148 Of The Most Interesting And Beautiful Old Things That These People Have The Pleasure Of Owning (New Pics)

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With so much consumerism everywhere, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of plastic, spontaneous purchases that don’t last long.

Not only do they pollute our world (and our homes!), they give us little if any extra value. They don’t have any memories attached to them. They don’t keep any stories to tell about them.

Unlike antiques. These beautiful pieces of art, furniture, kitchenware, you name it, have been touched by history in ways that no modern thing will ever be. And if you, like me, are a fan of antiques, we’ve got a real treat for you!

Welcome to the Reddit community known as “Antiques” that is home to a buzzing community of, like people say, “old stuff” lovers. Created in 2009, the group has proven to be as relevant as ever, sharing some of the most beautiful and most interesting examples. Scroll down for our selection of the best ones shared here and be sure to check out part 1 right here.

#1 Was Clearing Out My Late Grandad's House And Came Across This

Image credits: inorganicsxul

#2 Chinese Wedding Bed. Teak. Hand Carved. No Nails. Red And Gold Finish. All Parts Complete And Functional

Image credits: RomaniRye

#3 Unearthed My Grandmother’s Perfume Bottle Collection…these Are Stunning

Image credits: EFC329

#4 Winnie The Pooh, 1926. First Edition, First Printing. I Don't Dabble In 20th Century Acquisitions That Often, But I Do Make Exceptions

Image credits: Meepers100

#5 Same Bike, Same House, Same Tree, And Same Woman, Only 71 Years Later

Image credits: visuraXD

#6 I Bought An Antique Table At A Yard Sale And Found A Note Stapled Inside One Of The Drawers

Image credits: 18021982

#7 For The 007 In All Of Us... Antique Spy Camera Ring Ca. 1940

Image credits: jewelrygeek

#8 Turn Of The Century Toilet Paper

Image credits: OldStuff1909

#9 My Antique Medicinal Opium Jar

Image credits: V391Pegasi

#10 This Is My Toastrite Blue Willow Toaster Circa ~1927

Image credits: Subject-Ad7704

#11 Vintage Lamp. House Was Built In 1910

Image credits: AdHorror153

#12 This Ashtray Lady Moves Her Leg When A Hot Cigarette Is Present

Image credits: icywoodz

#13 Native American Portraits With Names. Passed Down From My Grandmother. Would Love To Know More About Them

Image credits: kkkkat

#14 Today I Found These Pair Of Cool Rings In A Local Forest, In Romania, Using A Metal Detector

Image credits: killtoni34

#15 A Selection Of 19th Century French Cartonnage Bindings I've Recently Put Together. They've Often Been Referred To As Candy Boxes For Their Extremely Decorative Covers

Image credits: Meepers100

#16 Tiny Karl Wiedmann Art Deco Iridescent Myra Glass Vase, Found Recently At The Local Thrift For 99 Cents. I’m In The Us

Image credits: SimonArgent

#17 My Demented Grandmother Gave Me This Metal Duck Serving Dish And Said It Was Precious

Image credits: FadedGiant650

#18 ~ They Were Roommates ~ My Absolute Favorite Thing I've Found Amongst My Late Mother's Jewelry Collection

A very detailed locket inscribed with "Clara to Laura 21 Aug, 1839". I know in my heart it is a lesbian lovers locket but my dad thinks it was probably mother/daughter or friends

Image credits: mozzarellapizzapie

#19 1940s Ww2 British Propaganda Poster. I Love It So Very Much!

Image credits: sloppyseventyseconds

#20 I Was Left Some Antiques And Keepsakes When My Grandmother Passed. One Item Is The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Ribbon

Image credits: OmnipotentG90

#21 Old Bible At My Small Church

Image credits: FrostEpsilon

#22 This Stove In My New House

Image credits: mocatuck

#23 1931 Model A Ford Woody. It’s Been In Our Family For Decades!

Image credits: FrancescaMcG

#24 This One’s Not For The Faint Of Heart, But I Love It! French Sentimental Ring, Woven From The Hair Of A Loved One

Image credits: TrebleRose689

#25 Suitcase I Found In The Wall

Image credits: pendletonpackrat

#26 1859 Heinisch Tailor’s Shears. 15” In Length

Image credits: OldStuff1909

#27 My Grandfather (B.1890s) Was Rocked In This Cradle As An Infant

Image credits: SerpentineRPG

#28 A Small Portion Of My Mom's Uranium Glass Collection

Image credits: Laverestudios

#29 Old Train Station Clock (Beer For Reference)

Image credits: terkaterkayo

#30 Snagged This For $30

Image credits: pudgtiel

#31 Finally Have My Oil Rain Lamp Working!

