98 People Who Took Woodworking To Another Level And Shared The Results In This Online Group (New Pics)

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If you’re tired of the same mass-produced furniture or interior pieces that the stores are full of and are looking for something unique to decorate your home with, look no further! While it might sound like an introduction to a commercial, there's actually a great online community where people post anything related to woodworking - r/woodworking!

Created in 2008, the subreddit is a home for almost 5 million people celebrating “all things made from trees”. From gigantic wood sculptures to beautiful cabinets, it is a hub for both woodworkers and people interested in this craft.

Our team has collected the most impressive wood projects for you to admire. Scroll down to see these magnificent works of craftsmanship. For more impressive creations, check out our previous articles here, here, here, here and here

#1 My Micro Shop And Latest Commission

Image credits: BerkshireMtnSculptor

#2 Built This Bookshelf For My Mom As My First Ever Woodworking Project. I Think It Turned Out Alright For An Amateur

Image credits: Papatarts0

#3 My Favorite Project From 2022: Mechanical Iris Liquor Cabinet

Image credits: locomotion_creations

Bored Panda got in touch with Kenneth Packie, a wood sculptor residing in the Berkshire Mountains of Western MA, to learn more about the craft of wood carving and about his profession as a sculptor.

Kenneth was part of the three-man team that won first place at the ninth annual Husky Cup World Sculpting Championships in Mulda, Germany with their life-size figure of a medieval knight on horseback “The Knight”. Visit his Instagram and website to see his incredible creations!

#4 The Sapphire Walnut Bowl! This One Was A Little Tricky To Pull Off, But I Think It Was Totally Worth It

Image credits: FormanWoodworking

#5 I Carved These Grape Tomatoes From Curly Maple!

Image credits: enufalrefe

#6 My Olive Pitcarving

Image credits: Wt_slidev

Kenneth shared that before his career as a sculptor, he was a telecom tech building a network in New England. “I was burnt out with the ‘on call’. We bought a second piece of property in the Southern Berkshire Mountains and went to a log home show. There was a carver working on a very realistic bear. I had seen basic ‘square bears’ in my travels and thought the form was limited by the tools used. It looked like great stress relief! I took a short class because I’d never used a chainsaw. I called a logger, got a load of wood and I’d come home at night, take out the wildlife books, stand up a log, and carve! I realized it’s an open art form with gatherings and competitions so I put myself out there to learn.

In 2007 I went to the Ridgway Carvers Rendezvous in Western PA. It was an epiphany. Looking at the level of work people were supporting their families with, I knew I had to try, I was already close. A year later I set up at a General Store by a big recreational lake to test the waters, got swamped with commissions, quit my job and started working harder than I ever had to support my family with art! I never looked back. I’ve been a full-time wood sculptor since August 2008.”

#7 Why Buy It In IKEA For $175 When I Can Make For $250, Two New Power Tools And 5-6 Weekends Of My Life?

Image credits: jomski85

#8 Romeo & Juliet Cheese Board Inspired By One Of The First Posts I Saw In This Sub

Image credits: zee_dot

#9 Double Dovetail Drawers To Go Around The Drain In This Vanity I Built

Image credits: tooladdict

Throughout his career, Kenneth has created thousands of sculptures. The artist shared that carvings can take 30 minutes or up to 5 weeks to create. “I’m probably proudest of the horse and rider I created at the World Cup in Germany. It was a team competition so I carved it with Jeff Samudosky and Tomas Vrba. The scale, detail, and working with others against the clock made it extremely challenging.”

#10 I Was Told Y’all Would Like This Greenhouse I Built Last Spring

Image credits: fleshcanoer

#11 Fox In Northern White Cedar

Image credits: BerkshireMtnSculptor

#12 I Carved This Jalapeño Plant From Curly Maple And Walnut! You Can See The Curly Wood Grain Showing Through On The Peppers. This Project Took A Ton Of Hours And A Lot Of Screw UPS. I Appreciate All The Support I've Been Given On This Subreddit. I Am Very Appreciative For All Of You!

