags from my pantry! 🤯

8. The Home Edit containers make all your spaces so much prettier.

clear storage containers on wood table with organized cleaning products inside

There’s no denying these storage containers are functional, but they’re just as pretty too! 😍 Originally I thought the clear style of these would make my spaces look more cluttered, but the results are proof that everything only looks better!

9. They’re affordable and worth every penny.


I realize there are more affordable options on the market, but for the long-lasting quality and unlimited function you get out of The Home Edit Walmart modular systems, they’re cheaper than I’d expect to pay.

Considering a 10-pack of organizers is under $25, that means you’re paying under $3 per container! 🤯

Love a good before and after?! Check out some of my results using The Home Edit Walmart organizers:

before and after of junk drawer using walmart home edit organizers

before and after of messy and organized kitchen sink


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