Cottage Style Homes Spark Demand For Pastoral Living

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The cottage style home is an emerging residential feature that has shown no signs of slowing down. The housing design speaks to homeowners of all ages. For those seeking a pastoral life, the cottage conjures a wholesome lifestyle.

 Cottage Style Homes

The modern era as we know it has been flipped upside down due to the pandemic. During its first year, US homeowners focused on their living spaces in ways they never had before. According to one design magazine:

“The pandemic has boosted the craze as people have sought to escape the bleak reality of deserted town centers.”

A cottage is a unique home style. If you’re not familiar with English cottages, that’s okay because we’ll show you everything there is to know about cottage homes.

Sweet Cottage Home Styles For 2022

Handpicked by our team of home design experts, here are the latest examples of cottage style homes.

Tudor Cottage Home

Cottage Style Home With Georgian Facade

A cottage in the English countryside often resembles another home style. There may be a simple line of windows like a Georgian home or you might find the half timber pattern of a Tudor home.

Cozy Cottage

Black Cottage Style Home

For a modern direction, preserve the historic charm and use paint and details like fixtures to bring your little house up to date. Black will make your cottage stand out against the rest of the charming cottages.

Nautical Cottage

Patriotic Cottage Style Home

Trying to create a beachy cottage for you and your family and friends? Lean away from the traditional brick and stone and embrace the shingles of the seaside Victorian.

Paired with classic minty greens and windy grasses, you’ll make your cottage into a place you’ll never want to leave. {thecottagejournal}.

Thatched Roof Cottage

Tthatched roof Cottage Style Home

While thatched roofs aren’t common, they possess enough charm. They are the most classic cottages you’ll find.

Cottage House

Cottage Style Home With Vines

The architectural elements of cottage style homes include proper landscaping. For an old English look, try creeping vines, unruly bushes, and flowers that can be clipped for a vase.

Bay Windows

Cottage Style Home Layered Garden

If you prefer neat and tidy landscaping to the wildflower field, you’ll want to choose your plants based on how they’ll look symmetrically. Lines of shrubs in layers have a lovely tidy effect on your front yard and draw attention to your cottage instead of the landscaping.

Front Door

Cottage Style Home Porch Pots

Without a stylish front door, a cottage wouldn’t be the same. Sometimes a cottage will have a front porch rather than a real front yard. Take advantage of the square footage and give your porch some plant-y love with potted shrubs and flowers. 

Cape Cod Cottage

Cottage Style Home Flower Boxes

Don’t have much of a porch to speak of? Window boxes are your solution. They will make it easy to give your cottage that pop of color and you barely have to get your hands dirty at all. 

Southern Front Porch

Cottage Style Home Porch Swing

Are you blessed with an abundance of square footage? Then use that front porch as an extension to your living space. Add a swing and outdoor furniture with patterned cushions and you’ll have an outdoor living room.

Cottage House Porch Layout

Cottage Style Home Back patio

Cottage style homes in the south have porches. And not only a front porch but also a back patio. Not only is it a great way to expand your entertaining space in your small home but you also get to style it out in the coziest cottage decor. 

Open Living Room

Cottage Style Home Interior With Fireplace

When renovating a historic cottage, you’re likely to find lots of things underneath the modern wood and drywall, like brick and stone. If you’re able, keep these elements exposed to give your cottage a real nostalgic feel. 

White Kitchen

Cottage Style Home Wood Beams

Exposed wooden beams were once common in cottages. Homes with stone walls have been covered. They may need refinishing, but you’ll be able to appreciate that vintage touch.

Bedroom Blinds

Cottage Style Home Wooden Shutters

Many cottages have exterior shutters. You’ll be happy to know that cottage decor welcomes shutters on the inside too. In such a small space, interior shutters can fold away from the windows, allowing the maximum natural light, unlike curtains sometimes. 

Vintage Kitchen

Cottage Style Home Blue smeg Fridge

Kitchens can be tricky in a cottage, due to the small square footage. With this example, the first that catches your eye is the blue refrigerator. You can make the refrigerator the focal point by painting in with a loud color.

Embrace the opportunity to purchase the mini appliances, including a Smeg fridge in your choice color. They will provide you with an adequate kitchen without taking up too much storage space.

Traditional Cottage Kitchen

Cottage Style Home Open Shelving

Speaking of storage space, a wall of cabinets can look bulky and unwanted in a small cottage kitchen. Display those floral teacups and jam jars on open shelving that will help your kitchen feel like a real movie-worthy cottage kitchen.

This will also help you better edit your kitchen necessities based on style as well as use.

Built-In Kitchen Seating

Cottage style home breakfast nook

Even if you have a small house, a cottage style would work. Some cottages are so small there is no room for a dining room, so a breakfast nook must suffice instead. Rather than crying over the loss of your dining table, embrace the cushioned seating and pull up as many chairs as you can manage for your guests.

Victorian Cottage Bathroom

Cottage Style Home Floral Wallpaper

Many classic English cottages thrive on patterns. Floral wallpaper against a traditional rug and striped curtains works well in a cottage. If you can’t manage the curtains, give yourself the luxury of a floral wallpapered bathroom. 