Image credits: daniexanie

#32 It Belonged To My Great Grandfather

Image credits: futuremd27

#33 I Finally Have A Victorian Bathroom To Put My Victorian Toilet Roll Holder In!

Image credits: Esther_the_Earwig

#34 Just Picked Up This Gorgeous Singer Folding Table Sewing Machine At Goodwill For ~$100

Image credits: DisorderedBot

#35 I Got This Printing Plate From A Nursing Home

The same organization that ran the nursing home also ran a "home for girls" in the early 1900s. This is the printing plate for the now long gone home for girls. Today I was able to find the newspaper article with the exact image. Circa early 1920s

Image credits: VeryCasualPCGamer

#36 Please Help Id This For Our Charity Thrift Shop!

Image credits: Techienickie

#37 Found This Guy In The Dirt For Trash Pickup In A Residential Area. Took It Home, Deep Cleaned, And Oiled. Here’s The Progress So Far. (Feet Were Mangled Beyond Repair…) Before And After

Image credits: Dilldorable

#38 Any Antique Sewing Machine Fans Out There?

Image credits: leonweslee

#39 My 1930s Maytag Washing Machine. It’s The Only One I Have!

Image credits: pendletonpackrat

#40 Emerald Bracelet Passed Down From A Late Boyfriend Of My Moms. Worn By A Famous Vogue Model, Jean Patchett. An Icon In Fashion From The Late 40s To Early 60s

Image credits: TreeStarsLookJuicy

#41 Frog Desk Seal, Fabergé, 1903-17

Image credits: Paul-Belgium

#42 My Great-Grandmother's Leather Purse. I Need To Replace Some Of The Leather Stitching On The Handle But It's Otherwise In Impeccable Shape And I Use It Often!

Image credits: Esther_the_Earwig

#43 Why You Buy An Old Book (1866) About The Civil War And It Contains Pressed Flowers. I Wonder What Story They'd Tell?

Image credits: Accidental_Tica

#44 Jar Of Unopened Green Beans From 1958 That I Found In An Abandoned Country House

Image credits: yokebloke

#45 Part Of My Antique Microscope Collection - I Could Do With More Display Room (Couldn’t We All??)

Image credits: reddit.com

#46 Grandfather's Ww2 Flight Jacket

Image credits: Catch_0x16

#47 I Restored This Antique Lamp And Made A Bohemian Crescent Moon Mica Shade With Antique Chandelier Crystal Pendants

Image credits: DooleyRestored

#48 Great Grandpas Pocket Watch, Still Going Strong After 97 Years. Bonus Pic Of Gramps At The End

Image credits: Appaloosa96

#49 Went To My Grandmas Friends Home Today, She’s Quite The Collector

Image credits: scrubbabby

#50 Just Picked This Up At A Yard Sale, Any Idea If It’s A Good Deal Or Not? Paid $200

Image credits: mradam0504

#51 1920’s Prosthesis. Leather Hand. This Belonged To A Local House Painter Who As A Teen Fled Europe During Ww2. (USA)

Image credits: OldStuff1909

#52 Found This Antique Stove At An Estate Sale

Image credits: tara7win

#53 (USA) Antique Boiler Door I Converted To A Fireplace

Image credits: OldStuff1909

#54 1928 - 1932 Crayola Crayons

Image credits: Drakelx555

#55 1930s Clark Jewel Gas Oven

Image credits: organicnaturechannel

#56 I Found These Birthday Invitations Behind My Parents Fireplace Mantel. Their Home Was Built In 1883

Image credits: subparadult

#57 Engagement Ring.i Love It And My New Fiance Very Much. Amethyst And Rough Cut Diamonds. 10k Gold Ring. Estimated To Be Made 1910-1920 Or Perhaps Earlier, Purchased In New Orleans

Image credits: runaskald

#58 My Great Great Great Grandfathers Top Hat, The Design Of The Hat Tells Me It Was Probably Made In 1870-1880s

Image credits: Present_Molasses_700

#59 We Just Purchased This Guy

Image credits: CantSeeShit

#60 I Opened The Old Boxes From The Fam Farm In Maine

Image credits: wickedevine

#61 Worth Too Much To Repaint?

