People Are Sharing Pics Of Their Hidden Rooms And Compartments, Here Are 81 Of The Most Interesting Ones

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For centuries, people have been locking up their most precious possessions in a variety of secret rooms and compartments. Whether it’s hidden chambers in Egyptian pyramids, mysterious passages in medieval castles or speakeasies during the Prohibition era, people have always been fascinated by great cunning.

Today, it’s no different. Just take a look at these two online communities, r/SecretCompartments and r/HiddenRooms, that are full of concealed spaces and other cool spots that are not so obvious at first glance.

From secret book pulls to Narnia-inspired wardrobes, Bored Panda has collected some of the best posts from these groups. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to create some discreet hiding places, continue scrolling and upvote your favorite ones!

#1 Bookshelf To Home Theater

Image credits: thatdandygoodness

#2 Secret Book Pull Is Key

Image credits: Satoshis_Dragon

#3 My Dining Room Table Houses A Secret Spiral Staircase

Image credits: PredatorAvPFan

#4 Mom Turns Cupboard Under The Stairs Into Harry Potter Room

Image credits: Courtney Bonnet

#5 Secret Bathroom With A Bonus

Image credits: ShawnSaturday

#6 Not My Cave But One Of The Finest I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: 4nonym00se

#7 Convenience Store In Bali

Image credits: dippis98

#8 My Home Whiskey Bar Is Now Open For Business!

Image credits: merryberries44

#9 Hidden Beer

Image credits: i_feel_the_need_

#10 Welcome To My Hidden Den

Image credits: i_feel_the_need_

#11 This Amazing Secret Base

Image credits: Unclestanky

#12 I’ve Been Building Secret Worlds Inside Books

Image credits: dustyrags

#13 Wardrobe Inspiration From Narnia

Image credits: souper_soups

#14 Harry Potter Themed “Cupboard Under The Stairs” For My 8 Year Old Daughter For Christmas

Image credits: Tyronne43

#15 Now This Is A Nerd Lair!

Image credits: ooboontoo

#16 Now That I'm Working From Home Indefinitely, I Have My Dream Office All Set Up!

Image credits: _Ziggy_Played_Guitar

#17 This Library Behind A Painting

Image credits: Waylanxa

#18 Sleeping Spot On A Plane

Image credits: Ckilp

#19 Summoning Danny Devito

Image credits: shashank_g09

#20 How Do You Like Our Secret Room?

Image credits: marcbaechtold

#21 My Dad Built Me This Hidden Bookshelf Office

Image credits: rayenicely

#22 Finally Finished My Secret Pocket Door

Image credits: Maxatron4000

#23 Built My Now Fianceè A Model House As Our Buying Plans Were Put On Hold Due To Covid

Image credits: danderson302

#24 Secret Hideout Under The Sink

Image credits: heIIoooo

#25 A Couple Of The Hidden Movie Room Features In My Rock Climbing Room. (Designed And Built My Me)

Image credits: TheManRoomGuy

#26 My Daughter Just Found The Secret Street I Built Behind Her Wardrobe For Lockdown!

Image credits: ellasecretstreet

#27 Jealous Of This Little Spot

Image credits: generalsaltydog

#28 Handnade Room In A Outlet

Image credits: Andreas2Leetsar

#29 Hidden Chair Compartment

Image credits:

#30 Sliding Fireplace

Image credits:

#31 Secret Bookshelf

Image credits:

#32 Behind The Murphy Door

Image credits:

#33 Automated, Concealed Living Spaces

Image credits: bizzareoptimistic

#34 When The Doors Are Closed It Looks Like A Barn. Opening Them Reveals A Bunker With A 10.5cm Gun. It Consist Of A Series Of 4 Buildings Each With A Gun, Dating Back To Ww2. Faulensee, Switzerland

Image credits: RVCH86

#35 $4000 Plug

Image credits: salc347

#36 The Pantry You Didn’t Think You Needed

Image credits: Unclestanky

#37 And He Uses It For Donuts

Image credits: JimFancyPants

#38 Should Be Here

Image credits: Reddituser86753o9

#39 Going Through The Door

Image credits: johnnybegood320

#40 Here's My Hidden Mancave. A Childhood Dream Come True

Image credits: Dio-V

#41 Made This To Propose To My Fiancée! Proposed In Shakespeare And Co. In Paris

Image credits: nhertz22

#42 Not Hidden. But That Could Easily Be Changed

Image credits: LockPickingPilot

#43 Bought A House, Came With A Secret Cabinet Behind A Cabinet

Image credits: Infinite_Damage

#44 Mom Finds Her Little Boy's Secret Man Cave Complete With An iPad, Snacks And A Blanket

Image credits: BitchLibrarian

#45 Does This Qualify?