Cottage Kitchen

Cottage Style Home White Slate

Pattern and colors easily overwhelm you? Start by covering your walls, cabinets, furniture, and even the floor in white. A blank slate will help you determine what needs color and where the pattern should be without too much trial and error.

Eaves Bedroom

Cottage Style Home Attic Bedroom

A bedroom under the eaves is a common among cottage style homes. The slanted walls and ceilings enable you to create a charming bedroom escape.

Rustic Bedroom

Cottage Style Home Wood Frame

If shabby chic isn’t your thing it doesn’t mean you can’t live in a cottage. Eschew the roses and wallpaper in favor of modern lines and neutral tones. Add some leather accents for texture and black fixtures for modernity. You’ll find that shaping a modern cottage home is easier than it sounds.

Three Beautiful Cottage Style Homes

In many ways, a cottage is what a dream home feels like for many. It’s a very charming and cozy type of home by definition and while there are many variations of style and design which can occur, this warmth is always present.

Every home should feel like a cottage regardless of how it looks on the outside. Here are more examples that will inspire you to live in a cottage.

Beach Cottage

A charming cottage on the beach

This beautiful beach cottage from Florida is charming. The blend between the landscape, views, breezy, and sunny weather. 

A charming cottage on the beach bedroom

This is a 3-bedroom cottage that you can actually book as a vacation retreat. As you would expect given the location, the indoor-outdoor connection is very seamless and strongly emphasized.

A charming cottage on the beach dining

There’s a big wraparound porch that links the cozy indoor areas to the outdoors and acts as a transitional space. It’s a perfect spot for admiring the views and enjoying the sunny weather with a book on a cup of coffee in the morning.

A charming cottage on the beach porch

There are multiple points of access onto this porch from the living area as well as from the bedrooms. The two floors have similar designs and are equally inviting and charming.

Modern Cottage

A modern cottage home in Washington

The owners then worked with studio Hoedemaker Pfeiffer to build a new cottage home in its place. They wanted it to have the same charm and feel of their previous home and to look as if it’s been there for ages.

A modern cottage home in Washington lawn 683x1024

A story is told about how the sections were added. The house grew and expanded even though everything was built at the same time.

A modern cottage home in Washington living

A modern cottage home in Washington bedroomThe resulting cottage-style home has lots of bright and airy spaces linked to little outdoor porches and verandas and inside there’s an eclectic design with both modern and traditional influences.

Cottage Lake House

A stone cottage by the lake pathway

This charming cottage was designed and built by studio Murphy & Co. Design in Minnesota.  It was created as an addition to an existing house next to Lake Minnetonka.

The architects tried to give it some of the same style and character as the main house while still allowing it to stand out and to be unique.

A stone cottage by the lake dining

The plan was for this to serve as a separate guest house and to occupy a piece of land next to the main residence overlooking the lake. The materials for this cottage were inspired by the main residence and includes stone, plaster, and raw timber

A stone cottage by the lake kitchen

The textures give the cottage a rustic vibe, especially with this beautiful staggered roof design and the big chimney on the side. 

A stone cottage by the lake staircase

Inside there’s a big social area downstairs with a living room, dining area, and kitchen with access outside. Upstairs is where you sleep. The bedrooms have an open terrace with a view of the lake.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is The Elder Cottage Housing Opportunity (ECHO)?

Designed for the disabled and elderly family members, the government initiative was launched by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The measure changes zoning laws so single-family properties can add an outbuilding.

The structure can be attached to the main house or separated by the yard. It also has an independent entrance, bath, and cooking facilities. Add-ons are otherwise known as “granny flats” or “mother-in-law’s quarters.” 

What Is The Nautical Cottage Style?

You’ll find nautical cottages are popular on the East Coast. The homes are adaptable to different climates and locations. Nautical cottages feature cedar shakes for exteriors. Their porches will also have a Nantucket star design that adds to the cottage’s authentic look and feel.

How Much Of A Role Do Materials Play In Creating A Cottage Look?

If the overall design doesn’t fit the style, the result will be fake and gimmicky. When designing an escape home like a cottage, you’ll need to apply more effort rather than throwing together a few details.

How Do You Create A Casual Ambience In A Cottage Home? 

Features like a stacked stone fireplace are a good place to start. Structural timber trusses are another popular idea if you want a soothing atmosphere. When selecting materials, make sure they correspond to your surrounding environment.

What Are Some Classic Details Of The Southern Cottage Home?

A blue porch ceiling, metal roof, and lap siding are three mainstays of the southern cottage home. If you have a front porch, paint the ceiling haint blue. For your kitchen, install a glass cabinet for a refined southern look.

Cottage Style Home Conclusion

When you search #cottagecore on Instagram, you get roughly one million pics, so that should tell you enough about the cottage trend. US architect Alan Maskin said, “We’re seeing a trend in the US among more affluent people for living in rural areas with more space – more social distance, frankly – than city-dwelling usually allows.”

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