DIY board and batten and classic bathroom upgrades

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With our new bedroom addition well underway, I wanted to share the updates we made to our downstairs bathroom.

The bathroom will continue to be the main floor bath, but it will also be Ryan and I’s main bathroom to use as well. (We have all be sharing the upstairs bathroom and it really hasn’t been bad, but I’m sure this will be great as the kids get older.)

Last year (well, actually, 2021, so two years ago), we decided to make some small updates to the bathroom to make it more our style before the bedroom project was underway.

It was mainly cosmetic upgrades, but we also added some additional storage. It feels so much more finished and “us.” It’s also a lot brighter, which is very nice since it doesn’t have a window for any natural light. (This is something I would push to change if I were doing the house over again – I miss a bathroom with natural light.)

As a reminder, the bathroom has looked like this for almost 7 years, since we finished building. It was totally fine and did it’s job well.

But I like the new view.

The white vanity was a budget buy and it wasn’t holding up well and needed replaced. I also wanted a simple medicine cabinet for more hidden storage.

We have always had a medicine cabinet, and it’s become a must-have for me in a bathroom. It gives so much additional space and it’s right at eye level. This mirrored cabinet was much larger than the one we have upstairs, and I like the arched top.

But I think my favorite part of the bathroom update was the wainscoting.

Because of the style of our baseboard trim, Ryan had to remove all the trim to add the wainscoting. (Or “faux wainscoting,” more technically. He added trim pieces vertically on the walls.)

Then he added a nice ledge at the top, which is great for decor or storage. It’s also cute. Perk.

I think the woodwork makes it feel like a totally different space. 

I picked out the Home Decorators Collection vanity at Home Depot. It’s a dark blue with a marble top and has nice drawers and additional storage. I think it will be an upgrade as we utilize the space more for daily use. 

For now, I’m using the shower curtain we used in the barn apartment. I may eventually change it, but I like it. I originally wanted to add wallpaper above the woodwork. but I actually like it as is.  
It’s a pretty small bathroom, but I think it’s full of nice details and enough storage for daily use. 


What do you think of the bathroom updates?

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