Which Zodiac Sign is the MOST EVIL?

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Which Star Sign Is the Most Evil???
Whether you believe in Star Signs or not, it is interesting to see what hardened criminals fall under and see if their crimes, characters and general criminality have anything to do with where and when they were born.

Plus we tell you which Star Sign IS THE MOST EVIL OF THEM ALL (**INSERT SCARY EVIL LAUGH!!!!!!**) We have sorted the worst of the worst of Australian criminals by their star sign. Watch out for similar traits!

Are you born under the EVIL star sign?  Let’s find out!

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18) “The Dark Dreamer, with a touch of Vengeance”
Aquarians think that they know it all.  They are methodical. thorough and logical, but they live in their own heads so much, this is just what they tell themselves.  They are however quite clever, charismatic, self-absorbed, charming and manipulative.  They try hard to be the black sheep, but just don’t cut it.

They make the worst employees as they are likely to turn up to work and then surf Facebook to see who has liked their status.  They like to break the rules and ‘Go Rogue’.
Aquarians are Most Likely to:  Make a Sex Tape and release it publicly. On purpose.
Best Partners in Life: Aries and Libra
Worst Partners: Virgo, Cancer
Famous Aquarians: Ellen DeGeneres Harry Styles Ed Sheeran Justin Timberlake Crimes Aquarians Are Most Likely to Commit: Murder a friend or family member for Revenge Computer Hackers Bank Robbers Con Artist

Abominable Aquarians: David John Birnie – The Moorhouse Murders
David Birnie is an Aquarius, born 16 February, 1951. He brutally murdered four women together with his partner Katherine Birnie in his Western Australian home located in Willagee. David raped and murdered each of the women between ages 15 and 31 in the year of 1986. After attempting to kill the fifth woman he abducted she escaped and ran to the police immediately where both David and Katherine were then exposed as murderers. David Birnie committed suicide in prison in October 2005.

Via news.com.au
James William Miller – ‘Truro Murderers’
In 1978 and 1979, James William Miller killed seven women between 16 and 26 years of age. It was believed he has a blood clot in the brain which caused severe mood swings and killing impulses and these murders were considered “thrill kills”. His accomplice and homosexual partner Christopher Worrel admitted to a female friend of theirs the “thrill killing” incidents, which she then repeated to police. By this time James Miller had passed away, but Christopher was arrested.

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Pisces (18 Feb – 20 Mar) ‘The Anti-Hero’
Pisces often have a lack of direction as they just don’t know what they want to do. They are vacant, aloof and also rarely see past anyone’s facade. They have a searing hot temper and often have a dark side they show to no-one.  They are very easily led.
Most Likely:  To Slip a Roofie in Your Drink at a Club to have their way with you.

Best Partners: Taurus, Scorpio Worst Partners: Gemini, Sagittarius Famous Pisceans: Justin Bieber Rihanna Adam Levine Millie Bobby Brown Crimes Pisces are Most Likely To Commit: Drug Trafficking or drug-related crimes Kill someone in the heat of the moment Kill their best friend because they are jealous
Poisonous Pisces: Eric Edgar Cooke ‘The Night Caller’
Born 25 February, 1931, Eric grew up in a violent and dysfunctional family and ended up in and out of foster homes. Eric would escape the rages of his drunken father by sneaking out at night. Crooke killed each of his victims at night and used different methods, which made him hard to catch – he varied his crimes using shootings, strangling and stabbings scissors and an axe. He ended up murdering eight, raping one and attempted 14 other murders.After police found a rifle with his fingerprints, Crooke was arrested and confessed to each of his crimes.

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Bradley John Murdoch
Born 19 February 1958, Bradley is known for killing an English backpacker in 2001 and raping several other victims. He has been sentenced to life in an Australian prison after eye witness accounts made him the main suspect in the disappearance of English backpacker Peter Falconio. The location of Peter’s body is still a mystery, though handcuffs linked to the murder have been found. The motive for the murder is still unknown.

Via abc.net.au
John Myles Sharpe (The Sharpe Family Murders)
John Sharpe murdered his wife and daughter in 2004. His daughter Gracie who was two years old, had orthopaedic and sleeping problems which put strain on his marriage with his wife Anna. Anna soon fell pregnant with another child which was a surprise for John, as he felt having one child was enough burden. After a fight with Anna one night John took out his spear gun and shot his wife in the temple. She was still breathing so he once again shot the spear into her head, killing her. The next night after getting Gracie from daycare, her put her to sleep in her cot. He later got the spear gun and shot her in the head five times. After police and family members found it suspicious that Anna was missing, John was arrested and later confessed to the murders. He was sentenced to 33 years in prison.