Image credits: PrikkieVille3800

#62 I Wanted To Share Some Pics Of This Authentic Mid-1920s Art Deco Maiden Figurine Lamp Base I Restored With A Custom Leaping Gazelle Alternating Amber, Silver Mica Shade That I Made... And Our Cat, King-G

Image credits: DooleyRestored

#63 Found A Pile Of Paystubs From 1940, From Barnum & Bailey. We Had No Idea My Wife’s Grandfather Once Worked For The Circus As A Cook

Image credits: stratodude

#64 An Apostle Clock With Some Of Its Original Apostles - Which Spent A Lot Of Time Traveling Around The Us Through The 19th And 20th Centuries. It Is Over 15 Feet Tall When The Top Is On It

Image credits: oldtownmaine

#65 My Great-Grandmother’s Sterling Silver Ladies Pocket Knife. Probably Late 1800’s?

Image credits: Liny84

#66 $450 Find! Rosewood Table With Inlaid Mother Of Pearl! How’d I Do!?

Image credits: BeRadStayRad

#67 My Great Grandmothers Bedroom Set

Image credits: Timid_Water

#68 My Collection Of Mourning & Sentimental Jewelry

Image credits: TrebleRose689

#69 Information Please. Bought In Wa State Over 15 Years Ago

Image credits: coboimonty

#70 Found An Interesting Antique Photograph Negative At A Flea Market This Morning

Image credits: UrbanRelicHunter

#71 New To Me Dresser

Image credits: vercingetorix08

#72 Need Help Dating These Ceramic Tiles I Found Hidden

Image credits: WarmerPharmer

#73 A Mourning Ring For Two Sisters, Who Sadly Died Just Months Apart Back In 1811

Image credits: TrebleRose689

#74 I Found An Old Note Hidden Inside This 19th Century Bronze Ewer. No Idea What It Says

Image credits: RSD_2001

#75 My Great Grandmother Visited The St Louis Worlds Fair 117 Years Ago And Picked Up At Least One Souvenir, A Personalized Cup With Her Name On It

Image credits: Whinke

#76 Found This Today For $25 At A Thrift Store. Signed And Dated 1881

Image credits: reddit.com

#77 So Obsessed Towards Collecting Antiques And The History Behind Them. Collecting Since 2011

Image credits: BoxAltruistic7302

#78 Found This In The Garage Of My Old House Almost 40 Years Ago. Hung On To It Because It’s A Touching Story And I Love Dogs

Image credits: hedgehogfamily

#79 Scored This Beautiful Antique Corner Cabinet From A Job (I Work In Estate Sales) For $350 Including Movers- I’m Obsessed

Image credits: Comradekels_

#80 My Friends Inherited This From His Grandfather Who Lived On The East Coast

Image credits: godsafraud

#81 My Nan Bought This Fan To Keep Her Baby (My Dad) Cool During A Heat Wave In 1961 And She’s Still Using It 61 Years Later!

Image credits: GoldenLustre

#82 Found An Antique Photo Album From The 1870s Full Of Amazing Pictures… I Am Trying To Learn More About The People In The Photos— Can Anyone Help Me Identify The Soldier’s Uniform In The Last Photo?

Image credits: bondgirlMGB

#83 A Medieval Book Of Hours, Circa 1440, From The Low Countries/Southern Netherlands. A Substantial Fragment Of Slightly Over 100 Leaves, With 12 Miniatures By At Least Two Artists. An Exciting Arrival To The Office

Image credits: Meepers100

#84 My Great-Grandpa Made This Christmas Ornament During Ww2 When He Was Stationed On Tarawa

Image credits: TheEldritchHorror

#85 Since You Guys Seemed To Like Antique Ouija, Here’s My 1911 Ouija Board And Original 1920 Ouija Cover Saturday Evening Post

Image credits: Ecto-1A

#86 Found At An Estate Sale For $400! I Believe It's An Oak Side By Side Secretary Built Around 1900

Image credits: 41822

#87 My Nana’s (Great-Grandmother) Radi

Image credits: FrancescaMcG

#88 My Dad Bought This A While Back And Wanted To Know If This Is Worth Something

Image credits: UsefullyKind

#89 Pick This Up At Estate Sale. I Was Wondering What Year It Is

Image credits: rowdy36

#90 My Great-Grandmother’s Antique Searing Scissors. Still In Amazing Shape And Sharp As Ever!