Image credits: MrPestana

#46 The Blind Pig - My Wife Was Tired Of Whiskey Taking Over The Kitchen, So While I Was Remodeling The Basement I Decided To Find Somewhere Else To Put All Of My Booze

Image credits: JoeHayhoe

#47 Something I've Been Working On Over The Last Few Weeks

Image credits: BenIsPanda

#48 Grandpa And Dad Made This Entrance Into My Room A Few Days Ago

Image credits: BoiWithABeanBurrito

#49 I Built This Wood Wall In My House Today. Couldn’t Resist Adding A Little Something Extra

Image credits: Meteorsaresexy

#50 Dad Creates An Awesome Bed With A Secret Room For His Son

Image credits: mossberg91

#51 Hidden Greenhouse

Image credits: ferran1899

#52 60's Living Room To 90's Arcade

Image credits: Satoshis_Dragon

#53 Hidden Workplace

Image credits: Unclestanky

#54 I Have Finally Finished My Hidden Room

Image credits: thedudeman19

#55 LEGO Wall With Secret Rooms

Image credits: eCHIg

#56 Used Some Dead Space Under The Stairs To Create A Bathroom For The Cats, And Additional Shelf Storage

Image credits: cyberentomology

#57 Next Level Hiding Spot

Image credits: flyingjao

#58 I Think This Belongs Here

Image credits: VooDoo_Mafia24

#59 I Made A Giant Bookcase Bifolding Door As A Secret Entryway To My Kids’ Rooms

Image credits: dgracing

#60 Secret Door

Image credits: UnoBang

#61 A Worthwhile Installation

Image credits: bolderbikes

#62 Wainscoting With A Hidden Door In My Hallway

Image credits: chris922001

#63 Basement Steps Secret Storage

Image credits: saving4six

#64 These Are Some Pretty Slick Secret Compartments On This Desk

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#65 Secret Door In Bathroom

Image credits: 23quartpresto

#66 Secret Stash Spot

Image credits: tpb01

#67 Secret Crawlspace Access Door

Image credits: Ilovelamp

#68 I Was Removing All The Wall Plates To Paint My Brother's Room When I Found A Secret Stash

Image credits: RynningInThe80s

#69 The Thin Cabinet In My Utility Room Has A Secret Extra Cupboard For Storing The Outdoor Cusions

Image credits: ian3850

#70 This One’s Made Of Tile!

Image credits: allbaseball77

#71 Kids Found The Secret Hideout

Image credits: PenguinPush

#72 Pretty Neat

Image credits: i_feel_the_need_

#73 Lost A Cat In The New House. Found Him When We Saw A Foot Poke Out

Image credits: goldenjuicebox

#74 I Live In An Old Chopped-Up Victorian And I Searched For The Breaker Panel For Four Months Without Success. Finally After Sitting On The Toilet I Noticed Hinges On The Back Of My Medicine Cabinet!

Image credits: pxlperfection

#75 A Secret Prohibition-Era Liquor Cabinet Hidden Behind A Slide-Up Bookcase Located In A Neighbor’s House

Image credits: brokewithabachelors

#76 That's So Cool

Image credits: thefanman5768

#77 The New House My Parents Bought Has A Secret Room Hidden Under The Stairs

Image credits: souper_soups

#78 A Door I Built To The Storage Section Of My Basement Apartment. Still In Progress

Image credits: jaime628

#79 Billiard Rack Hidden Door To Home Office

Image credits: T1G3R4L1F3

#80 Just Sharing My Work. I Know! Not Really A Hidden Room Unless People Get A Lot Smaller. Enjoy!

Image credits: rsmike123

#81 I Would Probably Hit My Head On The Doorframe

Image credits: rain_only

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