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Aries (Mar 20- Apr 20) ‘The Death Obsessed Sign’
Aries are considered the most ‘impulsive’ of all the star signs.  They are primal and have a deep dark side they rarely show others. They can be lazy, self-absorbed and they only ever think of themselves.  They lust for power. They are obsessed with death, especially their own.  They are also painfully stubborn and hate being told what to do.
Most Likely to:  Bury a body in your backyard. 
Best Partners: Aquarius, Cancer Worst Partners: Librans, Sagittarius Famous Aries: Emma Watson Robert Downey Jr Lady Gaga James Franco Crimes Arians are Most Likely To Commit: Become a hired hitman. Rage revenge murderer In possession of a knife or gun Apocalyptic Arians: Paul Denyer “The Frankston Serial Killer’
Paul Denyer was known for his obsession with stalking and killing women. He was a violent psychopath who admitted to “boiling over with rage until committing murders” and was found guilty of not only killing and raping women but also killing animals. Paul killed four women between 17 and 22 years of age, all around the Frankston suburbs. Once caught, Paul was sentenced to life imprisonment, where he pleaded with authorities to allow him to become a transgender woman. He has been denied.

Via abc.net.au
Lindsay Beckett ‘The Bega Schoolgirl Killers’
Lindsay Beckett and accomplice Leslie Camarelli both raped and murdered two young school girls aged 14 and 16 years old. The men abducted the two girls and drove them 200 km out of Canberra where they raped them over 5 times each, until Lindsay ordered Leslie to stab both the girls to death. Lindsay was already convicted for other sexual assault which led to the discovery of the school girl murders.

Via myaccount.news.com.au
Keli Lane
Keli was convicted for murdering her fourth baby after being denied an abortion. Keli claimed this was the first baby she had ever given birth to. Later after hospital records and investigation of sexual partners, Keli was found to have murdered 3 other babies beforehand and the fathers had no clue of their existence. After constantly lying under oath, Keli was sentenced 18 years in Jail.


Via skynews.com.au

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 21) “The Stalker”
Taureans are clever, stubborn and possessive.  They are also greedy and materialistic.  A phrase most associated with this star sign is ‘Live to Eat, not Eat to Live’. They can be seen as tight with money and possessive.  They are a smart-arse. They never let go and will often stalk their ex-lovers, up to decades after breaking up.  Is there a Taurus outside your window right now???
Most Likely To: Steal medication from your bathroom cabinet, then sell it to your friends.
Best Partners: Gemini, Libra Worst Partners: Leo, Sagittarius Famous Taureans: John Cena Chris Brown Dwayne Johnson Jessica Alba Crimes Taureans are Most Likely To Commit: Money laundering Downloading something they shouldn’t Lust revenge killer Murder to better their financial position in life Terrible Tauruses: Caroline Grills
Caroline killed four family members, her stepmother, sister in law Mary Anne Mickelson and in-laws by marriage, Angelina Thomas and John Lundber. She killed them by poisoning the tea she served to them with rat poisoning. Her motives are unknown, besides the fact that her father had passed away and may have triggered her angst to kill her other family members. Caroline was caught and convicted and is now serving life in prison.

Via heraldsun.com.au
Martin Bryant
Martin Bryant was jailed for murdering 35 people and injuring 23 in a shooting spree massacre at Port Arthur in Tasmania. Growing up, he was described as a difficult child. Martin had an IQ of 66 and was classed as having an intellectual disability. He was often seen walking around in strange suits with a brief case and people wouldn’t talk to him. He also had no friends and his father committed suicide when he was a young adult. After being extremely lonely, Martin set out to do something that people would remember him for. The massacre occurred in a cafe where he shot and killed 35 people and others outside on the streets of the town. Bryant is currently serving 35 life sentences in prison, and has attempted suicide multiple times.

