Mirror Decoration For Ethereal Living Motifs

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Mirror decoration is in every house and almost every room. As a decor item, mirrors offer a touch of elegance or pragmatism. You can mirrors to decorate a space so it will look bigger, for example.

Mirror Decoration

There are plenty of other advantages that you can make the most of and lots of interesting mirror decoration ideas that you can be inspired by. Today we’ll have a look at some of the options and we’ll try to reveal the best features of every design idea.

Decorating the wall with small mirrors

A bathroom without a mirror is incomplete. We suggest exploring some cool mirror decorating ideas which let you turn this accessory into something eye-catching.

Modern Mirror Decor For Ultra-Luxe Interior Spaces

Handpicked by our team of in-house experts, here are the latest examples of contemporary mirror design concepts.

Wall Mirrors

Geometric mirror decoration ideas -hanging wall

Just about any room can have a mirror as a wall ornament. In this example, cool geometric wall mirrors create a 3D visual effect.

Art Mirror

Luxury mirror with crystal crown

This example features ambient backlighting and a flush frame. The focal point of the whole decor. A mirror with an art motif will enhance the room, giving the space an added dimension.

Eclectic Mirror

Living room above the sideboard round mirrors

Circular mirrors are particularly beautiful. They’re often used as wall decorations in living rooms and sometimes they’re displayed in groups. This is a really lovely duo. We like the combination of two matching mirrors with different proportions.

Glamour Mirror Decor

Mirrored furniture and honey comb wall mirror

Speaking of duos, check out these two octagon-shaped mirrors. They have simple wooden frames that match the furniture. Consider displaying a pair of mirrors this way to emphasize the ceiling height of a room.

Mirror Dimension

Mirror Decoration

Oversized mirrors are fun to work with too. Display an oversized mirror in the living room, on the wall behind a sofa, on the opposite wall of a large window to reflect the view and make the room appear bigger.

Basic Mirror

Large narrow floor mirror ideas

There are many different ways to decorate spaces with mirrors. Installing the mirrors on walls is a very common practice but if, for example, you opt for tall and narrow mirrors or for a large framed mirror you could just let it lean again a wall in a casual manner.

Bedroom Mirror

Bedroom with mirror for dressing table

Furnish the master bedroom with a makeup vanity among other things, and in that case you also need a mirror. Take advantage of this to pick a mirror that looks nice.

Modern Mirror Decor

Dressing closet with mirror on doors

Sometimes mirrors are ornaments. When they’re integrated into the designs of furniture pieces as a way to make them more eye-catching.

French Country Mirror Decor

Dressing mirror with curved accents

It can be practical to have a mirror in the bedroom regardless of the decor or the style. You don’t need a makeup vanity as an excuse to put a mirror in this room. Perhaps you could display it above the dresser if there is one.

Mid-Century Art Mirrors

Different sizes mirrors for the wall

A fun idea can be to decorate an empty wall with several small mirrors of different shapes and proportions. It would be a sort of gallery wall with mirrors on it instead of artwork.

Modern Art Mirror

Black frame curved mirror

A mirror with an interesting or unusual shape or design is an alternative to artwork. Try this entryway mirror as a display piece in your living room.

DIY Wall Mirrors

Decorating the wall with small mirrors

Perhaps you’d also enjoy decorating a wall with various types of small mirrors with different types of frames. It would be similar to displaying framed pictures on the wall except each mirror would reflect something else every time.

Retro Style Mirrors

Geometric mirrors on the wall

Mirrors can be works of art. When hanging them on walls, the height of a mirror should be the same height as a work of art. 

Style Mirror

Dining room with large round mirror

It’s important to take into consideration what the mirror will be reflecting after you install it. You could position it in such a way that it reflects the view outside or a beautiful light fixture. Of course, a full length mirror would reflect the whole space.

Full Body Mirrors

Bedroom interior design with floor mirror

If you feel like one mirror wouldn’t be enough or wouldn’t create the effect that you’re looking for, consider decorating the space with two or even several mirrors.

