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White minimalist decor is the height of cool and sophisticated refinement. With all excess removed and focus set firmly on functionality, the result is sharp stylish living spaces like these four pristine examples. Well take a wander around one flat and flawless living room with a hidden kitchen and hideaway TV/media wall, and discover a barely there bathroom. Next well feel our way around the curves of a softly minimalist living room, in a white home decor scheme with some colourful relief. Third up is a vision of concrete, stone and terrazzo with warm natural infusions, finishing up last but not least in a solidly monochrome minimalist moment.

Designer: Design architecture Visualizer: Design architecture

Flat, white and flawless. The living room in minimalist home tour number one has a low slung white modern sofa that skims a seamless white floor.

A kitchen opens up at one side of the living room, where it was once concealed by sliding white doors.

More secretive white doors hide away the TV and media paraphernalia. White interior doors stand unusually tall and frameless at either side of the wall hung media cabinet.

A modern dining table stretches out behind the sofa, equipped to seat six hungry minimalists beneath a black linear suspension light.

Two bar stools perch at a square kitchen island, opposite the cooking hob.

The electric induction hob has an integrated hood, so as not to detract from the minimalist essence of the room.

Pale wood effect wraps the base of the white kitchen island, to add a little warmth to the crisp white decor. The legs of the kitchen bar stools echo the same wood tone.

Aside from the hob, all other kitchen appliances are fitted behind the tall concealing kitchen cabinet doors.

The doors slide aside and inward so that all sections of the kitchen can be used in an easy fluid fashion.

White latticework patterns a set of interior sliding glass doors.

The sliding glass doors are installed to seal off the home entryway, providing a level of privacy for those inside the living room when the front door is opened to callersand to keep out draughts.

A bank of storage is situated to one side of the white hallway, whilst frameless white interior doors occupy the other.

The minimalist white bathroom is so refined that it takes a moment to recognise its function. Boxy bathroom furniture protrudes from clean white walls. White bathroom storage cabinets go almost unnoticed alongside.

With the bathrooms ambient light setting activated, the clinical white box is transformed into an intriguing, almost snug little area.

Black fixtures and fittings mark the walls of the minimalist bathroom, like ink blots on a crisp white paper.

Designer: Mohamed Mousa Visualizer: Mohamed Mousa

The second white minimalist interior were going to look has a colour infusion of yellow ochre, which plays on a matt gold effect inside the smooth white space. The minimalist living room furniture has softly curving outlines that gives the room friendly appeal. A black round coffee table stamps its mark on a spotless white area rug.

A small side table holds a gold tipped vase. The golden accent ties in prettily with the yellow scatter cushions on the 3 piece suite.

A rounded dining room pendant light descends on a black round dining table. The set nuzzles into the kitchen area, standing out darkly against the kitchens pure white units.

Inside the minimalist bedroom, theres a different colour pop. Pale pink pillows cross a white a woodtone bed. The Menu JWDA table lamp adds a moment of gold on the bedside table.

A second bedroom is infused with elements of blue, with a blue comforter and blue throw dressing the platform bed. A gold coated bedroom pendant light drops in the metallic flourish.

Gold takes on a greater role in the bathroom, colouring every fixture and frame.

Two small wall sconces add golden light.

Visualizer: Bronxes Studio

The third minimalist home design is a conceptual residence, entitled Pale. The white living room designed with bright, flat enlarged spaces that maximise as much natural light as possible. Brown accent chairs and wood tone elements add warmth to the palette.

In another part of the relaxation area, a round coffee table sits its concrete weight onto a light grey area rug. Concrete floors push out from under it.

Brown hues make their way into the wall art too.

A JWDA concrete table lamp extends the theme set by the concrete coffee table and raw floorsthough here we see a transition into terrazzo.

A glass vase brings sheen to another table.

Golden accents lift the look.

glasses fill a wood and glass sideboard.

Cane dining chairs encircle a concrete dining table. Rustic decorative vases are clustered together in varying heights as a modern table centrepiece.

Terrazzo floods the floor of the dining area and washes beneath the neighbouring kitchen island. Full-height arch shaped openings let natural light flow freely.

A minimalist kitchen sink is set within the concrete worktop.

A dipped shelf in the concrete supports the kitchen tap.

Autumnal shades make a cozy bedroom scheme.

Fitted wardrobes keep the layout streamlined.

Natures influence quietens the soul.

Designer: Mohamed Mousa Visualizer: Mohamed Mousa

Black and white decor builds a harder hitting minimalist scheme in home tour number four.

A black corner sofa dominates the white living room. Lighter grey window drapes fall into the background.

The living room runs around in an L-shape to the kitchen diner.

A sputnik chandelier is the crowning glory of the minimalist dining room. Walls in this open plan are kept free of decoration, except for one stand-out wall clock. See more unique wall clocks here.

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