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Gemini (May 21 – Jun 21) ‘The Cunning Liar’
Geminis are trouble committing because they are easily distracted by something ‘new’ and ‘shiny’.  Being the twin signs, they have two sides, and you never know what side you are going to get!   Geminis often suffer from anxiety.  They are shallow but adaptable to new situations.  They lack compassion and are arrogant. They are the king of stories (i.e lies).
Most Likely To:  To sleep with your best friend. And your ex-partner. And your Mum.
Best Partners: Pisces, Leo Worst Partners: Gemini, Sagittarius Famous Geminis Angelina Jolie Marily Monroe Johnny Depp Naomi Campbell Crimes Geminis are Most Likely To Commit: Fraud Steal from their employers Murder their partner to escape.  Grievous Geminis: Leonard Fraser ‘The Rockhampton Rapist’
Born June 27th, Leonard Fraser raped and killed seven victims, the youngest being a 9-year-old girl. Leonard was known for being particularly unintelligent with the maturity of an 11-year-old. He raped a terminally ill cancer patient and kept three different victims’ ponytails in his home. He confessed to his murders to get away from the general public where he was found guilty and later died of a heart attack in prison.

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Arnold Sodeman ‘The School Girl Strangler’
A murderer who targeted children, Sodeman bound, gagged and strangled each of his victims – the youngest being a 6 year old girl. In total, he murdered four girls, the oldest being 16. Sodeman would ride his bike around areas to abduct young girls. He was working for a roadside team when one of the work mates made a joke about Sodeman being on his bike around the murder scene. After Sodeman replied with a very angry and rage filled denying answer they reported back to police where he then confessed to each of the murders.

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William MacDonald ‘The Sydney Mutilator’
Murdering 5 in total in the 1960’s, William MacDonald was known as Australia’s first true serial killer. William would lure his victims into dark alleys and secluded areas where he would stab them in the chest and head with knives then cut off their penis and testicles. After fingerprints had been found by police, William was arrested where he spent his life in imprisonment in 2003. He confessed to not wanting to leave prison as he wouldn’t last in the modern world. He died in prison at age 90 in 2015.

Via dailytelegraph.com.au
Catherine Birnie
The wife of David Birnie who raped and murdered young girls, Catherine had horrific sexual fantasies played a big part in this rape and murder spree. Catherine also participated in the rape and murder of the young girls and women, aged between 15 and 31. She and her husband would chain, gag and rape the young girls in their home then strangle them and bury the bodies in a nearby forest. After their last victim had escaped the home through a locked window and told police, the Birnies were arrested and jailed.

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Leslie Camilleri ‘The Bega Schoolgirl Murders’
Leslie was the murderer of two school girls aged 14 and 16, and the accomplice of Lindsay Becket, who was later found to be Leslie submissive sexual partner. The two drove the young girls out into the bush where they continued to rape them until Leslie ordered Lindsay to stab both the girls to death. Leslie who was 20 years older then Leslie later died where Lindsay confessed to a female friend the murders of the young girls.

Via serialkillersschoolshooters.tumblr.com
Kathleen Folbigg
Convicted of murdering four of her babies from young ages, the oldest being 19 months. Kathleen had not been a suspect of her children’s deaths as they had several health problems to begin with. It wasn’t until Kathleen’s husband discovered her diary with details of the killings. She was arrested and later confessed to the murders being caused by anger and dark times she has with mental health.

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Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 23) ‘The True Psychopaths’
Cancers are moody and obsessed with home and love.  They are easily offended by the slightest little thing, and will then scurry back to their cave.  Cancerians are the most likely to have mental disorders.  They live in the past, in days gone by. They have explosive tempers. They will pine over lost loves of the past (ie stalkers).
Most Likely To:  Kill you in your sleep and make it look like an accident. 
Best Partners: Librans, Geminis Worst Partners: Sagittarius, Taurus Famous Cancerians: Tom Cruise Will Ferrell Selena Gomez Julia Roberts Crimes Cancerians are Most Likely To Commit: Violent passion killers with poison. Stalking an ex-partner, or current partner, and pretty much anyone they show an interest in. Kill someone in the heat of the moment  Crazy Cancerians: Peter Dupas
Peter murdered a total of four women and raped three. Dupas was arrested multiple times before his first murder for raping women – each time he was released his crimes became more violent as he had a fetish for cutting off women’s breasts. Dupas was finally caught after police found his fingerprints at one of the murdered women’s homes. Dupas is serving 3 life sentences in prison.

Via heraldsun.com.au
Bandali Debs
Debs killed two Victorian police officers in 1998 and a young girl in 1997. He murdered prostitutes in the 90’s but wasn’t caught until police found semen over the young girl’s body which linked him to the murder. He shot all of his victims and the prostitutes through the back of the head. Bandali is still in prison and works as a carpet cleaner.

