Interiors That Exude Warmth Through Soft Brown & Grey Decor

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Warmth exudes from these three modern home interiors, through rich brown and grey colour palettes, natural wood tone and soft lighting. Such a palette feels like a hug to come home to, or an inviting blanket to snuggle up in. However, there is nothing remotely fluffy about these homes. These are spaces that are shaped by contemporary furniture choices, ultra stylish accessories, cutting edge appliances and superb lighting designs. These are abodes for the discerning homeowner who has impeccable taste and a budget to complement it. Designer pieces and collectable art dot these warming scenes of comforting sanctuary, creating reposeful balance between a passion for the creative and a need for sanctum.

Visualizer: Jingai  

A curved modern sofa hugs the lounge area of home number one, next to an Easy armchair designed by Pierre Jeanneret for his cousin Le Corbusier who designed the city of Chandigarh, India in the 1950s. AD has an interesting backstory for the curious.

Behind the curved sofa, a panda print and a KAWS sculpture bring art to the interior. The sculptural element continues in the form of a carved wooden side table and a unique coffee table.

Bespoke furniture fills the lounge with more light wood tone, which creates soft harmony with pale grey furniture elements, matching window drapes and a silver grey area rug.

Pieces of nature infiltrate the modern scheme in the form of decorative dried wheat, loose pine cones and cut logs.

A low hanging dining room pendant light emits a subtle glow over the modern dining set, along with a sleek track lighting system.

LED shelf lights cast a gentle glow across the kitchen diner wall.

The kitchen disappears behind smooth doors when not in use, making the dining room and lounge into a more restful space.

Visualizer: VID. bureau  

An L-shaped modern sofa frames our next living room layout, accented with autumnal shades of russet and golden brown.

Taupe drapes dress the large window and a leafy green view.

The TV wall is a custom created run of cabinetry in duotone wood. The darker framing complements a dark wood ceiling treatment that washes across the whole open plan.

The cabinet doors slide across in an ingenious design that reveals two sets of backlit shelves and conceals the TV when not in use…

… This simple shift transforms the lounge space into an atmospheric and restful haven.

The TV cabinets are wall mounted above a low plinth and a stretch of attractive rich wood panelling.

A white marble coffee table delivers a lighter element to the room.

Green bar stools colour the kitchen.

SMEG kitchen appliances continue the accent colour.

The green furniture and accessories are inspired by a beautiful little courtyard area to one side of the kitchen island, where a small tree reaches up to the skylight from a pebble bed.

The bedroom is a tranquil minimalist design, made warm by rust colour scatter cushions and a matching bed runner. A pair of bedroom pendant lights are coupled up to drop warming radiance into one corner of the room.

A Cesta dimmable table lamp lights up a low level bedside table, and the gentle folds of sheer window drapes.

The two bedroom window seats look just too comfy to resist, and separate nooks mean there will be no arguing about how far to pull the shades for best reading comfort.

This green bedroom features restful nature prints, illuminated by an LED headboard strip. The book stack and headphone stand tell us the bedroom desk serves as an area for meaningful reading, study, and music appreciation.

A swing arm wall lamp brightens a more laid back reading spot on the bed.

Wood slats texture the headboard.

Inside the bathroom, green accents continue to freshen a brown and grey base. Black picture frames, a black framed mirror and matching bathroom vanity lights create stark contrast with the subtle backdrop.

The green vanity unit floats lightly against a raw concrete mount.

Indoor plants take greenery into a home office that’s warmly decorated with soft furnishings and heavy drapes.

An Eames bird peers out of a narrow wood effect bookcase by the desk, as though it might flutter onto the leaves of the house plants.

Visualizer: Olha Karaliash  

In our final home design, a round living room rug makes a big impact in natural jute.

A circular coffee table echoes the rug’s outline on a smaller scale.

The heavy darkness of the round coffee table contrasts satisfyingly against the light jute rug. Matching black stone builds a TV wall mount and hearth.

Mature cactuses pop up around the room, creating the fantasy of a hot climate.

Sculptural dining room pendant lights swoop over an eight place dining set with velvety brown seats.

Out on the terrace, modern outdoor chairs recline on a smooth wooden deck.

Brown seat cushions create colour connection with the interior of the home.

A luxury barbecue inhabits one side of the deck, all set for entertaining on summer days.

The entryway bench is built right onto the side of the unique modern staircase design, as part of a curvaceous elevated platform.

The same platform aesthetic is utilised in the design of a stylish floor bed in the master suite.

A plush brown headboard is complemented by a matching brown pouf by the vanity and a warm knitted bed runner.

Espresso glass moulds a designer bathtub and vessel basin set in the ensuite.

Home layout.

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