Is your bathroom countertop too cluttered? If so, it might be a good idea to purchase a medicine cabinet to help you with storing all your item

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s. Medicine cabinets are usually located on top of your vanity area and help with organizing all of your small items in one place, so your bathroom looks neat and pristine. Add on a mirror, and you’ll be good to go.

With a wide selection of bathroom medicine cabinets available, however, you could be overwhelmed with the number of options available. To get you started, we’ll talk through some of the different medicine cabinets before providing you some detailed information on 12 of the best bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors out there.

The first type of medicine cabinet is a recessed one which essentially looks as if there’s nothing behind the mirror. This is a common type of medicine cabinet that sits inside your wall and is the best way to add more storage to your bathroom without showing the additional units. The second type is a surface mount cabinet. These are installed directly on the wall, so you don’t have to worry about cutting it. Finally, there’s also a corner mount cabinet that’s great if you’re low on space as this type of cabinet is installed in the corner and provides deeper shelves with more storage space.

How to Choose Your Ideal Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Mirrors

What things should you consider before purchasing your bathroom medicine cabinet mirrors? Here are three factors to think about and keep at the forefront of your decision-making process:

If you already know what look or effect you’re going for, choosing a medicine cabinet mirror will be much simpler. The first step here is deciding whether you want a wall-mounted cabinet mirror or a recessed one. Next, you can take things like shape, size, color, and overall functionality into consideration. Find a style that will fit well in your bathroom and help you achieve the look you want!
When buying a medicine cabinet, make sure the one you choose isn’t too large for the size of your bathroom. Medicine cabinets are a bit bulky already, so a smaller option is best unless you need a lot of extra storage. A medicine cabinet mirror typically has the same dimensions as the cabinet, though it can be a little smaller.
Of course, the biggest question to ask yourself is how much you’re able and willing to spend on a mirror. You may want to start your search by looking for mirrors in your price range; from there, narrow down the options that best meet your style and size needs.

Should You Purchase a Medicine Cabinet Mirror?

If you’re not sure whether a medicine cabinet mirror is right for you, consider the pros and cons.


Having a medicine cabinet mirror means that you won’t need to install another mirror.
Medicine cabinets offer additional storage.
A medicine cabinet can add value to your home due to its convenience and practicality.


Medicine cabinets are not the most attractive mirror option.
They take up quite a bit of space in your bathroom.
There are limited style options for medicine cabinet mirrors; they reflect (no pun intended) the size and shape of the cabinet.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can you replace the mirror on a medicine cabinet?

Yes! If the mirror on your medicine cabinet has broken or simply hasn’t aged well, replacing the mirror is a lot more cost-effective than replacing your medicine cabinet. Replacing the mirror will require a little know-how on your part, but once you know dimensions of your cabinet and your old mirror, you should have little trouble completing the replacement.

Are medicine cabinets out of style?

Many interior designers prefer the appearance of standalone bathroom mirrors, as opposed to medicine cabinet mirrors. This is because medicine cabinets tend to appear bulky, sticking out from the wall and taking up a lot of space; standalone mirrors tend to give bathrooms a ‘cleaner’ look. That said, many people still opt for medicine cabinet mirrors as medicine cabinets offer much-needed storage and practicality.

What is a standard size medicine cabinet?

There is no single standard size for medicine cabinets. You can find them in a variety of sizes, which ensures you can always find one that best meets your needs. Most medicine cabinets range from dimensions of 15 ¼” by 30” to 22 ½” by 29 ¼”, though you can find cabinets larger or smaller than this.

What is a recessed medicine cabinet?

A recessed medicine cabinet is a medicine cabinet that has been built inside the bathroom wall to give it a flatter appearance. This is perfect for anyone who wants the convenience of a medicine cabinet without the bulky appearance! However, it usually takes a bit of time, money, and expertise to recess a medicine cabinet; you’ll likely need to hire outside help. You can decide if this option is right for you based on your budget and design goals.

Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Mirrors
Taryn 20″ x 24″ Surface Mount Framed 1 Door Medicine Cabinet with 1 Adjustable Shelf

This traditional crisp white bathroom medicine cabinet comes with adjustable shelving for plenty of storage space. There’s a total of three open compartments along with one interior adjustable shelf for both convenience and flexibility. The cabinet also has a grid-work design with a crystal-clear knob for a perfect touch of style.

It’s crafted from a manufactured wood frame and has a mirrored door that helps with concealing the shelf. It’s a great option for smaller bathrooms, comes with a solid finish, and can easily be mounted onto the wall. With the swing door, you’ll be able to easily open and close the door to retrieve your items and is a great cabinet to add to any bathroom.

Verdera 40″ x 30″ Aluminum Medicine Cabinet with Adjustable Magnifying Mirror

For a medicine cabinet with a more industrial type of look, you’ve got this verdera aluminum medicine cabinet that can be easily installed. Its tripled mirrored doors will evoke a light-filled effect, and nobody would ever know that you’ve got items stored behind the mirror. There is a total of three tempered-glass shelves, along with a built-in magnifying mirror inside the door.

The cabinet also comes with slow-close doors to prevent slamming and for a more peaceful bathroom environment. Other features include a two-way adjustable hinge, along with the ability to be installed with a left or right-hand swing. Even though it’s made with aluminum you also never have to worry about it oxidizing as it’s rust-free.

Lee 46″ x 30″ Surface Mount Framed 2 Doors Medicine Cabinet

This gorgeous cabinet is exactly what you need for your bathroom. Not only does it have an ample amount of storage space, but it also comes with a handy dandy mirror. The cabinet itself is made with a streamlined solid wood frame along with two mirrors on hidden hinges to reveal a perfect storage area.

