Is my design for this drain-waste-vent system acceptable?

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I'm designing a drain-waste-vent system to handle two baths and laundry. I'll be tying into 4" ABS sewage line, that has a 2 inch vent (See figure 1). It's a Single story house with crawl space, in Southern California with very moderate temperature. All venting will go straight up through roof.

Are there enough vents (i.e. does the washing machine need its own vent)? Is the location of the vents correct? Is the plumbing sized correctly? Any problems with this design?
[![Existing Plumbing][1]][1]
Figure 1

Figure 2

The floorplan for Bathroom B has changed and now I have a new design. Many thanks to forum participants for all their tips. Please let me know if I am on the right path to a good and UPC code worthy design. Is the venting correct?


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