Tips for a Fresh Start in the New Year for your Home

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The new year creates a natural fresh start for everyone. There is no better time to give your home an update than January.

Whether you're seeking a home refresh as a new year's resolution or want fresh air in your space, our tips are sure to help. Kick-off 2023 with an environment that makes you feel rejuvenated by utilizing these top tips for a fresh start in the new year for your home.

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1) Get scrubbing

Our first tip for a fresh start in the new year for your home is to give everything a deep clean. It may feel daunting, but once complete, there's no denying you will have a fresh feeling to kick off the new year. Follow these easy steps to get the job done:

  • Tackle the job room-by-room to make it feel more manageable

  • Focus on cleaning areas that are often overlooked (think baseboards, cabinet doors, doorknobs, etc.)

  • If clutter is an issue, try donating or selling items you no longer use

  • For the perfect clean finishing touch, light a scented candle

2) Nature is calling

Next, our tip for a fresh start in your home is to integrate nature wherever you can. Add houseplants to deliver a pop of color to your design. Plants are always a great way to naturally purify your air and provide life to a space naturally. If you're feeling like houseplants are too challenging to care for, try getting one of these varieties, which are notoriously easier to keep thriving:

  • Aloe vera

  • ZZ plant

  • Snake plant

  • Spider plant

  • Pathos

Another way you can integrate nature is by adding natural materials and wood elements into your design. Get creative; décor options are truly endless.

3) Crisp coat

Adding a new coat of paint to anything in your home is sure to freshen up your space. Go for a crisp, clean shade, or make a statement with a bold, rich hue. Whatever design you're aiming for, a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in your home for the new year.

4) Artful touch

Try giving your wall art an update. If you've had the same pieces hanging around for years, getting some new art around your living space can feel refreshing. When hanging wall art, turn it at eye level (most people tend to hang artwork too high on the wall) and go for items in groups of three for an appealing aesthetic for your design.

5) Rearrange what you have

Try rearranging the furniture pieces you already have for a budget-friendly option to update your space in the new year. A new home layout can make your entire room feel brand new.

When placing furniture, be sure not to block any natural light. Another tip for arranging furniture is to consider your room's flow and breathing space. Think about walk patterns and if your table has some free area around it. It will make the entire room feel larger and more functional.

6) Hardware swap

You can give your home a significant update for little cost by swapping out your old cabinet and drawer hardware for a newer counterpart. Think of your hardware as jewelry for your home. It can be a reasonably inexpensive way to make your kitchen and bathroom spaces feel refreshed in 2023.

7) Adjust your lighting

Lighting can make or break the aesthetic of a home. Try swapping out any harsh white lighting with a softer, warmer option.

Changing out your lightbulbs can create a cozy feel that can't be accomplished any other way. If your home lacks overhead lighting, try adding a new statement lamp to make a lighted focal point that draws the eye. Consider adding dimmable switches to your space to adjust the lighting for your current needs.

8) Increase the cozy

Our next tip for a fresh start in the new year for your home is to up your cozy factor. Try adding different textures to your living room space for variety, design, and comfort. Place a plush, faux fur pillow on your leather couch. Toss a thick sweater-knit throw blanket for effortless comfort. Then add a large area rug to ground the space with a soft finishing touch.

9) Outdoor cleanup

Refreshing your home includes not only the inside but also the outside. Try a simple cleanup outside in your flower beds and yard for a fresh start. Add a crisp coat of paint on the front door for updated curb appeal. Then finish the outdoor refresh by adding some new and inviting outdoor furniture to your patio space.

10) Update your sleep space

Next up is updating your space of slumber. Try getting new, high thread count sheets for a refreshing and comfy snooze. Add throw pillows and decorative blankets for a design element that screams relaxation. Finally, try getting an updated bedframe for a new look for your bedroom that you can't beat.

11) Reflect fresh

Updating your home can be something other than a substantial renovation project. Adding new mirrors is a great way to give a refreshed look to your space. Go for designs that match your aesthetic and watch as it attractively opens your home. Mirrors not only make your area feel more extensive, but they also bounce light for a warming glow that makes everything feel simultaneously brighter and cozy.

12) Give your coffee table a restyle

Our final tip for updating your home for the new year is to give your coffee table a restyle. Sometimes the same old thing can start to feel stale.

Try swapping your coffee table décor with new pieces to make your home feel brand new. Add a pop of playful color to the center of your living room. Go for mixed textures and materials for added interest and design appeal. Before you know it, your coffee table will be the star of your living room.

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