There’s even a little exterior shelving around this medicine cabinet for you to store some additional items. Its swing door mechanism means that you can easily open and close your bathroom medicine cabinet, and the mirror means that getting ready is a breeze in the morning.

Recessed Frameless Medicine Cabinet with 2 Adjustable Shelves

Have you always wanted a frameless bathroom medicine cabinet? Place this particular cabinet in your bathroom, and you can’t even tell that it’s hiding all your toiletries. With mirrored surfaces both inside and out, it’ll help with putting your best face forward. The mirror on the front door is simple but elegant and will fit perfectly into any bathroom.

On the inside, the cabinet comes with adjustable tempered-glass shelves that can easily store all of your toiletries. The cabinet also comes with a swing door and is made with anodized aluminum.

Recessed or Surface Mount Framed Medicine Cabinet with 2 Adjustable Shelves

This 20-inch cabinet comes with an elegant look due to its ornate silver frame. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to either your bathroom or powder room. There are mirrored surfaces on both the inside and outside of the cabinet, and there are two shelves within the cabinet to store all of your items.

Each of the shelves is also made with tempered glass, and you can install your cabinet to have either a left-hand or right-hand swing. Two-way adjustable hinges allow for easy opening capability, and there’s mounting hardware for a surface or recessed installation.

Westling Recessed Frameless Medicine Cabinet with 2 Adjustable Shelves

For a uniquely designed bathroom cabinet, this Westling medicine cabinet is the perfect addition. Unlike a traditional medicine cabinet, it comes with a cut-out shape that’s a great standout piece for any bathroom or powder room. With its three adjustable interior shelves, it’ll add just the right amount of storage.

The cabinet comes with a swing door with concealed hinges and is constructed with both steel and polystyrene material for a sturdy finish. What’s great about this purchase is that it comes with a one-year warranty, and no extensive assembly is required.

Carrie 24″ x 19.38″ Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet with Lighting

If you’re someone that enjoys primping your face in the morning or need to put on some makeup before heading out the door, this bathroom medicine cabinet is a great purchase. It comes with an integral top light that helps in illuminating your space and makes sure that you’re looking your best.

The cabinet itself can be opened with a sliding door, and its chrome-tripped exterior gives it a chic look that’ll seamlessly fit into any bathroom. With a rust-resistant finish, you never have to worry about your cabinet falling apart, and it comes with one shelf to fit all of your toiletries. The cabinet with lighting is hardwired into the wall and can have a wall switch to turn on. It’s a great cabinet for those that want to add some additional lighting to your bathroom.

Searle Surface Mount Framed 3 Door Medicine Cabinet with 2 Shelves

If you’re living with someone and need a larger bathroom medicine cabinet, this particular model comes with a sufficient amount of space to store all of your items. There’s a total of two shelves along with a streamlined design to conceal your storage area.

The exterior consists of fuss-free wood that pairs well with a multitude of decor styles from elegant to contemporary and more. While installation may be required as this piece is designed to be mounted directly onto the wall, it’s fuss-free and you’ll have your bathroom medicine cabinet installed in no time at all.

Jesse Surface Mount Framed 1 Door Medicine Cabinet with 2 Adjustable Shelves

Is your bathroom area running out of space? No worries, whether you’ve got a plethora of toiletries or just don’t have the space to set up an extra shelf, this medicine cabinet has you covered. There are two interior shelves with spacious storage behind the mirror to keep all your essentials, and its neutral design is a great addition to any space.

The cabinet itself is made of pine with birch veneers along with genuine metal hardware in a distressed brass finish. It mounts by being flushed against the wall, so assembly is required. Shelves can be adjusted to your needs, and the swing doors make it easy to take out your toiletries whenever you need it.

Crenshaw Surface Mount Framed Medicine Cabinet with 3 Adjustable Shelves

This minimalist medicine cabinet is a great way to store your comprehensive collection of toiletries that range from soaps to toothpastes and more. The exterior mirror means that you’re able to easily get ready in the morning while the three adjustable shelves will provide you with all the space that you need.

The cabinet also comes with a crown molding and white hue that seamlessly pairs with a variety of ensemble styles. Since the cabinet needs to be mounted directly onto the wall, installation is required. The cabinet is made from hardwoods and veneers for a gorgeous finish, with a knob that has a brushed nickel finish.

Aldarondo Surface Mount Framed Medicine Cabinet

Have you always wanted to conceal your bathroom toiletries? Do so behind the hinged double doors of the Kleankin mirror cabinet. It comes with three fixed glass shelves along with a mirrored interior that is spacious enough to put a sizable number of toiletries. The polished mirrors are easy to maintain and can last you for many years to come.

While individual assembly is required, the six hooks at the back of the medicine cabinet make it a breeze to install, and it’s a great addition to both your washroom or indoor space. The shelves are also adjustable for your convenience and is a fantastic purchase at an inexpensive price.

Mejia Surface Mount Framed 1 Door Medicine Cabinet 2 Adjustable Shelves

The final medicine cabinet on the list is this beautiful white cabinet that has a contemporary aesthetic. Crafted from a manufactured wood frame, it has a manufactured wood frame that comes in a bright white hue, along with a mirrored door with two adjustable shelves that’s perfect for storing all of your items.

Since it’s a surface-mounting piece, it can be easily mounted onto any surface of your wall with no hassle at all. The cabinet also comes with a medical lock if required, and there’s also a mirror inside the cabinet to ensure that you’re more than ready to tackle your day.

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