Image credits: hipster_mcfly

#91 What The Hell Did I Just Grab From The Side Of The Road?

Image credits: Dismal_Standard_6921

#92 Fully Sealed Bottle Of 120 Year Old, Pre-Ban Absinthe Pernod Fils, Recently Discovered Near Nice

Image credits: jamesjustinsledge

#93 Our Favorite Antique We Have 1870s

Image credits: davids163

#94 This Is A Real Union Staff Officer Jacket From The Civil War. I Saw It In An Antique Shop, And Saw It Was Only $500... Now I Regret Not Buying It

Image credits: HeLLo1o11

#95 Okay So I Know This Is Probably Nothing Special But My Mom Won’t Shut Up Till I Ask You Guys

Image credits: secretevieee

#96 My Almost-Antique Wristwatch (C. 1929)

Image credits: reddit.com

#97 My Grandmother Was An Antique Collector And My Grandfather Made Reproductions. They Passed 11ish Years Ago And We Just Realized One Of The Dining Chairs (That We Use Frequently) They Left Is 200 Years Old! Amos Hagget Made Chairs In Ma Back Between 1803-10

Image credits: missingthenight

#98 Absolute Grail Of A Curb Find. Art Deco Or Earlier? Whatever, It's My New Bar

Image credits: Kiveropolis

#99 My 1920’s Tree Topper

Image credits: Idontgetitreddit

#100 Opened Up My Deceased Uncle’s Shed Today

Image credits: The-fictional-artist

#101 My 200 Yo American Revolution Book

Image credits: AuxCyn

#102 My Girlfriends Parents Found These Dolls In Their Attic, Anyone Have Any Knowledge I Can Share With Them?

Image credits: peepeehalpert

#103 100 Year Old Clamshell Buttons From A Local Pearl Button Factory That Operated In The Late 1900s. I Found Them While Digging A New Garden Bed

Image credits: Ashamed_Rips

#104 Picked Up This Free Rocking Chair Yesterday. Has Anyone Ever Seen One Like It? Curious About Time Period And Style

Image credits: Buddha_Baby714

#105 Just Got This Cabinet Which Comes With 2 Glass Shelves (Not Pictured). How Old Do You Think This Is? Couldn't Find Any Markings To Help Date It

Image credits: Lokiy88

#106 My Leather Book Collection, My Oldest As Of Today Is 1697. I Started This Collection A Few Months Ago

Image credits: sasukehimura

#107 Does Anyone Know Anything About This Amazing Bag?

I was gifted this bag by a family member, but sadly I don't know much about it. I've been storing inside a pillow case, inside a sturdy box to prevent any light from reaching it. I would love to know what era it is from, how to best store it, etc. I haven't seen any like it online...

Image credits: No-Sign2390

#108 Any Idea What This Is And If It’s Worth It To Reupholster It?

Image credits: byellott

#109 Getting Ready To Sell But Before They’re Gone Thought The Group Would Like! My Great Aunts, Unknown Origin. Lampshade Feels Like Skin ?

Image credits: JAK3CAL

#110 I Was Told This Sub Might Enjoy This. The Ornithology Of Francis Willughby (1678) With 78 Plates Of Birds, Including The Dodo

Image credits: beardedbooks

#111 I'm Obsessed With My New Lamp, It Gives Off Goth Vibes

Image credits: Ipeesoup

#112 1926 Vv 8-30 Phonograph

Image credits: Sir_Pootis_the_III

#113 My Cell Phone Is Approaching Retirement Age, But I Don't Like Buying New Things. Luckily, I Found Myself An Old Ericsson

Image credits: Pandelurion

#114 Found Some Really Interesting Antique Photos Tonight Dumpster Diving

Image credits: UrbanRelicHunter

#115 Old Bench At My Local Antique Mall. Dated 1753

Image credits: HoldThatSneeze

#116 When I Saw It At Goodwill, I Ran To The Register. 1913 Rookwood Pottery Bowl. $2.99!!!