Via heraldsun.com.au
Matthew James Harris
The murderer of a 62 year old man, a handicapped woman and his unlucky neighbour, Mathew had huge amounts of built up anger from being a foster child. He targeted his victims because they were easy to kill and he felt in control of them. It wasn’t until fingerprints were found that Matthew was caught and arrested. He is now still living out his life sentence in prison.

Via fascinatingkillers-blog.tumblr.com
Adrian Bayley
Bailey was the murderer of  29-year-old Jill Meager from Sydney, who was abducted, raped and strangled in 2012. Adrian buried the body as family and friends declared her as a missing person. It wasn’t until CCTV footage of the woman talking to a man in a blue hoodie was presented that the case became a homicide. Police later arrested Bailey, and he then showed them where he buried the body. He is serving 35 years in prison plus 19 extra years for three other rape incidents.


Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 23) ‘The Impulse Killer’
Leo’s love themselves!  A true Leo will never walk past a mirror without taking a good look at themselves.  They are passionate, fiesty, temperamental and want fame and fortune at anyone’s expense. They often have a HUGE inferior complex and can be spoilt brats.
Most Likely To: To have sex in a car on the first date and get a bad case of herpes or seat belt rash.
Best Partners: Sagittarius, Pisces Worst Partners: Gemini, Taurus Famous Leos: Jennifer Lawrence Sandra Bullock Barrack Obama Jennifer Lopez Crimes Leos are Most Likely To Commit: Murder for fame Kill their boss Steal money from work Leo Lunatics: Martha Rendell
Martha murdered children out of obsession and sexual arousal. She tortured the three children of the man she was married to and forced them to call her mother. She would rub hydrochloric acid on their throats and necks which would then burn through the skin, causing them to die in agony.  Neighbours reported seeing the children screaming while she would masturbate to their screams. Martha was the last female to be hung for her crimes in Western Australia.

 Via murderpedia.org
Mick Gatto
A Melbourne underworld persona, Mick Gatto is an Australian with an Italian background. He was charged with the murder of another underworld hitman who tried to kill him though he turned the gun around in a fight and shot the hit man in the neck and in the eye. Mick is 61 years old.

Via myaccount.news.com.au
Robert Hughes
The lead actor from 80’s Aussie sitcom, ‘Hey Dad’, Robert Hughes was charged with 11 counts of sexual child abuse. Robert was convicted of the sexual assault of multiple children under the age of 16 in the late 1980’s – one of them being a ‘Hey Dad’ co-star, Sarah Monahan. Another was his 8 year old niece. After reports to the police there was over 100 interviews to find out how many assaults Robert had made as more victims came forward. Once evidence was proven Robert was charged and sentenced to 10 years in jail. He will be 71 when released.

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Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 23) ‘The Sex Fiend’
Virgos are perfectionists and detail orientated (making them a perfect serial killer!). They will also judge your faults – and if you think you have none, just ask a Virgo – they will soon tell you!  They often come across as a doormat, but also have secret sexual fetishes (just check their web history!!!). They are nosy, and always proclaim themselves innocent of any faults.
Most Likely To: Be into pegging, on the first date, in an alley, whilst drunk.
Best Partners: Cancer, Gemini Worst Partners: Leo, Libran Famous Virgoes: Michael Jackson (pedo) Ryan Phillipe Beyonce Knowles Jada Pinkett Smith Crimes Virgoes are Most Likely To Commit: Rape and Sexual Assault Be a Serial Killer – who gets away with it for a long long long time Computer Hacker  Violent Virgoes: Paul Steven Haigh
A murderer from the 1970s, Paul had killed 7 people before being caught. It was believed he killed those who knew too much about his crimes. Paul was charged with armed robberies before he murdered his victims whilst being on parole. Paul killed his accomplice and son after witnessing the murder of his girlfriend who he let another man rape before stabbing her 157 times to death.

Via murderpedia.org
John Bunting (The Snowtown ‘Bodies in the Barrel’ Murderer)
The leader of the Snowtown murders, John had three accomplices who helped him torture and murder paedophiles and homosexuals, and also murdering family members of their accomplices. The trial was the longest and most publicised story in Australia. Altogether they killed 11 people, with John being the leader of the pack. John is serving 11 life sentences in prison with no parole.

Via news.com.au
Jason Moran
Another Melbourne underworld figure, Jason sold party drugs but was also a leader in a crew of gangsters. In the underworld war, Jason murdered another figure which started a dispute between gangs. Jason was sentenced for a term in prison for starting a fight in a Melbourne bar but wasn’t charged for the murder until later. After being released and fearing for his life as gangs were after home and his family, Jason was finally shot in a car park. He was 35.

