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Topics Covered in this Airbnb Quick Tip: Unnecessary rules that you should avoid. What to highlight to improve the guest experience. Transcript
What’s up Airbnb nation this is Danny I’m here in Almaty, Kazakhstan next to Victor Tsoi famous kazakhstan’s singer.

This week’s Airbnb quick tip is going to be about how to properly do check out messaging strategy.

We’re gonna discuss one aspect of the checkout process and that is messaging surrounding the check out, check out instructions.

You have to understand my whole strategy is around at all times, respecting the guests attention.

So what that means is only communicating with the guest when you need to, when it amplifies their experience in one way or another.

What that means in relation to the check out messaging strategy is you never want to say things like: “don’t forget anything”, “don’t leave anything behind”.

It’s just a waste of the guests attention. No one wants to leave things behind.

They’re not going to leave things behind because you say this, so scrape out all those rules.

The other thing is positively re frame the requests so instead of: “Do not leave anything in the fridge” how about “Remove all of perishables or take all perishables with you”

When I was checking out of one listing I had something that’s it “Turn off the water breaker” I think it said without any further instructions.

So if it’s something more detail like that you want to provide additional instructions.

I came upon a house rule I have to read it to you. It was so long and complicated.

This is an example of what you don’t want to do with your check out instructions:

“Turn off water. Valve is under the bathroom sink and drain any remaining water by leaving the cold water faucets in the on position and flush toilets. Also leave the cabinet doors under both the bathroom and the kitchen sinks open.”

Avoid really complicated check out instructions like that.

The reason is because on check out day it’s already stressful. I’m even on one day before and I’m checking out and it today’s stressful because you have to do a bunch of extra things

So upon your check out to you want to make it less stressful for the guests not more stressful to remove any of these complicated rules.

Some other unnecessary rules that you should avoid at all cost telling the guests to:
Set the thermostat to a certain degree Take the trash out or split up the recycling Clean the dishes Do the wash out. Most of what you want to do is maybe tell them remove all the dirty linens and put him on the ground but don’t ask your guests to do the wash on the check out day.
There are some rules similar to my Airbnb quick tips about Providing guest recommendations in weeks prior, don’t be the host where one guest does something and then you add that in a house rule so your house rules are like twenty long.

A good example of this is moving guess furniture.

So maybe one in twenty guests move guess furniture, so that’s 5% you only want to include a house rule when it’s going to be relevant to 50% or more of the guests, or if it’s extremely important.

So in some of the house rules you say “Replace furniture back” most guests don’t move furniture. Just deal with it when it happens at one time rather than not respecting 95%  of guests time by telling them to move furniture back.

How I handle the checkout is 18 hours before check out.

My check out is at 11 AM so at 5 PM the day before I say: “Hey guest -first name- I hope that you had a five star stay so far. Just a reminder that tomorrow is check out is at 11 aM” or whatever time it is. This is ideal.

On some of my listings, I list a couple of rules this is one of the instances where you can highlight information it’s already in the it’s already going to be in the guide book so this is one of them for instance is where you can highlight information twice so the guest doesn’t have to refer to that so like electronic guidebook I bring it out and put it in the checkout message.

If you have physical keys you should tell the guess where to leave those keys.

I have my cleaners that take out the lints from the dryer and refill ice cubes but for some reason my cleaners just don’t do this, so I ask the guests to do this as well. All this happens more than 50% of the time so I add that in to improve the guest experience.

Another thing you want to highlight is if you allow the guests to leave their luggage after they leave your on the check out messaging strategy you want to say where and what period of time they can leave that let their luggage.

That wraps up this week’s Airbnb quick Tip. Thanks for tuning in
Happy hosting!

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