Image credits: enufalrefe

According to Kenneth, the hardest thing about the art of chainsaw carving is creating a 3D sculpture out of a log because it is physically demanding, loud and dirty. “The most difficult part is the preparation, securing the raw materials, transporting them, moving them around. After the log is stood up and in place, it all flows very quickly. The longer I’ve been doing this, the clearer it is to find that form in the log. The most difficult thing after that is when to stop. I feel like I ‘abandon’ most carvings. From a practical standpoint, it comes down to what the budget was for the carving.” The artist shared that he loves getting down to the details, the fur, feathers, face and fingers/talons/claws.

#13 So The Idea Was To Have A Little Woodworking Business To Supplement My Retirement Income, And Keep Me Out Of Mischief. 4 Months Later? 1200 Sf Shop Already Maxed Out, Orders To 2024! What Have I Done?

Image credits: builderbob53

#14 Custom Handmade Record Player Out Of Maple Burl

Image credits: nicolehuntah1

#15 Cedar Boardwalk I Built Last Fall

Image credits: subtlegramps

Wood carving has been a cherished art form for centuries. Kenneth thinks that the public’s fascination with wood sculptures comes from seeing a log turned into something before their eyes. “We take something that was alive and bring it back to life in a different form.”

#16 Custom Barn Doors I Made For A Homeowner

Image credits: shazamiam1

#17 Pew Pew

Image credits: LillieCarson

#18 Quad Bunk

Image credits: Zestyclose-Carob2925

Kenneth has a no-cut-to-carve policy. “All my wood is recycled and came down for other reasons. Storm trees, trees from power companies clearing lines, etc. These big international competitions are pushing the art form. It has attracted a lot of classically trained sculptors who realize how big, how fast, and how detailed you can get with the saw. Add power tools and chisels to your endgame and you’ll see a whole group of ‘modern masters’ creating legitimate works of art on a large scale. It’s only going to keep getting bigger and better!”

#19 We're Expecting Our Firstborn In The End Of February. Hopefully I've Made Our Family To Be A Nice Heirloom

Image credits: Wonderful-Call-9951

#20 Walnut Drawer Box I Completed Recently With Knot Burl Drawer Pulls. Hand Tools Only

Image credits: mikebdesign

#21 Infinity Mirror Table I Made With Only Hand Tools

Image credits: sociallyaxiousace

#22 I Made A Set Of Pulp Fiction Pieces Out Of Plywood. I Hope You Like These

Image credits: markhizio

#23 Last Year I Finished My Apprenticeship To Become A Furniture Maker. This Piece Is The Culmination Of My Skill. It Also Represents A Major Life Goal After I Made A Career Switch To Become What I Always Wanted To Become. I Also Won First Place In The Yearly Competition! What Do You Think?

Image credits: MrWoodworker

#24 The Dog Doesn't Know It's Only Pine

Image credits: MustardInspector14

#25 Unnecessarily Complicated Mahjong Box. Mostly Walnut

Image credits: mw33212

#26 White Oak Dresser Finished Just In Time For The Birth Of My Daughter

Image credits: FotWBrew

#27 I’ve Been Making Fishing Lures! What Do You Think??

Image credits: brodieodie

#28 20 Month Progress

Image credits: kweetz

#29 Niece Asked Me For Shelving/Basketing That Could Be Stowed Away Easily Off Season. I Would Up Making 22 Of These These Things For Her And Her Friends

Image credits: [deleted]

#30 My Plastic Silverware Tray Was Breaking Apart So I Built A New One From Leftover Pine I Had Laying Around

Image credits: lewd_bingo

#31 Too Cheap To Buy A Coffee Table So I Built One Out Of Old Pallets. First Project Ever Completed

Image credits: sk-snowbelle

#32 I Made A Solid Oak Kitchen For A Client, Turned Out Pretty Good

Image credits: denopperste

#33 I Need To Stop Making Pens To Sell That I Can't Bring Myself To Sell

Image credits: TheDragonReb0rn

#34 A Maloof Rocker Was A Bucket List Project For Me, Hal Taylor - Story Time Rocker

