The 15 Best Shelf Liners to Give your Kitchen a Clean and Polished Look

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Are your drawers or cabinets getting stained due to the things to keep in them? The shelf liners can be useful if you don't want any marks on your furniture. In the market, you will find shelf liners with various prints and designs that will enhance the look of your kitchen. 
You can choose from adhesive or nonadhesive shelf liners which aid in decorating your home in your taste. The non-adhesive liners are replaceable and you use them by turns. Whether it is transparent or colorful, the best shelf liner will make the cleaning work easier.
Best Pick

This sturdy, non-adhesive yet non-slip shelf liner comes in elegant color options and is the best pick shelf liner on our list due to its superior quality and its convenience. If you are looking for a non-printed and repositionable shelf liner then this would be the best choice for you.
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The Gorilla Grip Shelf Liner is our best budget pick because it is strong, durable, and comes in color beige that can easily blend with the environment. The strong grip holds the items stable in place. Moreover, this liner can be washed and cleaned to be reused as many times.
View on Amazon Quick Comparison: Top 15 Best Shelf Liners Product Size Grade Duck Grip Easy Liner Shelf 12 Inches x 20 Feet A Gorilla Grip Shelf Liner 12 Inches x 20 Feet A Con-Tact Shelf Liner 18 Inches x 9Feet A- Smart Design Shelf Liner 18 Inches x 5 Feet A Drymate Shelf Liner 24 Inches x 59 Inches A- Sterling Shelf Liners for Wire Shelf 18-inch x 36-inch B+ Smart Design Shelf Liner with Lavender Wildflower 12-Inches x 10-Feet A- Seville Classics Shelf Liners 35 Inches x 17 Inches B+ Duck Top Easy Liner Shelf Liner 12 Inches x 20 Feet A- Anoak Shelf Liner 12 Inches x 20 Feet A- The Macbeth Collection Shelf Liner 1.5 feet x 10 feet B+ HooTown Shelf Liner 11.8 Inches x 78.7 Inches B+ HOME GENIE Shelf Liner 17.5 Inches x 10 Feet A- DII Shelf Liner 12 Inches x 10 Inches B Warp Brothers Shelf Liner 12 Inches X 20 Feet B+ 1. Duck Grip Easy Liner Shelf View on Amazon
If you have been facing the annoying situation where the items on your shelf keep slipping from theirs position making your cabinets and drawers disorganized no matter how many times you tidy them up, then you would find this liner wonderfully effective once you line your shelf using it.

This shelf liner comes in a 20 feet long roll which has a width of 12 inches. The roll also comes in various soothing and classy colors such as taupe, brownstone, light grey, etc. so they would easily fit into any type of ambiance and room décor without looking tacky or out of place. 

This liner is a special model called “Select grip” which means it will hold onto the surface firmly without any adhesive properties, which means once you lay it down on your shelf, it will stay in its place but will not become stuck to the shelf surface permanently so you can easily reposition it or take it out for cleaning or replacement without damaging your shelf’s surface.

The liner has this select grip property on both sides, so the items on your shelf will also stay in theirs place without becoming displaced or slipping off. This is a very useful feature to have on places such as bathrooms, RVs, and kitchens, where objects are more prone to slipping from your shelf. Another additional advantage of this liner is its cushioning ability which protects your objects and surface from impact damage.

