Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue is One of the Best Paint Colors for Any Home

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Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue (HC-143) is an ideal farmhouse paint color when you want something a little brighter. It’s a cheery color that’s great for cabinets or walls anywhere in you you need brightness.

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue

What Color is Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue?

As the paint company describes it, the color is an “easy, genteel blue-green with a subtle gray cast.” You can use it on the interior or exterior of the house. It’s even good for the front door.

Beautiful Wythe Blue (#ADBCB3) has both blue undertones and a bit of green. With farmhouse style so popular, it’s no wonder that this color is trending. Of course, Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue is not a new color.

In fact, Benjamin Moore introduced it back in 1976 in its Historic Color collection and it was named the company’s color of the year in 2012.

Although it’s brighter than other typical farmhouse color choices, it is serene. That is due to the fact it is light reflective and reminiscent of pale water.

Changed by the Light

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue

Moore Wythe Blue leans toward gray and green, even though it is a blue. In fact, the blue becomes more dominant once you’re done painting it on your walls. Like any other paint color, it might not look the same as it did on the paint swatch, depending on the quality of natural light in the room.

Wythe Blue has a light reflectance value of 48.11, which is pretty much smack in the middle of the scale. The higher the number, the more light it reflects.

Bring Out the Grays

It’s easy to bring out the gray undertones of this blue paint color. Be sure to use gray colors in the furniture and decor accents in the room. The versatile hue will also look grayer in interiors that are not filled with daylight. rooms that tend to be dim, and at night.

Emphasize the Green

You can also highlight the green undertones in Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue. To do this, use it in rooms that face west so the late-day light reflectance will trend toward yellow. Pairing this color with pure white will also bring out the green.

Finally, if your decor scheme allows, try adding blues that are similar colors but lighter. This combination will play up the green in the wall color.

Coordinating Paint Color Choices

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue is not at either extreme of the scale when it comes to reflecting light. This means that you have plenty of options for complementary colors. Some of the most popular are:

  • Palladian Blue HC-144
  • Edgecomb Gray HC-173
  • Olivetint 519
  • Shaker Gray 1594
  • Van Buren Brown HC-70
  • Distant Gray 2124-70

White Options

White Coordinating Paint Color Choices

If you are looking for white that are good to pair with this timeless color, consider Benjamin Moore selections like White Dove (OC-17) and Simply White (OC-0117).

Bold Accents

Terra Cotta Tile (2090-30)

Finally, you might be wondering if there are bold colors that can add a bright pop to this Benjamin Moore color. Indeed there are. There are several choices from a bright red or a something earthier like Terra Cotta Tile (2090-30).

Last but not least, brighter, darker versions of blues and greens also make great matches.

Wythe Blue Paint Ideas

Wythe Blue Paint Ideas

Ready for some inspiration? This blue is versatile and a bit like a color chameleon. Hence, you can use it in any space, from the living room to the laundry room. Browse these examples of ways to use this Benjamin Moore color. While you’re at it, note how it can look different in various lighting situations.

Serene Master Bathroom

Wythe Blue Serene Master Bathroom
Avenue B Development

This stunning master bathroom has a calm, serene vibe. The bright white wainscoting, trim and floor bring out the green undertones of the paint. The space is bright and when the light hits the white surfaces it helps emphasize the underlying green.

This color is also good for a bathroom when you’re trying to create a spa-like atmosphere.

Refined Dining Room

Refined Dining Room Paint 870x1024

The Wythe blue undertones are more pronounced when its paired with grays, beiges and greige colors. Because this room is not as bright, the Benjamin Moore shade appears a bit more muted and dark.

At the same time, the gray trim is an accent that also changes the nature of the color. It’s easy to see why people love this color for dining rooms.

Superior Vanity

Wythe Blue HC-143 Superior Vanity

More than just a wall color, Wythe blue is great for cabinets as well as vanities. In this bathroom, there is plenty of natural light. The tone of the vanity is perfect for the traditional style of the cabinet. Plus, the shade looks more like a pale blue in this sunny interior.

Metal accents like the gold frames and sconce wall lights only highlight the lovely color.

Stylish Painted Cabinets

Stylish Painted Cabinets

In the kitchen, this blue hue is ideal for cabinets. The lighting brings out the gray in painted cabinets and kitchen island. Here, the green undertones are predominantly the farmhouse interior.

The countertop is a charcoal gray, which makes a fabulous contrast. In fact, this Benjamin Moore color pairs well with absolute black as an accent.

Bright With a Retro Pop

Bright With a Retro Pop

Benjamin Moore Wythe blue can create a bright pop in an all-white space. This white kitchen has a blue island as its centerpiece. There’s an added bit of brightness from the citrusy-colored bar stools.

This is a great example how a little of this Benjamin Moore color can go a long way to creating a fabulous kitchen.

Porch Perfect Accent

Porch Perfect Accent 1024x1024

Wythe blue is not just for interiors. This timeless color is also great for the exterior of a house, whether as the main color ior just an accent. In fact, it is becoming a popular blue choice for the front door. When you pair it with yellows as on this home, it brings out the grayish undertones and gives it a warm feel.

Adding extra elements in Wythe blue helps tie in the whole look.

Farmhouse Doors

Farmhouse Doors

This color of blue may be seeing a resurgence in popularity because of the farmhouse decor trend. This timeless color has the right vibe. It’s also just colorful and versatile enough to complement other colors in common farmhouse palettes.

Black hardware makes the blue-green color pop.

A Welcoming Vibe

Benjamin Moore color Exterior

When the atmosphere is relaxing on the interior, you want the exterior to feel that way too. Painted in this Benjamin Moore color, it has a hint of a green tinge. It also seems warmer because the white porch and trim are creamy white.

The peachy-colored door only highlights the two colors on the front.

Deep Drama

Deep Drama

We’ve seen plenty of examples of how Wythe Blue can be bright and serene, but it can also be dark and moody. To achieve this quality, use this Benjamin Moore blue in a space that is not brightly lit.

The dark atmosphere brings out the dusty gray undertones and creates just the right moody-but-chic look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Sherwin Williams color is like Wythe Blue?

If you are looking for similar colors from Sherwin Williams that are like Wythe Blue, check out Wedgewood Blue (HC-146). The two are quite similar but the green undertones are more predominant in the Sherwin Willims color.

What is the LRV of Wythe Blue?

The Light Reflective Value of Wythe Blue is 48.11. this makes it a mid-range hue that is not at either extreme end of the scale.

What color goes with Wythe Blue?

There are quite a few colors that you can pair with Wythe Blue. From Benjamin Moore, some of the best choices include Olivetint (519), Shaker Gray (1594), and Distant Gray (2124-70). Sherwin Williams pairings include Van Buren Brown (HC-70), Palladian Blue (HC-144) and Edgecomb Gray (HC-173).

Is Wythe Blue more green or blue?

This calm blue is really a blue-green color that varies with the lighting and its surroundings. It makes a great wall color as well as an accent. 


Wythe blue is such a versatile and pretty color that it’s hard to think of a place where you couldn’t use it.

It adds a gentle color to bright spaces and can bring moodiness to darker rooms.

Because it has so many dimensions, it’s among the most adaptable blue colors available.

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