Image credits: WoodiTheWoodpecker

#35 I Whittled An Unintelligible Chess Set For Fun. Stained Basswood Carved With Xacto Blades

Image credits: Tandizojere

#36 Help, I Spilled Chocolate Syrup On This Counter

Image credits: searcherguitars

#37 Everything Made In Ash By Me And My Dad

Image credits: blommern88

#38 Always Worried To Post This Anywhere, In Case Someone Doesn’t Get The Reference And Thinks I’m Just Into Really Weird Stuff. Anyways, Enjoy This Scroll Saw Art I Made

Image credits: ducklady92

#39 Drumroll: I Built This Kinetic Sculpture For A Local Music Studio. It Is Approximately 8' Long And Uses 72 Drumsticks To Create A Moving Sine Wave

Image credits: locomotion_creations

#40 My First Actual Piece Of Furniture! (In Woodworking School But I Still Feel Proud)

Image credits: rafsku

#41 Last Thursday, I Asked This Subreddit For Help Solving A Mistake I Made Making Some Ring Boxes (Holes Drilled In The Wrong Spot). Thanks To Your Suggestions, I Fixed It (More Holes & Walnut Plugs) And Now Have A Finished Product That I’m Very Proud Of! Thanks Y’all!!!

Image credits: moultonrock

#42 Ever Built Something Cool And Set It On Fire?

Image credits: johnnybagels

#43 Process For The Shelf I Made To Hold My Mangas

Image credits: Sappo09

#44 Finally Finished My First Big Project. My Sons First “Big Boy” Bed

Image credits: Pristine-Valuable-50

#45 My Daughter Needed A Small Sized Desk. So I Made Her A Desk With Letterpress Inspired Desktop With Hidden Compartments And Features

Image credits: Niles_Merek

#46 Built This Record Shelf For A Customer

Image credits: circlethenexus

#47 My First Attempt At Doing Some Wood Burning Art

Image credits: Renaldoxx

#48 Last Year I Got To Take Classes With Philip Morley And Matt Kenney. Finished The Chair Just In Time To Hunker Down For Winter Weather Here In Texas

Image credits: UnkemptSlothBear

#49 Maple, Cherry, And Walnut

Image credits: Group_Poop

#50 Finished My First Piece Of Furniture

Image credits: south9905

#51 Tried Some Carving On This Walnut Chaise Rocker

Image credits: shepito2782

#52 Ladies And Gentlemen, I Present To You…

Image credits: welton_rs

#53 Walnut Bison Head With A Splash Of Stained Glass!

Image credits: woodland_porpoise

#54 One Piece Of Wood (Kind Of)

Image credits: OGpoobandit

#55 My First Staircase. How'd I Do?

Image credits: wonderboy229

#56 Made Some Hidden Sliding Locking Dovetails (Not Sure If They Have A Proper Name!) To Attach The Legs To The Top Of A Desk Riser. Nice And Tight With No Need For Glue So The Top Is Free To Expand/Contract

Image credits: steel_cut_oaks

#57 Just Made Birch Ply Bookcase For My Wife

Image credits: zo0mo

#58 Walnut Mid Century Modern Dog Bed - I Want To Get In To Making Custom Furniture. This Seemed Like A Fun And Cheap Way To Get My Feet Wet. Dog Pictures Are At The End

Image credits: BL0CKafterBL0CK

#59 Stelagtable - Ash And Walnut

Image credits: Stotin

#60 Walnut And Jatoba Rocking Chair

Image credits: noestoyloco

#61 I Made A Thing

Image credits: KidneyTickler87

#62 Murphy Double Bunk Bed

Image credits: Affectionate-Yak4861

#63 Octoburl #1 , Fir Burl Carved By Me 2023

Image credits: IsleofVanCarver

#64 Interesting House I Worked On Recently

Image credits: gthompson13

#65 I Spent The Second Half Of 2022 Building My Kitchen Cabinets!

Image credits: N3wThrowawayWhoDis

#66 What Do We Think Of Slat Walls?