If you accidentally spill something on the liner or if it becomes dirty after a long period of time, you can simply take the liner out, wash it, and reuse it without having to buy a new one.
Pros You can choose from different classy colors that are easy to match any type of room décor The liner has a “select grip” property on both sides which makes it non-slip without sticking permanently to the surface of your shelves The liner will prevent objects from slipping The liner is easy to install, reposition, and remove You can easily wash the liner, dry it and reuse it It provides protection due to its cushioning ability Cons If you want the liner to stick to the surface of your shelf permanently then you would have to use a separate adhesive material It comes in solid colors without prints The stains on the shelf liner will stay forever as they have no resistance to marks or spots Check Latest Price on Amazon 2. Gorilla Grip Shelf Liner View on Amazon This shelf liner comes in beige color that will blend with any kind of interior. The open weave construction with premium quality materials makes it durable to use for a long period. The liner is 12 inches by 20 feet which is enough to fit drawers or kitchen cabinets. 
The best feature about this liner is that it is water-resistant which makes the cleaning process simpler. You can rub the liner with soapy water and reuse it again after drying. Also, both sides of the liner have the same design which is beneficial for using both sides if needed. Moreover, the strong grip keeps the tools on the drawers in place and organized. Pros The shelf liner has a strong grip to prevent slipping off the glass or bowls from the kitchen cabinet You can effortlessly trim the sides according to the dimension and install them on the drawers or shelves The liner is washable with mild soap and water to remove the dirt or dust The liner is versatile to use in your pantry, utensils drawer, etc It is a non-adhesive liner that aids in taking it out of the drawer for cleaning Cons The stains are visible on this shelf liner and are not removable Check Latest Price on Amazon 3. Con-Tact Shelf Liner View on Amazon For offices or restaurants made of glass where you want a separate area for important meetings, the shelf liner from Con-Tact can be of help. Cut the roll in the size according to the area to cover, peel it slowly and stick it from a small area. If you do not have frosted glass on the windows of your bathroom, this liner will be able to create privacy with its frosty look on the outside. 
In addition, the liner can prevent heat from entering to keep the house or building at normal temperature during winter and summer days. However, this liner is great for glass, windows, or any DIY project but not for drawers or kitchen cabinets. You can stick it on your kitchen countertop to clean the cooking mess easily. Pros It is a clear adhesive liner that gives a glossy finish to any object You can use this liner on your windows of the bathroom or doors as it gives a frosted look to maintain privacy The grid line on the shelf liner guides you to cut the roll in the required size These waterproof liners make cleaning easier Cons You need to be careful while placing the shelf liner as it is adhesive and cannot be taken out once stuck The smooth surface due to the liner will not keep the tools organized Check Latest Price on Amazon 4. Smart Design Shelf Liner View on Amazon The smart design shelf liner is 18 inches by 5 feet that will give full coverage to any wide area. The process of fitting is easy and they stay put in a place due to the grips. The smart design process is used to give a classic look that is suitable for use at home or the office desk. 
This shelf liner is graphite grey in color but you can choose from different colors according to the decor. The graphite grey color does not show any ink stains and the non-slip feature keeps all the accessories together. Besides, if you want to clean or wash the liner, you can easily do so by using soap and water. They do not shrink due to contact with water. Pros The liners are made of durable material and have a cushion to hold the utensils in one place Multiple colors of this liner are available to choose the one that suits your interior Usable on flat surfaces like drawers, cupboards, etc The liners are washable or you can wipe it with a piece of a wet towel They are not adhesive liners which help to take them out for deep cleaning Cons You need to mark or fold the liner before cutting as there is no grid line to assist for straight cuts Check Latest Price on Amazon 5. Drymate Shelf Liner View on Amazon The Drymate shelf liner is very light in weight and as it is made of polyester they have high resistance to water. For their water resistivity, you can use this liner under your link or on your countertop where there is a high risk of spilling oil or water. The plastic does not soak the water and with the help of a cloth, you can easily wipe it off. 
Moreover, this shelf liner comes in an extra-large dimension that can cover any large area without combining two liners. Cleaning the liner is easy and also dries up quickly that helps to arrange everything as before without wasting time. However, if you are choosing this liner make sure that it matches your interior. Pros Polyester fabric is used in the construction of this premium shelf liner The waterproof feature protects the kitchen countertops or cabinets from water spills or leakage You can customize the shape of the liner to fit areas of different measurements You can put the shelf liner in the washing machine for cleaning The liner comes with patterns that make it compatible with the kitchen Cons Does not have ribbed patterns to hold the utensils from slipping Check Latest Price on Amazon 6. Sterling Shelf Liners for Wire Shelf View on Amazon
If you have troubles with small and slim objects slipping through the slits in your wire racks and shelves, this Shelf liner from Sterling is a great choice for you. This liner has been specifically designed for wire racks and comes in attractive transparent colors that would add style and beauty to any plain looking wire shelf.

