This Facebook Group Gives 47 Perfect Examples Of How To Ruin A Building (New Pics)

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Whether we’re talking about people, flowers, animals or even architecture. But just because a building is someone’s taste doesn’t mean the rest of us aren’t allowed to poke fun at its questionable design decisions. Extremely low ceilings? A startling lack of windows? Stairs that you might break your neck walking down? Sounds great! And you can find all of these amazing things featured in the ‘You Should Have Hired an Architect’ Facebook group.

This group, which has over 50k members at the moment, finds and roasts all of the most ridiculous and concerning architecture fails the world has to offer. Some of these designs are simply acquired tastes, while others should probably be illegal, but they were all fascinating enough to be featured in You Should Have Hired an Architect.

Keep reading to also find any interview with Lucas Gray, creator of Modern ADU Plans, and be sure to upvote the pictures you find most atrocious. Then if you’re interested in viewing even more of these homes and buildings that should have gotten someone fired, you can find Bored Panda’s previous articles on You Should Have Hired an Architect right here and here!

#1 Skateboard Heaven

Image credits: Stuart France

#2 Has The Ambulance Arrived? Okay, I'll Now Attempt My Shower

Image credits: Aaron Kalbfeld

#3 I Have No Words

Image credits: Keli Keely

We can’t seem to get enough of these hilarious and amusing architectural fails here at Bored Panda, so this isn’t the first time we’ve featured You Should Have Hired an Architect. And lucky for us, we were previously able to get in touch with the Facebook group’s administrator, Allison Beer McKenzie, architect and director of sustainability at SHP Leading Design in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The first time we spoke with Allison, about a year ago, she shared that, “This group is dedicated to examples of why it is a bad idea [to design a building without hiring an architect] with occasional examples of why buildings designed by architects may be superior for variety.”

When it comes to the reasons why people would skip hiring an architect, Allison said, “One is definitely that they are cost-conscious or think they can’t afford an architect. The other, I believe, is they don’t know about or appreciate the value that an architect can bring to their house design.” She continued, “This value can certainly include beautiful design but can also include things like a house that fits seamlessly onto the site it is on and is ideally designed for the climate it’s being built on.”

#4 Good Dog

Image credits: Lenore Lowen

#5 I Have Many Questions

Image credits: Tina A. Jandrow

#6 I Have To Imagine The Second Floor Is… Dark?

Image credits: Rachel Smalling

Without having an expert on-site to consult, Allison told Bored Panda that many of the mistakes made when designing structures stem from the fact that most people, who don’t have proper training, have trouble thinking in three dimensions. “This often leads to houses with weird proportions or awkward connections between materials and elements,” she explained.

Sometimes, buildings can turn out fine without an architect. But the chances of something going wrong are quite high, and it’s likely not worth the risk. “Building a house is probably the biggest investment you ever make and is going to require you to make hundreds of decisions in a condensed amount of time,” Allison says. “Having an architect at your side to guide you through decisions ranging from where the house sits on the lot, to room size and location, to what color grout you want for your bathroom floor can help ensure that you end up with a result you love and maintain your sanity!”

#7 Bathrooms The Make You Say Wtf?!?!

Image credits: Aaron Kalbfeld

#8 At Least They Have A View. And Trust Me, The View On The Other Side Is Beautiful Overlooking Lake Michigan North Of Traverse City By An Hour Or So. This Side…. Not So Much

Image credits: Jason Berg

#9 For When The Floors Are Lava. Duh

Image credits: Kelsea Mariah Ruiz

We also spoke with Allison about 7 months ago, the last time we featured You Should Have Hired an Architect. She shared that the group receives so many ridiculous posts that it’s hard to choose any favorites. “They range from technically poor design to spaces that function terribly to things that just look ridiculous," she told Bored Panda. "We also get quite a few enjoyable posts about houses that are just over the top or very taste specific. My personal favorites are when people share [what the heck] moments from their own homes, so that we can all share their pain."

#10 They Certainly Committed To The Theme

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#11 Makes Me Nervous. That's A Pool!

Image credits: Toni Alger

#12 Seizure Inducing

Image credits: Aaron Kalbfeld

To gain more insight on this topic, we reached out to Lucas Gray, creator of Modern ADU Plans. First, we asked Lucas where his enthusiasm for architecture came from. “I've always been fascinated by the built environment and never really considered other professions,” he told Bored Panda. “That being said, I never actually made it to becoming a licensed architect despite two architecture degrees and over 15 years practicing architecture and design.”

“Instead, I've worked at architecture firms in 3 continents, joined marketing teams at a firm in the US, started an architecture studio with a couple of partners, worked as an artist, led community design workshops in Japan, write about architecture on blogs and magazines, and now work as a business consultant for architecture firms,” Lucas shared. “My career is interwoven with the profession of architecture, but I didn't follow the traditional path to licensure.”   

#13 Entropy In The Bathroom!

Image credits: Aaron Kalbfeld

#14 I See Fear. Death Stairs And A Ladder Beneath The Toilet? At Least They Added Some Flowers To Make It More Inviting

Image credits: Jane Jones

#15 Ooooo A Private Balcony................. For The Birds

Image credits: Paige Hill Oliverio

We also asked Lucas why it’s important to hire a skilled architect for every building project. “The value architects bring is similar to a conductor of an orchestra or the director of a film,” he explained. “Architects are skilled at bringing together a wide range of stakeholders and experts and facilitate collaboration to deliver creative solutions to complicated problems. Whether it is designing a custom home or a large commercial development, there are thousands of decisions and dozens of people that need to coordinate their work in order to achieve success. Architects help give projects a creative vision, interpret clients goals and ideas, develop solutions that meet codes and regulations, and craft beautiful spaces that are safe, functional, and inspiring. Not every building is required to have an architect, but every project would benefit from having one leading the team.”   