Image credits: SlowJoeCrow44

#67 First Time Kerf Bending. I Made A Table

Image credits: a_dam_bj

#68 Puck Rack

Image credits: CoastCooler

#69 Measure Twice, Cut Once. But How Many Measurements Before Drilling? Apparently 0

Image credits: NCSUGray90

#70 I Made My First Piece Of Furniture, A Coffee Table Of Morado And Black Walnut

Image credits: Sidetrail

#71 Just Wanted To Share My Excitement! Glued The Back Of My First Violin

Image credits: Obitoisalreadytaken

#72 First Proper Project In The New Workshop, Pine Chair

Image credits: Hot_Bluejay_8738

#73 Foyer Of 3m Home I Did The Interior Of

Image credits: ak508

#74 White Oak Kitchen

Image credits: denopperste

#75 This Is The Finest Work I've Ever Done. I Learned So Much Making This Chair. Almost No Angle Is Straight On It, The Crest Rail Being A Compounded Miter Angle, The Bent Laminations For The Chair Back, The Carving Of The Seat, The Final Shaping And To End Up With No Gaps In The Joinery. I Feel Proud

Image credits: NosillaWilla

#76 This Took Us A Bippy To Make

Image credits: JHybrid

#77 I’m Officially A Woodworker. I Made A Cutting Board Out Of Scraps

Image credits: jastangl

#78 I Turned A Little Thing But I Dont Know What To Do With It. I Dropped It And Now It Has An Improvised Lip

Image credits: bigscrampy

#79 Wife Like To Dry Her Hair At The Stove So I Made Her A Stool

Image credits: BoltingKaren

#80 Which Built In Shelving Design Do You Like Better?

Image credits: oldsoulrevival

#81 Peruvian Pepper Wood Slab

Image credits: DiscGolfCaddy

#82 I Couldnt Edit Last Post To Add The Bookcase, Fully Loaded!

Image credits: kingoptimo1

#83 Spalted Ash Harvested From My Back Pasture. Air Dried 11 Years, Finally Made A Bathroom Countertop And Mirror With It

Image credits: Sunstoned1

#84 Scofra-01: A Chair Made From Reclaimed Oak, An Old Scooter Frame And Steel Tubes

Image credits: MacroMeteor

#85 The Latest In Bathroom Technology

Image credits: jimothy_halpert88

#86 People Think Bowling Alley Wood Is Too Specialized To Reuse, Ha!

Image credits: repurposedMATERIALS

#87 Forty Seven And A Half Hours. Totes Worth It

Image credits: thewoodfather

#88 Wooden Door Latch

Image credits: One-Application5637

#89 My First "Non-Rustic" Project. Pretty Happy With How It Turned Out

Image credits: bigben194

#90 ‘Blood Moon’, A Milestone Cutting Board For Me

Image credits: owlwoodworks

#91 Wave Functions Cut Into Plywood

Image credits: xantham

#92 I Built My Dog A House Over The Last 11 Days!!

Image credits: kkirv

#93 Folding Plywood Staircase, Designed In Solidworks, Made From 2 Layers Of 15mm Birch Ply

Image credits: MatterSY89

#94 Using Mammoth Ivory For The Accent On This Briar Wood Proxy Pipe

Image credits: jdallredpipes

#95 Asked For Advice A Couple Of Months Ago On These Bookshelves. Here They Are!

Image credits: Finsup14

#96 Whiskey Stave Coffee Table

Image credits: FrancoDevlin

#97 Just Sharing... Actually My First Furniture Project

Image credits: zo0mo

#98 My First Chopping Board And I'm Awfully Proud!

Image credits: TheValhallaWorkshop

#99 Everything Made In Ash By Me And My Dad

#100 20 Month Progress

#101 I Made A Set Of Pulp Fiction Pieces Out Of Plywood. I Hope You Like These

#102 Doing Some Framing Today With My “Made In The USA Stanley”, I Thought My Mind Was Playing Tricks On Me. Where Is 24.5”?

#103 White Oak Kitchen

#104 Wife Is Wondering When I'll Stop Making Things For My Shop And Start Making Things For The House

#105 Hand Cut Dovetails

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