Brewing Coffee in the Bedroom and other "I can’t make this stuff up" moments

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Cleaned grout

before cleaning grout

While the men's worked on the kitchen flooring, I worked on the master bath tile grout.  In the past I have used homemade grout cleaner and was pleased with it.  A friend hosted a Norwex party and I purchased the paste they sell.  Oh my goodness.  It made the grout bright white (septic safe too). It may be hard to see in the photo, but oh my goodness I am so delighted with the clean grout.  I have much more to clean today (it's a larger bathroom than you think).


I had to climb thru this to get to the computer this morning.  It's the entry way from kitchen to living room, where the "office" is temporality set up.

I got a text at 4:42am.  It was my sister.  I was somewhat in a state of worry, because my husband had already left for work.  He didn't tell me he had to leave that early, and the coffee pot is set up in the bedroom. I always pack his breakfast, lunch and coffee.

Oh, and the kitchen is half painted, because a cabinet unit was sitting there and was moved. Now my husband doesn't like the yellow.....sigh.....

Another old house surprise.  They men's knocked out cement that was used in the kitchen entry from the hallway (this is where the old house back door used to be before the addition).

They found roof shingles under it!  They have now put down self-leveling cement.  Next up is the under layment and then new flooring.  I have to say, the boys working with him remind me of my daughter's deceased boyfriend.  They are hard working, seem to want to be always busy and know what they are doing.  I'm impressed so far.

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