My Big List of Goals I’m Going to Accomplish in 2022 Week 26 of 52

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Here’s my big list of things I want to accomplish in 2022:

Remodel The Kitchen 

Well, we’re one week closer to getting a new kitchen. 🙂 Cabinet Guy will be out sometime in September with his crew and then a few weeks after that {hopefully} we’ll have a countertop and a working sink. 


Sell Enough Rugs to Buy an AGA Stove {$21,753.75 of $22,000 earned so far}

I sold a few more of my *new* finished pieces in my Etsy shop this past week and now I only need to sell $246.25 more in new pieces to reach my goal!!! I’m SO CLOSE! 🙂 

Fill the Canning Cupboard 

It’s filling up! One more row to go on the top shelf and then I can move onto shelf #2. 

So far this year I have canned:

Not canned, but in jars:

Earn Enough Money Selling {?????} To Pay For Our 2022 Grocery Tab By The End Of The Year.

I think I’ll just have to wait until things calm down before I list my beach finds. 

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables.

I think we’re just a few days away from picking our first cabbage this year from the garden. I think we’re going to make fried cabbage with bacon with the first one. 

Keep The Crafts… In The Craft Room.

It was another successful week keeping my craft projects out of the dining room. 🙂 

Tap Our 2 Maple Trees and Make Maple Syrup {DONE}

It was a good experience, and we’re going to do it again next year {although I would like to find a few more trees to tap so our yield is a bit higher}. 

Make a Quilt Top

It’s official. There is actually dust collecting on top of my quilt squares. 🙁 Maybe I should just ask my friend Zoë if she would piece them all together for me. Gaaa. 

But that would be cheating, right? 

Be More Intentional With My Time

This past week was a bit of a bust. I wasted time on the internet, didn’t complete any new rugs, and can’t think of a single project I completed other than pulling weeds. Some weeks are like that I guess. Especially in summer. 

1 Craft / Blog Free Day {I’ve had 24 craft/blog free days this year so far.}

Keep My Husband Busy 

It was another busy week for the HH. 

He installed spacers on his tractor {to make it more stable on hills I guess?} continued to stack wood, fired up the griddle and did all the usual stuff he does around here. 

The HH’s Honey Do List {so far} for 2022

  • Take over cooking {I’ll still do the baking and canning}
  • Cut down the cluster of trees in the backyard DONE
  • Build a new set of stairs down to the water. 
  • Fill the field {with soil} DONE
  • Remodel 1 bathroom
  • Replace fireplace tile
  • Build window boxes for the front of the house
  • Build an arbor for the wisteria {We decided to move the wisteria to another location instead}
  • Order 4 cords of firewood by the end of May and stack them in an artful way {like they did in the book Norwegian Wood}.
  • Sand the floors in the entire house DONE
  • Install new garage door openers {new addition}

My House Projects For This Year {so far}

I still need to paint the back of the house! But I’m spending so much time in the garden these days… I can’t seem to get anything else done. 

Things I need to get done this year:

  • Finish painting the outside of the house
  • Finish painting the inside of the house 
  • Make something to hang above our new console table
  • Make it look like people actually live here HA HA HA
  • New window treatment for the kitchen window

Try 24 New Recipes {13 down, 11 to go}

No new recipes this past week but I did share my all time favorite strawberry recipes a few days ago. 

So far this year I have shared the following recipes:

Listen to 12 Audiobooks {11/12 so far}

I am still listening to Wilding: The Return of Nature to a British Farm by Isabella Tree.

Audiobooks I’ve listened to this year:  

Get a Fishing License and Catch a Fish

But first, we have to get the dinghy in the water.

HH if you are reading this HURRY UP and get us some fishing poles!!!

My List of Garden Projects For This Year I want to Accomplish

One of the goals on my list this year is to grow 500 pounds of food this summer. So far we’ve only harvested 14 ounces. 

  • Broccoli 3 ounces
  • Lettuce 5 ounces
  • Chives 6 ounces

So while I’m off to a slow start, I’m hoping we’ll be able to make a nice dent in my goal to reach 500 pounds by the end of this month. 

  • Map out this year’s garden by April 1stdone
  • Plant apple or pear treesdone
  • Plant raspberry and blueberry bushes  done
  • Plant asparagus and rhubarb done
  • Grow 500 pounds of food
  • Expand the lasagna garden We created a new garden plot instead done
  • Finish clearing the front of the property
  • Get some garden pots for the front an back patio/porches

Create 12 New Rug Hooking Patterns and/or Kits Done! {26 out of 12 finished so far}

So far I’ve added 26 new patterns to my Etsy shop this year! 🙂 

New Rug Hooking Patterns/Kits For 2022


Have All My 2022 Ornaments Finished by April 1st. Done!

I’m done with garden markers and ornaments for the year. Yipee!

52 Walks {We’ve gone on 13 of 52 so far}

We didn’t go on a walk this past week. 🙁 

Visit 12 Towns in Maine That I Haven’t Been to Before

Boothbay Harbor it’s my new favorite town. If you’re headed to Maine this summer put it on your list!

So far we’ve visited:

How about YOU? How did you do with working towards your goals for 2022? 



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