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Emily Henderson Moutain House Living Room Lores1Emily Henderson Moutain House Living Room Lores1

OKAY, OUR TOP 10 POSTS OF THE ENTIRE YEAR. Thank you so much to all of you who read, share, comment. Seriously, we read all of them and it does truly impact and inform what we do next. While we know throughout the year what is doing well traffic-wise, its always interesting to see what really HITS, both on that day as well as picked up in page views throughout the year. Im glad that this truly showed a variety of posts: hair (ha. always), reveals of the mountain house, informative roundups and a couple of really personal posts. Thanks to my incredible editorial team Arlyn, Jess and Ryann for all they do for these posts. It takes SO MUCH time to produce each one, but Im still so proud that we are doing such high-quality content that you guys seem to like. THANK YOU.

Here goes:

#10: Turns Out Ive Been Blow Drying My Hair All WrongHeres How to Get It Right

Our big staff hair transformation reveal from last year was on 2018s top posts of the year, sono real surprise here that hair made the list again. Any requests for hair stuff in 2020??

#9: Mountain House Reveal (Yes Another One!): The Coziest Upstairs Guest Bunk Bedroom

HECK YEAH. I love this room. There were a lot of mountain house reveals this year, and this was one of the last ones we did, so a little surprising to see this one make the top 10 cut but it did show some good ideas for fitting multiple beds in a room that works so well for guest rooms catering to families. Which was your favorite mountain house bedroom?

#8: Are We Done Having Kids?

Ha, juicy stuff. This was what we like to call a Dead Cat post. Last year, when I wrote about the death of Bearcat and Mimi, it kind of blew up in such an insane way page view wise, so any post that went gangbusters got the Dead Cat post moniker. We dont write these for traffic, but I know what I would want to read and that informs how much I share.

#7: 15 of Our Absolute Favorite Go-To White & Gray Paint Colors

Paint color posts always seem to do well for us over time (thanks Pinterest) and theres nothing more universally needed then basic, neutral paint colors like whites and grays. Makes sense.

#6: Its Finally Here: The Reveal of the Mountain House Kitchen

One of our first mountain house reveals (after the kids room which was in partnership with Target for Pillowfort). Man was there a lead up to this one, and according to page views, it was worth it. Quite possibly the most time-intensive project of my life, Im SO grateful that you guys actually liked it. THANK YOU. (I love it, too, so much in case you are wondering).

#5: #Janstewary: How Soup Changed My Life (& Body)Really

2019 was the year of the soup at EHD, and Im not stopping in 2020. Stay tuned (and share any of your favorite recipes in the comments). In case you are catching up and wondering why Im the unpaid ambassador for soup, its this: soup is the easiest way to cook and stay satisfied while eating healthy (and yes likely shedding the pounds you might want toI mean its eating vegetables, protein and water). Some people responded HIGHLY to it, others were annoyed that we were delving into food content.

#4: The Ultimate Budget Living Room Furniture Roundup

If you need a sofa, coffee table, media cabinet, side tablesany kind of furniture for your living room and youre on a budget, this is your postand you all agreed if your visits to this article had anything to say about it.

#3: Mountain House Reveal: Our Light-Filled Neutral & Textural Living Room

Im glad you all liked this room as much as I do because being in there really just feels so good. The light, those windows, its all to warm and inviting and a place I never want to leave. The effort put into this design and post was far more than I could ever explain. So THANK YOU.

#2: 10 New Bathroom Design Ideas Were Super Pumped About for 2019

There are two rooms in a home that are essentially kryptonite to Pinterest: kitchens (hang tight) and bathrooms, hence, our 2019 bathroom trends claiming our #2 top blog post of the year. #1? Well

#1: 9 Kitchen Trends for 2019 Were Betting Will Be Huge

Kitchens (not a huge surprise). Were working on our 2020 predictions now, but kitchen design moves pretty slowly due to the investment that goes into them, of course, but well see what we can dig up/predict and well check ya later in 2020 to see if it takes the top spot again next year.

Thats the year. We dont plan our projects based on popularity, but its hard to not let it influence our brains. Obviously, please let us know any feedback you have. The page views and shares on these proved that indeed you guys liked them but any more we can hear from you is always great.

And thanks again for reading, sharing and commenting. In a digital world full of noise, know that we listen to you as much as you read uslikely more :). Thank you. xx

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