#16 Nope. I Do Not Trust That Top Bed Framing One Bit

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#17 Finally. A Dust Ledge Put To Good Use

Image credits: Sandra Eve

#18 Someone Forgot To Coordinate The Window Height

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

We were also curious about any of the worst examples of architecture Lucas has ever seen. “The worst examples of architecture are typically when no one was in charge, there was no vision or plan, or there were incompetent people executing the project,” he told Bored Panda. “I also feel that architecture fails when the buildings weren't designed for how humans interact with the city. A beautiful building designed by a starchitect that doesn't interact with the streetfront is just terrible as an ugly building with no design quality. Good architecture needs to both be attractive and functional as an individual object yet also needs to positively impact the community around it.” 

#19 I Think The Saying Is “Lipstick On A Pig” Rural Nc

Image credits: Emili 'Davidson' McMakin

#20 I Would Actually Love To Live In A House With A Live Roof. But What Could Go Wrong?

Image credits: Liz Ditz

#21 Not Great

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

When it comes to some of the most common mistakes architects make, Lucas shared, “Too often architects focus on the image vs the messiness of life within their creations. They want the pristine rendering or money shot to show on their portfolio or on Instagram, and sometimes this comes at the cost of making spaces that engage the street, are pleasant places for people to occupy, or creating efficient functional interiors. Form too often dominates function when it comes to the architecture that is most celebrated.”

“I have grown to be much more fond of relatively understated designs that are simple yet elegant solutions to complex problems,” Lucas continued. “I love buildings that use simple material pallets but in new and creative ways. More architects should ask how their buildings feel for their occupants, how the building interacts with the city or landscape around it, and how they can have a positive impact on the world.”

#22 I Know. It's Beautiful But I'd Break My Neck

Image credits: Toni Alger

#23 Ok…. Ummmm…. Yeah I Got Nothing For This

Image credits: Belladonna Took

#24 Pitched Roof’s Invention!

Image credits: Pablo Zebari

“Too often people think about architects when they see large scale projects like museums, airports, commercial office towers, or maybe government or institutional projects,” Lucas told Bored Panda. “Yet even very small projects can benefit from great design. I've focused a lot of my design career on very small-scale projects from parklets (street seats), installations, small retail projects, and especially residential projects like custom homes, renovations and additions, and ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units).”

“I like being able to design spaces that people call home. Good design has immense power to impact how people live and how they feel in their home. This is what I love about designing,” Lucas shared. “It is also why I started Modern ADU Plans. The goal is to make good design more affordable for all homeowners. I'd love to see every residential property have an ADU in the backyard, adding much needed housing while densifying our neighborhoods in a sustainable way. ADUs are small projects but can have big impacts, and good design is an important ingredient in that recipe.”

If you'd like to learn more about Lucas' ADUs, be sure to visit Modern ADU Plans' website right here!

#25 Better Make Sure Everyone Has Up To Date Life Insurance Policies

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#26 Imagine The Acoustics

Image credits: Toni Alger

#27 I Know Stairs Have Been Done, A Lot. But Seriously, These Are Terrifying

Image credits: Tina A. Jandrow

Are you suddenly feeling like your own home is actually a lot more impressive than you previously thought? If it’s sturdy and doesn’t get roasted online for looking ridiculous, great job! We hope you’re getting a kick out of these architectural fails; keep upvoting your favorites and let us know in the comments what the worst building design you’ve ever witnessed was. Then, if you still haven’t checked out our previous articles featuring You Should Have Hired an Architect, you can find them right here and here!

#28 This Is Some Sort Of Death Trap For Adventurous Kids (And Perhaps Adults), Right?

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#29 It's Certainly Unique. I Wish The Listing Had Interior Photos!

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#30 I've Seen Art Deco Style, And Craftsman Style, But Never Thought I Would See Doggy Style

Image credits: Brayden McLaughlin

#31 I Would Have A Perpetual Concussion

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#32 I Like It, But Having To Explain The Need For All Those Discontinuous Load Paths To The Structural Engineer Would Give Me Nightmares

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#33 I Found One! In Some Home & Design Group, It Had The Title "This Is Art"

Image credits: Xenia Østergård Ramm

#34 I Swear That Some People Have Made It Their Life's Mission To Figure Out Ways To Make Stairs Even Deadlier

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#35 No Words . .

Image credits: Odille Esmonde-Morgan

#36 Architecture Of Social Responsibility. Soviet Brutalism

Image credits: Daniella On Design

#37 Rental In Toronto ... This Is The Kitchen Pic. Seriously, Wtf

Image credits: Marion Wyatt Upshall

#38 Not Sure Anyone Let Alone A Architect Could Save This

Image credits: Jason Ward

#39 Ocean County, Nj

Image credits: Linda Verkade

#40 Apparently The Glass Frosts When You Lock The Door, But I Still Ask, Why?

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#41 Tell Me You Really Like Spicy Food Without Telling Me You Like Spicy Food

Image credits: Tamara Gurevich

#42 I'm A Real Estate Photographer And Ran Into This Less Than Ideal Placement. Anything Larger Than A Child's Hand Cannot Flush

Image credits: Brad Falkner

#43 A Hotel In Germany Uses 3D Carpets To Prevent Guests From Running In The Passage

Image credits: Shahla Mir

#44 In Case You Like To Cook With A Harness And A Latex Mask

Image credits: Nicolás Masloff Bonin

#45 An Igloo In Eastern Pa? Does Seem To Be A Home

Image credits: Liam Davis

#46 They Hired A Cabinet Maker To Design The Heliodome

Image credits: Rob Bruno

#47 What Could Possibly Go Wrong?!

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

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