We also love the fact that the liner is waterproof which means any kind of liquid spills can be easily wiped away and cleaned. Due to the smooth texture of the liner, it is very easy to dust in case any food crumbs or dirt fall on it. 

To make sure that it can stand up to heavy-duty usage it has been made of 30 gauge thick polypropylene which makes it a durable liner that would last for a long time without breaking or tearing.
Pros The liner gives your wire racks a flat surface that would prevent things from falling It has been made of thick gauge polypropylene so it is very durable The liner is waterproof and can be easily wiped for cleaning The liner comes in attractive transparent colors Cons The liner does not provide cushioning The food stains are not removable from the shelf liner Check Latest Price on Amazon 7. Smart Design Shelf Liner with Lavender Wildflower View on Amazon If you are looking for a shelf liner with some floral designs, this liner from Smart design can be one of the many options. To begin with, the liner is smooth at the front and has gripping patterns on the back that remain stuck to the position they are placed. You can cut them with your home scissor according to the shape of your drawers or cabinets. 
As they are non-adhesive liners, you can easily clean them with water and then place them again. Its reusable feature reduces the frequent need of buying liners. Apart from this design, you will find many other patterns that you use to style your kitchen or drawers to your taste. Pros The shelf liner has designs of wildflower Lavender that brightens your desk It protects your drawer from stains of oil, curry, ink, etc The cushions on the liner protect the utensils from gliding These are non-adhesive liners that easily sit on your drawers and cabinets Cons The design might not be compatible with all kinds of home decor he stains can be hard to get removed after washing as well Check Latest Price on Amazon 8. Seville Classics Shelf Liners View on Amazon The Seville Classics Shelf Liners has a translucent appearance that you use on your steel shelves. Cutting the liners in the desired shape is easy and simple with scissors. Furthermore, the wire shelves cannot hold the books and tools so liners are essential for them. 
This liner is non-adhesive so you can reuse it again and again after washing. The polypropylene used on these liners makes it water-resistant but it can gain an unremovable stain on the liner. With soap water, you can clean the liners but do not use bleach to get rid of the stain. Bleach will damage the liners. Pros This shelf liner can be set on the steel wire shelves to create a flat base Polypropylene is used in the construction of liners that have high resistivity to moisture The smokey grey color blends with the wire shelves that it looks like a steel base You can remove the liners for cleaning and then place them again You can use water to clean the shelf liners Cons You need to change the liner if it gets any stains as they are stain resistant Check Latest Price on Amazon 9. Duck Top Easy Liner Shelf Liner View on Amazon
If your cabinet shelves are not lined by the appropriate shelf liner, taking your dishes and cutleries out of the cabinets can leave permanent scratches to both your cabinet and to your dishes.

Also, if your cabinet is made of metallic or smooth wooden material, then objects might accidentally slip out, fall and break. To prevent this kind of situation from happening, you can use this shelf liner from Duck Brand, which is called the “Smooth Top Easy liner”, which has been specifically designed for lining kitchen and bathroom cabinets. 

