The Furniture Design Trick We’re Stealing From Shea McGee’s Bathroom

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bathtub in front of curtains and rustic wood beam
Courtesy of Studio McGee

Shea McGee designed her entire bathroom around a bathtub. Despite admitting she’s not a bath person, she fell in love with the sleek design—and added a reclaimed wood beam above it to further highlight the little nook. “It toughens up some of the really clean texture throughout the space,” she tells us. 

While touring her new digs in a recent Instagram video, we noticed another smart detail. McGee purposefully added taller legs to the custom vanity, giving it the feeling of a stand-alone furniture item. “It’s like a separate piece, which adds character while breaking up the other built-ins in the bathroom and nearby closet,” she explains. 

bathroom vanity with twin mirrors
Courtesy of Studio McGee
bathroom vanity with twin mirrors and tall legs
Courtesy of Studio McGee

For a white box room that was initially starkly modern, it’s a clever way to bring in some charm. She paired the warm wood tone with a gray slab countertop for welcome contrast; it feels almost like something you would find at a cool boutique. 

If you’re looking to put your own stamp on a new build, too, take notes from McGee’s furniture trick. Or go the lower-lift decorative route: A colorful rug will always customize a space (just make sure it’s water-friendly), and you can easily swap out cabinet hardware for a vintage vibe. Check out eBay and Etsy for one-of-a-kind accents that can turn even the most cookie cutter of bathrooms into your dream space. 

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