The Case of the Missing Scissors

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It was a dark and stormy night.  Everyone had been fed and bathed.  It was time for bedtime stories. As you are tucking Suzie into bed, she casually mentions that she needs to create a collage of her favorite animals for school tomorrow.  “What? Why are you just now mentioning this to me?” Suzie’s response…” I forgot”. Sigh. “Ok, I will gather the materials and you can get up early and get it done”. Good night and sweet dreams.”

As you head down the stairs you are thinking about what supplies are needed for this project.  Magazines with pictures of animals, scissors, paper, glue stick, pencil. At least you are not scrambling to build a volcano!  

You quickly locate everything needed except the scissors.  Hmmm. You look in the desk drawer...not there. You look in the kitchen junk drawer…not there.  You look in the mudroom drawer…not there. You know you own at least one pair of scissors…don’t you?  You must! You are now looking through every drawer and cabinet in the house. After an hour of searching, you finally come across a pair of blunt-tip kids scissors in the bottom of a toy bin.  That will have to do.  

To avoid this happening again, you quickly jump online and order a pair of scissors.  It will be a short night’s sleep, but crisis avoided.

Fast forward two months:  You are doing some spring cleaning and come across no less than 5 pairs of scissors in various locations (kids backpacks, master bathroom, bedside table, car).  Of course! That makes total sense.  

Can you relate to this story?  Maybe it wasn’t scissors, but something else.  It happens to all of us.

QUIZ:  How long would it take you to find a pair of scissors right now?  

I know exactly where they are!

I know where they should be…

Do I even own a pair of scissors?

What are scissors?

If you answered B-D, then here are three helpful steps to ensure that you will find what you need, when you need it.

Gather all your scissors (or commonly used item) into one place.

Designate locations for each pair (kitchen, office, mudroom, etc.)

LABEL each pair with location and put in their assigned location.

Stay tuned for the next episode…The Case of the Missing Sock.

By Jennifer Gowler, Director of Operations and Project Manager

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