The liner has a top surface that is smooth so it would not scratch your dishes, and also will prevent them from sliding and slipping especially when you are trying to take them out of the cabinet. The bottom surface of the liner is non-adhesive so it can be easily removed and repositioned, but at the same time provides a secure grip so it would not be easily displaced.
Pros This liner has a smooth top surface that would not scratch your dishes and glasses The bottom surface of the liner is nonadhesive so it is easy to reposition The liner will stay in place once it has been placed and provides a non-slip surface It can be washed in the washing machine Cons If you are looking for an adhesive liner then this might not be the best option for you
The white liners will make the dust or dirt more visible than the other natural colors
Check Latest Price on Amazon 10. Anoak Shelf Liner View on Amazon We have some precious furniture that we do not want to protect from any kind of stains and this liner from Anoak will keep the furniture clean and stain-free. First of all, this liner is transparent so it will not change the look of anything you put on them. Though it is a non-adhesive liner that can be reused as many times as you want. 
Furthermore, it has grip lines or textures to save from slipping of the tools or objects. The bottom textures prevent the liner from moving and the top texture keeps the elements in place. If you put this on your kitchen countertop, you can work easily without worrying about stains on the countertop. Manufactured from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, this shelf liner is strong and durable. Pros It is a transparent shelf liner that has texture to get the grip of the objects This liner can be used in various places as it does not change the original look of the items The texture on the top and bottom prevents the crockeries or other tools from falling You can use this on your kitchen counter and protect it from any food stains  The stains on the liner can be wiped with a paper towel or cloth Cons The stain marks do not disappear completely and are more visible as the liner is transparent
Check Latest Price on Amazon 11. The Macbeth Collection Shelf Liner View on Amazon
This is a great shelf liner for anyone who is looking for a quick and easy way to make their shelves look more stylish and also to keep them well protected from weather and contact damage. The shelf liner from the Macbeth collection comes as a set of two rolls that measure 18 x 10 inches each.

What makes this shelf liner so easy to apply is that it comes with an adhesive side which is protected by a backing layer that has grid lines on it. This means that you have clear grid lines that will guide you when you are measuring and cutting the liner which makes the whole process a lot easier and simpler. 

Once you have cut the liner into your desired shape and size, you can take off the backing and the sticky surface will be ready to be pasted onto anything you want to apply it to, whether it be your walls, shelves, or your tabletop. This is also great for covering vertical surfaces since it has an adhesive side.

The shelf liner is made of vinyl and is very easy to clean with soap and water. We also love the fact that this liner comes in different patterns and colors that are great for decorative purposes and home or school art projects, making sure that it is never boring to work with them.
Pros The liner has an adhesive side that can be used to stick the liner onto any surface you want The adhesive side of the liner is covered in a protective backing that has grid lines on it which makes it very easy for you to measure and cut the liner The liner is made of vinyl and can be easily cleaned by soap and water The liner comes as a set of two instead of one It offers different patterns and colors which gives you a wider variety of options to choose from Cons You have to be very careful while you are applying the liner since it is adhesive and cannot be easily repositioned Check Latest Price on Amazon 12. HooTown Shelf Liner View on Amazon The HooTown shelf liner can be used on various objects but the most unique feature of this is you can use the liner on the refrigerator. In the refrigerator, we keep various types of food and veggies which create stains on the glass base. This liner will prevent creating marks on the surfaces and is safe to use for food.
Furthermore, you can use this on your countertop and keep your kitchen neat and clean by removing the stains with a wet cloth. Also, the liner has shock-proof and non-slip features to refrain from accidents. This liner reduces a lot of your kitchen work as you can wipe off the stains and also can put it under the water for deep cleaning. Pros This shelf liner is made from plastic that makes them water-resistant The top surface is dot textured to make it slip-resistant The back smooth surface is non-adhesive which you can remove for cleaning It is BPA-free material that can be used in the drawers, refrigerator, etc It is easy to clean due to plastic and keeps no stains as it is grey in color Cons Does not have texture on the back of the liner to provide grips to prevent moving of the liner Check Latest Price on Amazon 13. HOME GENIE Shelf Liner View on Amazon It is 17.5 inches by 10 feet liner which can wrap the drawers, countertops easily. This shelf liner from HOME GENIE is grey in color with non-adhesive features. The grey color hides the dirt and dust of the shelves and counter. The open weave construction gives a design that you can use on your bookshelves. 
Besides, you can remove the liner for cleaning with water. As it is made of rubber, it provides a strong grip and makes it durable for long service. The brands also make shelf liners with various colors to suit any kind of interior. Moreover, it is a versatile shelf liner that can be used in various places. Pros Rubber is used in the construction of the shelf liner to create a cushion for tools The liner is in open weave construction to ensure the grips on the liners The liner is durable enough not to tear apart after using for a few days The ribbed pattern provides enough ventilation on the liners to prevent moisture in the areas You can use both sides of the liner as the same design prevails on both surfaces Cons It has no colorful prints that will complement a decorative modern designed kitchen Check Latest Price on Amazon 14. DII Shelf Liner View on Amazon
This Liner from DII is a must-have for anyone who is looking for a liner that is soft, durable, versatile, and convenient. The liner comes in many different colors and patterns including dahlia, lattice, polka dots, etc. which will give you plenty of options when it comes to decorating your home interiors.