Via myaccount.news.com.au
Brett Peter Cowan
Daniel Morcombe’s killer, Cowan has been committing rape and other crimes since the late 80’s and early 90’s. When he was 17 he raped a 7-year-old boy from a child care centre whilst working as a maintenance man. Cowan was convicted and sentenced to 2 years in jail, though only served a year of the sentence. In 1993, Cowan lured a 6-year-old boy into an abandoned car yard where he raped him and left him to die in a rusty old car. The young boy made it to a close petrol station but when found police had thought he had been hit by a car because of the extent of his injuries and a punctured lung. After finding semen in the boy’s underwear police arrested Cowan and he was sentenced to 7 years in prison, though only served 3.5 years. In 2003, Cowan spotted young Daniel waiting for a bus, abducted him, then sexually assaulted and murdered the 13-year-old. He was also found guilty of interfering with his corpse. Cowan wasn’t convicted until 7 years later, when he was involved with petty crime and an undercover policeman gained his trust and he finally confessed. Cowan was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 23) The ‘Darkest’ Sign and Most Likely to Be in Prison
Librans are always late as they are obsessed with making a good impression. They care terribly what other people think of them. They put on a fake smile whilst they plot your murder behind your back! They are the darkest of all the Star Signs….. They tend not to think things through which is why they usually end up in jail for the crimes they commit.
Most Likely To: Be the secret serial killer that lives next door to you and screams at your cat.
Best Partners: Aries, Pisces Worst Partners: Scorpio, Capricorn Famous Librans: Will Smith Kate Winslet Kim Kardashian Vladimir Putun Crimes Librans are Most Likely To Commit: Ponzi Schemes Blackmail Money Laundering  Lecherous Libras Carl Williams
Carl was drug trafficker in the Melbourne underworld who is responsible for ordering the murders of other underworld figures. A total of 3 murders were executed under Williams’ instructions, though one was unsuccessful. Carl is also the one responsible for the murder of Jason Moran. Williams was sentenced to 35 years in prison but was murdered by another inmate early in his incarceration.

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Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 22) ‘The Most Sadistic’ Sign
Scorpios won’t ever forget!  Never cross a Scorpio without expecting revenge.  If they don’t like you, they will make your life hell, forever.  Scorpios make the best stalkers are considered the most ‘sadistic’ of all the star signs. They are sly and aggressive.
Most Likely To: Call their ex-partner from outside their house, whilst heavy breathing down the phone.
Best Partners: Virgo, Scorpio Worst Partners: Cancer, Libran Famous Scorpios: Leonardo DiCaprio Ryan Gosling Anne Hathaway Hiliary Clinton Crimes Scorpios are Most Likely To Commit: Stealing pets to dispose of them Spousal Abuse Boil Bunnies  Scandalous Scorpios Gregory Brazel
A serial killer and convicted armed robber, Gregory was a part of the Australian army until he was dishonourably discharged after taking 5 hostages. Gregory, once released from prison, killed two prostitutes in the year 1990 only 2 months apart. After an armed robbery, he also stabbed a lady who later died in hospital from injuries. Gregory is still in prison though has been causing strife, taking hostages and harassing staff members.

Via twistedhistory.net.au
Dante Arthurs
Dante raped and murdered 8 year old Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia Shu in 2007. Sofia and her family were in a shopping centre, when Sofia went to the bathroom. Her family waited down the hallway for her and after 10 minutes her brother went to check on her. There was no sign of her in the female bathroom, though he did hear movement in the disabled bathroom, but after knocking there was no answer. Her family searched the shopping centre. Her brother once again went to check the toilets and found the disabled door open with Sofia’s naked body on the ground. She suffered two broken legs, a dislocated arm and torn perinatal area from the force of the attack – she was raped then strangled to death.  Dante was soon charged and sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Via au.news.yahoo.com
Katherine Knight
Knight was a psychotic killer who slept with knives above her bed each night. She would bully, beat and sexually abuse her partners. Her partner John came home one night to Knight who was acting unusually calm. When he went to sleep, Knight began to stabbed him with a butcher’s knife. John tried to escape and made it to the front door but was dragged back in and stabbed 37 times more. Kinght then beheaded him and put his head and other body parts into a pot of boiling water. Knight served his body parts on plates with potatoes, squash and gravy to each of his children. Knight was sentenced to life in prison.