Designer Mirror

Gray framed mirror on the wall

Looking at this combo you can see that the mirror is circular and that the cabinet has a curved shape and this creates a connection between the two elements. Also, the frame of the mirror matches the cabinet perfectly.

Living Room Mirror

Crystal frame square mirror

It’s ok to opt for a mirror that manages to capture the essence of a room’s interior decor into its design or shape. For example, this large mirror features simple, and clean lines, straight angles and a pleasant amount of ornamentation, all characteristics of the room as a whole.

Dining Room Mirror

LED lighted mirror with squaredesign

Accent lighting can make any mirror stand out, no matter how simple its design is. We suggest this mirror decoration idea for spaces such as bathrooms or entryways where the combination is not only eye-catching but also practical.

Foyer Mirrors

Entryway design with narrow copper mirrors

Speaking of entryway mirrors, there are a lot of different options to choose from in this case. The choice can be influenced by a lot of things such as the size of the space, the furniture pieces present, the overall style, the lighting ,and others.

Console Mirror

Oval mirror with led light behind

A large mirror can be intimidating. Put something in front of the mirror, like a vase with flowers or planter. When you do this, the mirror becomes a focal point. 

Origami Mirror

Modern geometric wall mirror

Check out this stylish mirror and console combo. The geometric shape of the mirror replicates the design direction featured by the console.

Vintage Decor Mirror

Tufted wall mirror with square design

There are also some matching mirror and sideboard or console sets worth checking out as well. 

Victorian Mirror

Baroque mirror design

This is another interesting combo, although the visual connection between the mirror and the sideboard is not as striking. 

Minimalist Mirror

Narrow console with black accents and mirror

Simple designs can create a strong visual effect too. This mirror and console combo is a great example in this sense. Each one has a strong and unique character but there’s a connection between them.

Glam Mirror

Large floor mirror decor

When choosing this kind of mirror, understand the other elements in the room. Select the best shape and size to complement your space. 

Floor Mirrors

Decorating a small living room with large floor mirrors

Double oversized mirrors will make a room appear larger. The dual mirror decor strategy provides extra illumination. You want your mirrors to appear seamless as if you could step inside them and enter a new dimension.

Timeless Mirror Decor

Black frames on the wall plus a mirror

You can treat a mirror the same way you would a framed picture or a painting. In fact, you could create a beautiful display on one of the living room walls where you hang a mirror between a series of framed pictures.

Luxurious Mirror Decor

Baroque bedroom framed mirrored walls

Mirrors are ornamental. They can be interesting when reflecting a distorted image. Smaller mirror pieces, like a mosaic, would like a puzzle create visual intrigue for your interior space.

Hexagonal Mirror

Honeycomb mirror for the entryway

This hexagonal mirror is great for an entryway. The mirror offers style and pragmatic grace without being formal. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Where Should You Never Hang A Bagua Mirror?

Bagua mirrors are meant for the outside of homes or businesses. The mirrors should never hang inside a home or office as doing so may result in disaster and harm. A Bagua mirror is not a home decor item for decor of purposes.

What Are The Most Important Qualities Of A Mirror?

Glass purity, flatness, thickness, and reflective coating are the four qualities you should inspect before buying a mirror.

What are the International Standard Organization rules for commercial building mirrors?

Standard mirror thickness in commercial buildings is between 2 mm and 6 mm, according to the ISO. 

What Is The Material Applied To A Mirror That Makes It Reflective?

Tin mercury amalgam, aluminum, or silver is applied to the back of a clear glass panel. High quality mirrors use silver as a reflective coating. A sealer is applied to the mirror and multiple paint coats to make sure the silver doesn’t tarnish. The most common mirror coating is a combination of chemicals and silver nitrate. 

How Can I Use A Mirror In My Outdoor Spaces?

A garden gate mirror offers a stylish touch and adds reflection to your pathways. Interior decor has a shorter lifespan than outdoor decor. If you have an old mirror inside, move it outside where it will last longer. 

Mirror Decoration Conclusion

Every room in a house has a mirror. One way a mirror can stand out is with a high-quality frame. A simple mirror is part of the interior decor style. This explains why most home designs include wall mirrors or full-length mirrors.

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