The set includes two rolls of 12-inch and 10 feet which is easy to cut and fit onto any surface that you want to decorate and protect. Another great advantage of this liner is that it is reversible which means you are getting two different designs in one sheet of a liner which is very useful if you want to add versatility to your cabinet and shelf drawer decorations.

The liner combines two popular fabric materials 60% viscose, and 40 % polyester which gives it great properties to make it an ideal choice for lining your shelves. Viscose has a soft feel to it and has a silk-like luster that cannot be found in cotton or polyester. Due to the presence of viscose in this liner, it provides cushioning on your shelves and it can also absorb moisture and liquid spills, and hence can even be used to line the shelves and drawers inside your refrigerator.

The polyester in the liner makes it durable and crease-resistant, which means it will come back to its original size and form without wrinkles after it has been washed and dried so you can use it again and again. Due to its useful properties, the liner can be used in many different areas around your home such as laundry shelves, kitchen cabinets, wardrobe drawers, refrigerator compartments, inside the pantry, etc.

If the liner becomes dirty, you do not have to worry about hand cleaning it, since this liner is machine-washable.
Pros Comes in various patterns and colors, giving you a wide range of options to choose from The liner consists of 60% viscose and 40% polyester giving it many useful properties that cannot be found in other types of fabrics The liner will absorb moisture and oil so it can be used to line the shelves inside your refrigerator It is easy to cut into sizes that will perfectly fit any surface that you want to line It is machine washable The liner is crease-resistant and can be washed and dried to be reused Due to its softness, it provides cushioning for your dishes and glasses Cons It is not waterproof Check Latest Price on Amazon 15. Warp Brothers Shelf Liner View on Amazon
At the first glance, this liner might look to be a simple, transparent liner but it is more than what it appears to be. This liner is made of durable plastic that is waterproof and can give strong protection to your shelves, especially on your wire racks.

It has also been equipped with a ribbed pattern which allows good ventilation and provides cushioning for the objects you put on the shelf. If you are worried that it is white and can become dirty quickly, you can set your worries aside since it is stain resistant and can be easily cleaned by simply wiping it with a wet cloth. 

Since the liner is non-adhesive, it can be removed without leaving marks on your metallic racks and can be repositioned to fit the racks perfectly. If you are looking for a simple yet reliable.
It has ribbed patterns on its surface which give good ventilation and cushioning for your shelf racks The plastic that is used to make the liner is durable and stain resistant It is waterproof so it will prevent the buildup of moisture and is very easy to clean It has a non-adhesive surface so it can be removed easily and repositioned Cons It does not have decorative prints or colors Check Latest Price on Amazon Things you need to know before buying a shelf liner
Is dirt visible on your shelf liners? It's awkward in front of guests if dust is visible on your furniture and for this, you need to choose the color of the shelf liner that easily mingles with the surrounding. You can also choose the shelf liners that can be cleaned by wiping them with a towel. 
Adhesive or non-adhesive 
The first thing to decide before buying a shelf liner is whether you want it to have an adhesive backing or not. The shelf liners that come with a self-adhesive layer at theirs back works like a sticker and you can peel the backing off and paste it on the surface you want to use it on. Although this type of liner is easy to use and you can be sure that it will not be displaced, it can be tricky to reposition it or paste it so that there are no air bubbles inside.

