Remodel a Bathroom With a New Vanity and Cabinet

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Dear James: I am planning a partial remodel of my bathroom with just a new vanity and cabinets. What are reasonably priced options, and can I easily install them myself? —Oliver J. Dear Oliver: Just replacing the cabinets and vanity is the typical do-it-yourself bathroom remodeling project. A full remodel would include replacing the tile flooring and bathtub or shower area. Adding those often makes the project more complicated than most people can handle themselves. Even when doing just a partial remodeling project, the cost can be significant. There is a huge selection and range of vanities and cabinets with varying prices. It would be wise to stay with the basic sizes you now have. This minimizes any plumbing, electrical, and other modifications that are needed. There are simple design tips that can make a relatively inexpensive bathroom vanity cabinet look like a more expensive one. Vanity cabinets are actually ...

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