No One Ever Said Your Hardware Has to Blend In

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Appliances, finishes, and hardware are often the last pieces of the design puzzle. Style doesnt matter as long as the fridge keeps the food cold, right? Not so fast. This season were putting the fun back in functional and giving the once-minor players the glow-up they deserve.

Punchy colors in these unexpected places (think: faucets, cabinet doors, even light switches) add depth and personality to a room without going overboard. Weve rounded up our favorite vibrant finishes to help you embrace the rainbow in your kitchen, bathroom, and beyond. Florals for spring may not be groundbreaking, but a canary yellow faucet sure is.

Switch it up with shades from Le Corbusiers famous color palette. These bold, shapely additions light up a room before theyre even turned on.

Muller Van Severen brings its Technicolor touch to IKEA-compatible cabinet systems in the same durable material as its cutting boards.

Terrazzo perfection in the form of a sink crafted in sunny Majorca with natural pigments.

Whether youre upside down or right-side up, you cant go wrong with this two-for-one special: One bulb acts as a task light while the other casts an ambient glow.

With a stainless steel interior, a control panel to adjust light and temperature, and multiple storage options (drawers, baskets, and bins), this refrigerator will transform your kitchen from amateur to Top Chefworthy.

Vola lets you choose from a myriad of hues for a personalized faucet to match your wildest dreams.

Installing a statement sink like this smooth, rounded concrete one is the step in your self-care routine you never knew you needed.

Take your cabinets from so-so to spectacular with playful pulls in your choice of 16 colors, from ruby red to green apple.

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