Image credits: tenglempls

#117 Found This Hand Carved Turquoise Teapot With Remains In It At An Antique Store

Image credits: dumpy_cheeks

#118 What Are These Old Bottles Found In The Walls Of My House Built In The 1800s? Westchester, NY

Image credits: ExpensiveSlide

#119 1891 18k Engraved Buckle Ring Found Metal Detecting. Any Idea What It’s Worth?

Image credits: Debrun985

#120 Can Anyone Tell Me Anything About This Stuff? I Love Vintage Medical Bottles And This Had Some Stuff Still In It

Image credits: reallymissinvine

#121 My New Typewriter Display. All Machines Except One Are Pre 20s

Image credits: ButtholeBanquets

#122 A Framed Picture I Found In A ‘Free’ Pile Outside Of My Apartment Building

Image credits: ghostttoast

#123 Likely French, Blue Opaline Glass, Believed To Be 1840-1860

Image credits: TricycleTechnician

#124 Saw Some Victorian Settees Lately, Here Is Mine [germany]

Image credits: benzihex

#125 Marble Collection (~1900) Belonged To One Of My Ancestors

Image credits: dtwesq

#126 H.m Ship Centurion 1744. I Found This Cleaning Out Mil's House. How Do I Know If It's Real Or A Replica?

Image credits: saltyfloriduh

#127 Mourning Brooch To A Phebe Hawson, D. 1845 Aged 10 Years

Image credits: SomeoneInDevon

#128 Just Acquired From A Garage Sale

Image credits: coco8090

#129 Dug Up Some Old Doll In My Front Yard Bk NYC. Anyone Know What It Is Supposed To Be

Image credits: kickaxes252

#130 I Think These Are Just Awful Enough That They Might Sell. What Do You Guys Think?

Image credits: BusyBullet

#131 Any Info On This Very Old, Unopened Bottle Of Guinness I Found Stashed In My Chimney?

Image credits: callanos

#132 Old Book / Unknown Language

Image credits: klangsturm

#133 Found This Ivory Puzzle Ball At An Estate Sale For $0.50. I Saw A Similar Ball With This Motif Listed As 19th Century. Any Ideas?

Image credits: hes-not-wrong

#134 Need Help Iding This $3 Flea Market Find. Purchased In Pennsylvania In The U.S. No Markings That I Can Find. It’s A Little Beat Up And Quite Weird, But I Love It

Image credits: MurkyKaleidoscope482

#135 Got This Bible As A Gift For My Birthday. Never Seen Anything Like It. Anyone Know Anything?

Image credits: AugustPierrot

#136 My Most Prized Possession [antique Scrimshaw]

Image credits: familiarfaces

#137 Book From 1738

Image credits: DeceptiveAvacado

#138 Any Idea What These May Be?

Image credits: starb1234

#139 I Found An Over 60 Piece Set Of Federal Amber Glass At A Thrift Store That Sells For 69¢ Per Pound Today!

Image credits: LLaserz

#140 A Few Antique Mardi Gras Favor Pins I’ve Picked Up Over The Years—1904 Krewe Of Mithras, 1906 Krewe Of Comus, And 1912 Elves Of Oberon. The Face Is In 14k Gold And The Others Are Sterling. The Quality And Imagery Amaze Me

Image credits: crabnox

#141 My Mom Got This From Her Mom; A Very Old Rotella Tagliapasta With A "New" Coin That We Have For More Than 300 Years. (Not For Sale)

Image credits: ordinaryphenomena

#142 1919 Ouija Planchette With Original Box

Image credits: LostAtBaguette

#143 Bought In The 1920s, Now Inherited From My Great Grandmother. Has Anyone Seen Anything Similar? Ontario, Canada

Image credits: Kapuskasing01

#144 From My Collection. Two Original World War Two Decals Commentating The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor. They Are Still In The Original Packages With Instruction Cards

Image credits: Heartfeltzero

#145 My Heart Says I Want This@$150...but Do I Really? Any Input Welcome!

Image credits: DecentestMama

#146 Update! I Cleaned Up The Antique Lamp I Found In My Basement!

Image credits: roonilwazlib4ever

#147 1930s Spatula Is Super Cool. Can’t Wait To Make Some Cheeseburgers With It

Image credits: anon

#148 Picked This Up For $25! 1889 Clay Bird Thrower

Image credits: Solarpanels46853

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