When a simple question about how to fit big house into small apartment comes to your mind, we have found the answer.  Jack Chen, an owner of a small apartment with big feeling

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There we can see living space, dining space, reading nook, working space, sleeping  space, bathroom, even an entry way. How come? Let see further!

This space is cool with a retractable sliding panel to let you gain plenty of natural light. Then, with a slide out dining table, you get very functional furniture item. It can be called as living space that filled with contemporary furniture. When you want to read a book, the designer adds a window seat with a bookshelf too. Even, you can see a bike hung on the wall that saves the space.

After that, a fold-up work station helps you to finish your project at home. When you have done, it can be disappear. So, you can easily get your working space clean and neat. The chair can be used for living space additional seating also.

Take a look at this dreamy kitchen design. The owner applies sleek light-colored wood cabinets for getting warmer touch. Then, it paired well with black marble backsplash and black countertop to look stylish and modern. See the storage over the countertop that looks tidy.

The bedroom is laconic and cool with wooden headboard that functions as storage to keep your clothes. Afterwards, there is floating nightstands with a vase of plant to give this sleeping space natural touch. At the end of pendant lamps hung that will give this sleeping space bright and cool.

Talk about the bathroom that uses natural feel, you can see also a shower and lavatory design for a simple but functional space.  This space applies much light-colored wood with black surfaces. Then, a green space brings tremendous look.

Can you find where the dining space? It is still being hidden on the cabinet. Actually, it has a table and stool near the kitchen space. You can open and close it as needed. So, the room will look neat and clean.

If you want to know more the spot near cooking space, let us see further. Here, the owner installs shelves that utilized for storing some food and or beverages. Even, there is a space for a coffee station as well.

Should we talk about the entryway? Yes, at this small apartment, you can build decorative and functional entryway. Inject with a light-colored wood and sleek shelves for storing your shoes, umbrella, hats, or stuffs.


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