Via mamamia.com.au

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21) “The Cold One”
Sagittarians are true ‘Know it alls’.  They are easily bored, so are always chasing the next new and exciting adventure.  They speak their minds and have no tact. They often can’t think of a unique thought so store up all the good quotes they hear, and repeat them as their own. They tend to exaggerate. The are cold to the bone and don’t really care about anyone or anything.
Most Likely To:  Have multiple spouses without getting caught.
Best Partners: Libra, Scorpio Worst Partners: Taurus, Cancer Famous Sagittarians Brad Pitt Katie Holmes Taylor Swift Miley Cyrus Crimes Sagittarians are Likely to Commit: Indecent Exposure Theft Kill just to please their partner Impersonating a Police Officer Sadistic Sagittarians: John Wayne Glover ‘The Granny Killer’ or ‘The Monster of Mosman’
John Wayne Glover was a serial killer who targeted elderly women. John murdered a total of 4 women and sexually assaulted countless more. He would attack them with a hammer and choke them with their stockings. John also posed as a doctor in nursing homes and inappropriately touched the elderly women residents. He assaulted many women over his lifespan, but wasn’t caught until an elderly woman in hospital called out to a nurse who found John molesting her. He was soon arrested and convicted for his murders.

Via news.com.au
Valmae Beck
Valmae Beck was an associate in the murder of Sian Kingi, with her husband Barrie Watts. She lured the young girl into a park pretending to find her missing poodle. Watts took Sian and held her down in a car, they took her out to a forest where she was raped and strangled to death. Valmae was convicted for her crime after her partner Watts was arrested for a previous murder investigation. She faced a lifetime in prison though was assaulted badly by inmates and ended up dying in hospital after heart surgery.

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Raymond John Bailey (Sundown Murders)
Raymond Bailey murdered the Bowman family in 1957 when the family was travelling to Adelaide via Alice Springs with a car and trailer. Raymond tried to rob them, but ended up bashing each of the victims including the wife and two daughters in the head then shooting them. Raymond was later found in Mount Isa and charged with murder and hung for his crimes in 1958.

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Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19) The Most Evil Star Sign of them All!
We saved the worst until last.  Capricorn.  Truly the evilest star sign of them all. They are controlling.  They never trust anyone, even their long-term partners.  They will also not think twice about taking advantage of anyone for their own benefit.  They are super competitive and deep down, have no friends although they can appear popular. See them crying?  Check – there won’t be any tears…. If you slight them, they will dream of murdering you…..
Most Likely To: Sleep on the grave of their primary school crush.
Best Partners: Taurus, Scorpio Worst Partners: Gemini, Sagittarius Famous Capricorns: Orlando Bloom Tiger Woods Amanda Peet Ryan Seacrest Crimes Capricorns are Most Likely To Commit: Sadistic Sex Acts with an Animal Kill a co-worker because they are jealous Spousal Abuse Catastrophic Capricorns: Ivan Milat ‘The Backpacker Murderer’
Born on 27th December, Ivan Milat was a serial killer who would pick up backpackers and kill them out in the forest and bury them. Many of his murders were through stabbings, gunshots and strangulation – he committed seven murders in total and buried all his victims in Belangalo State Forest, NSW. Before murdering them, he would tie his victim’s hands behind their backs and torture them for a long period of time. A British backpacker whom Milat picked up tried to escape when he was forced to be tied up, though he got away. The backpacker soon flagged down a motorist and reported Milat to the police. Ivan was arrested and given a life sentence. In jail, he has since tried self-harming and cut his finger off to send to the high court.

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Martin Leach
Martin Leach has the longest jail sentence to date in the Northern Territory. Martin raped a woman after breaking into her home, for which he was charged and imprisoned for three years. In 1983, Martin stalked an 18 year old girl and her 15 year old cousin whilst they were at the pool. He held them at knife point and took them to an alley way, where the older of the girls tried to grab the knife. Leach stabbed and raped both girls and killed them. Once Martin was caught he was sentenced to 3 life sentences.

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Peter Scully
Peter Scully was a rapist, pedophile and murderer who made child pornography. Peter left Australia to move to the Philippines in 2011. Peter then went on to start a business making child pornography in the Philippines which he sold over the dark web. He made torture, rape and murder videos. It wasn’t until police found the videos that a search was conducted, Scully was found and charged with 75 accounts of molestation, rape, pedophilia and murder. Two of the girls were found alive, but one will never be able to have children due to the extent of her injuries.

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Which star sign are you?

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