Usually an apartment or condominium has a loft that can be used for bedroom, home office, and bathroom

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This building is only 45 square meters but has amazing furniture that will make us swoon. The architect creates this apartment for a simple life but comfy.  For the one who love to stay at apartment with limited space, copy this idea.

What are you thinking about this apartment? There are built-in furniture items with bright color that look sleek and clean. Apparently, this space can be used for various activities without making it messy or full of clutter.

Look further, the floor is in grey color that looks calm and neutral. Then, it combined well with light wood furniture items with white countertop. This is a great gorgeous design for minimalist apartment and or small house.

When you feel too tired doing your project at home, just enjoy outdoor view. This apartment uses glass wall at front to let you see outdoor clearly. So, you will never feel like jailed. Further, this area looks bright and airy too.

Seeing from different side, you will see a dining area with a rectangular table and some chairs. Then, the owner adds a nook for reading, listening to the music, or anything you like. Even though there is only with a couch and table, this space appears awesome.

Look at the sleek and sculptural staircase that leads us to go up. Then, we will see a loft bedroom with very tiny area but functional.  There is a bed with two or more pillows right under the ceiling to maximize the space.

Surprisingly, the bed that we have talked before is on the top of kitchen. With super small space, this apartment is completed with cooking space and sink. The design is elegant with a modern pendant lamp hung over the sink.

There is a built-in cabinet with white color to save your clothes, shoes, or other stuff. So, the room will not look too crowded. White cabinet also lets this area looks larger. Built-in cabinet gives the owner more space as well.

Enjoy your daily activity at this apartment with amazing loft and built-in furniture items. This cool design is great for urban life. If you wish to have similar apartment design, just make sure to apply bright color for wall and furniture to gain brighter and larger look.


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