Also, the surface you are going to use it on should not be prone to damage by the adhesive material. If you do not want the hassle involved in adhesives and want your liner to be breathable and easily removable, then it is best to go with the non-adhesive liners.
Materials used in the manufacture of shelf liners
The shelf liners are known for their durability otherwise you could use paper to cover your kitchen areas or drawers. They not only protect from dirt but also keep the products sorted. In our article, we have mentioned shelf liner made of plastic, vinyl, foam, etc.

The plastic liners are easy to clean for their smooth surface and are also highly resistive against water. You can easily set them on wire shelves but they are hard to put into pieces.

The vinyl liners are softer than plastics and it comes in both adhesive and non-adhesive liners. You can easily cut them into small sections and stick them. You can select from various vinyl print shelf liners for your workstation. However, the adhesive liner can be tough to take it and the glue may remain on the area where it was stuck.

The foam liners are great for storing breakable things. They provide a cushion that prevents the dishes and glass from breaking. These liners are not washable as the vinyl or plastic ones.
Color of the shelf liners Colors are also an essential feature to look at before you buy the best shelf liner. As you know the market is filled with colored shelf liner as well as some various prints, it can be hard to find the right match for your interior. According to our point of view, brown and beige color is a great color that goes well with wooden furniture. You can use it on steel racks but using silver or grey liners would be preferable for steel racks. 
The kitchen countertop color varies from home to home so we advise you to choose one that is in the close shade with your countertop. Moreover, white shelf liners look very appealing but desserts are more visible on them compared to other colors. Brown or bridge color can hide stains which is not possible by white or light color shelf liners.
The texture of the liner

When it comes to shelf liners the texture can be hard or soft depending on what type of material was used to make the liner. It is important to decide what purpose you are going to use the liner for in order to choose the right type of texture.

For example, if you want to line your kitchen cabinets where you want to place vulnerable dishes and glasses that are prone to scratching, it is best to choose a liner that has a soft texture, usually made of synthetic fabrics. But if you want something that would give you a hard surface then you can go for the plastic ones that are transparent and waterproof.
The type of shelf you want to line
Shelves and racks can come in different designs and it is best to select your shelf liner according to the surface you want to line. For example, the wire racks require polyester and hard shelf liners since cloth liners can slip out of the slits in the wire racks. If you want to line a shelf inside your refrigerator, it is best to choose a liner that would be able to absorb moisture and is easy to clean thoroughly so that you can maintain proper food hygiene.
At this point, you would be familiar with the fact that shelf liners not only fulfill a protective purpose but also is a great way to decorate your shelves and home interiors. That is why many shelf liners come with various pattern and color options so that you can choose one that would add beauty to your home décor.

However, if you do not want any patterns and are looking for a plain and simple shelf liner, which is also available. The important thing is to observe your rooms and shelves and plan ahead of what kind of colors or patterns would suit them the best before you go out to buy your shelf liner. 
Cleaning your shelf liner
Since shelf liners stay in places such as your pantry or kitchen cabinets and bathroom drawers, it is important to make sure that they are not accumulating dirt or microbes. The cleaning of the liner depends on the type of liner you are using.

The plastic ones that are waterproof can be wiped with a wet cloth to be cleaned, whereas many fabric liners can be cleaned by washing them in a washing machine. Especially for the fabric liners, the key is to make sure that they are crease resistant, will not shrink, and that it is able to come back to their original shape and size after they have been washed and dried.
FAQ My shelf liner has one textured surface and one smooth surface. How should I place it? Place the smooth surface at the bottom and textured at the top to prevent gliding of the plats, dishes, etc. 
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