When decorating small bathrooms, many people overlook the most important factor when designing and planning a design – the space

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A small bathroom usually lacks adequate space and many times, the bathroom is at the end of a long hall or hallway. There are not enough storage options in such a small space and it becomes very difficult to store all your personal items in a functional manner. This means that before you start decorating, you must first know what you want to do with the small bathroom before you set out to decorate it. Here are some effective tips to decorate small bathrooms.
Visual Accent
Visual accents are always a good place to start. They can be anything from plants, and flowering plants, colorful rugs, framed photos, etc. Often, these visual accents become the highlight of any small bathroom and they don’t require much space to install. You can also use small candles, picture frames, and vases to set them off.

Small bathroom decorations will be more perfect when equipped with plants such as rubber trees placed in the corner of the room, cover the herringbone tile with bold vintage rugs as a focal point that has never been eaten by the times. Usually this rug is installed on a dry floor such as a bathtub area. Use a clay pot that is large enough to make it more environmentally friendly. Rubber tree decor with vintage rugs from goodhousekeeping.

Bring a bohemian style to your bathroom in a fairly easy way, namely by covering your wooden floors with warm colored boho carpet that is calm and not too flashy. Furthermore, the snake plant with rattan woven pots becomes an additional accent that is refreshing and cool the atmosphere in the bathroom, place it next to the toilet adjacent to the glass window for maximum sunshine. Boho carpet with snake plant from goodhousekeeping.
Proper Color
Color is another important factor that needs to be considered while decorating small bathrooms. It is advisable to choose light-colored walls and furnishings for small bathrooms. In the case of furniture, you can go for neutral brown wood or even pine. Dark colors are better used for large rooms. Light-colored walls in small bathrooms can be achieved by painting the walls with a light color. However, if you wish to create a dramatic effect, then you can use a dark color directly on the wall.

If you have a small bathroom decoration, then white wall paint is a more appropriate idea because this color will emit sunlight and light rays into the room so that the bathroom design is wider, brighter and certainly doesn’t feel stuffy. The colorful boho carpet makes this room feel more colorful and lively. White wall paint for small bathroom decorations from goodhousekeeping.

Walls with two different color tones make the bathroom decor look more charming. Use part of the bathroom wall with white tiles and partially painted with dark navy color. The splash of gold on the faucet and the foot of the bathtub gives a luxurious impression that is not excessive, so you can try this bathroom decoration easily and of course it will never fail. White wall tile with a splash of navy paint from goodhousekeeping.
Simple Design of Rugs
If you have to choose a rug for the small bath, go for something that has a simple design. Complex patterns tend to create an impressive effect. Also, do not compromise on the quality of the rug because it will surely show through your small bathroom.

Apart from being a warm footwear, the carpet that covers the marble floor also adds a warm earth tone color. The striped carpet with this classic pattern looks very vintage and is suitable for use in bathroom decor in any style, including modern styles. Green plants and canvas painting frames are additional accents that will complement your small bathroom decor. Striped carpet with classic pattern from goodhousekeeping.

Maximize the look of your small bathroom with rustic rugs that look vintage and have a bold color that is suitable when used to coat your wood floors. The red brick walls convey a strong industrial style, bringing sunlight into the room through the glass windows as the main light during the day. Bold rustic carpet from goodhousekeeping.
Consider a Pedestal Sink
You can install a small pedestal sink in the bathroom. This is very useful because it prevents clutter around the sink. It also helps in maximizing the space of the room. Therefore, installing a pedestal sink in your small bath will definitely help you get an attractive look.

Standing pedestal sinks equipped with stainless steel faucets can be placed in the corner of this room to save floor space in the bathroom because they don’t take up much room. The wall mounted mirror beside it becomes an accent to reflect light and makes the bathroom brighter and more precisely gives an illustration of the room that feels more spacious. Corner standing pedestal sink from homedesignlover.
Install Mirrors
To make your small bathrooms look larger, you can add mirrors. Mirrors will not only make the room look bigger but also give a better view of the surroundings. Therefore, installing mirrors in the room will not only make it look larger but also enhance its functionality and design.

Choose and use a large mirror in your bathroom decoration as an interior that can help make the illustration of the room seem bigger and wider. Hang this mirror right over the wooden vanity as an accent that will inspect your appearance in detail before exiting the shower. This mirror is equipped with a built in lamp scones that you can use when needed. Large mirror with built in scones lamp from goodhousekeeping.
Lighting Fixtures
Choosing the proper lighting fixtures for a small bathroom is perhaps a challenging task for any person. Since most of these rooms are usually smaller than other areas of the house, choosing the right type of lighting fixture for it can be tricky. You should use wall sconces or track lights. These lights will not make the room look much smaller but they can definitely provide a certain level of comfort for every individual who is using this room.

Install the scones lamp between these frameless round mirrors as the main lighting that you can use when the bathroom is dark. This scones lamp comes with a touch of gold that adds to the impression of luxury without being overwhelming, the patterned wallpaper adds an elegant impression and doesn’t get boring easily. Install the scones lamp between the round mirrors from goodhousekeeping.
Storage Ideas
The most popular way to use your storage for a small bathroom is to turn it into a vanity. If your bathroom looks small, adding a vanity drawer or a vanity cabinet will give it that little bit of extra space that you want. You can even use the storage cabinet to store all of your extra toiletries, like soaps, shampoos, razors, etc. Another option is you can install open floating shelves above the toilet to store your bathroom supplies. It will save space perfectly.

You can use this wooden vanity that is equipped with a pull-out drawer as a large storage idea in the bathroom so that the room looks tidier and of course avoiding clutter. You can organize all the toiletries and equipment according to the type and function in each drawer. Wooden vanity with storage drawers from goodhousekeeping.

Small bathrooms are more challenging to decorate than large bathrooms since they have limited space. However, there are several small bathroom designs available that can still look sophisticated and appealing. So, now you can see how you can effectively use these tips to decorate small bathrooms.

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