How To Turn an Office Into a Guest Room

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Do you need an extra guest room in your home? Here are some creative ideas and inspiration to turn an office into a guest room with this simple tip.

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Okay, y’all.


I have been waiting so patiently to show you this post.

And if you know me—patient is not even in my vocabulary.

Here’s the background for this post. We have made some changes here at the house recently with everything that’s going on in our world right now. We have extra chicks that have moved home to the nest because college moved online for the semester.

All the chicks were home and we needed SPACE.

It truly helps when everyone in the house has a little piece of space that they can call their own. So we moved work stations and created an area for everyone to call their own. Part of the transition was that we moved my oldest son into the office. This office is downstairs off of the entryway (you can see how it fits into the flow of the house in this post). It has its own bathroom and more importantly, it has privacy and it’s own space.

(total aside: I think that’s the fourth time I’ve used space in this post—it must be pretty important.)

And here’s the best part.

Turning an office into a guest room is so easy.

All you need is this simple tip.

Let’s start with the layout of the room and a few changes I made.

The office is a SUPER awkward layout.

There’s a fireplace in one corner and a small built-in on one wall and a bay window on the other side.

You can see the before here to give you a better idea of where we started in this space.

It’s been a journey, but I finally figured out that my father’s desk needed to go on this side with two chairs in front of it.

Here’s a view of the other side of the room so you can see what’s on this side.

See the fireplace in the corner and the built-in just to the left.

I started updating the space with this rug.

It’s one of my favorite rugs EVER.

And we both know how much I love a good rug.


This rug is an 8′ x 10″ and it comes in blue, too. I ordered the tan. It is so thick that I didn’t even need to add a rug pad.

The pattern is woven into the top and layered and literally looks SO MUCH more expensive than it is.

You can see it here.

Then I added a set of these chairs.

I had been looking for a darker chair for the office with a little more subtle texture, but everything was so expensive.

And then?

I found these. These chairs have tufted backs and wood feet and nailhead trim with a beautiful faux leather material that looks so rustic and authentic.

Wait until you see the price.

But are you shaking your head at me and asking:

“The guest room, KariAnne, the guest room. How do you make it into a guest room?”

I’m so happy that you asked.

Because that my wonderful, amazing, incredible awesome friend?


See that white cabinet?

It’s a miracle worker.

All you have to do is move the chairs to the side.

Lift the very front of the cabinet up.

There’s a little piece that swings up on hinges.

Then grab the handles on the front.

Pull open the doors.


I know, right?

Can you even believe it?

Did I fool you with the cabinet?

It’s so easy to operate.

There’s a handle on the top of the bed.

You grab the handle and pull down.

And the full-size bed comes down.


Can we look at it just one more time?

From this.

To this.

Here are all the details on the bed in a cabinet.

It comes in a queen, too, and it’s the perfect way to turn any room into a guest room.

My son has been sleeping on it for a while and he said it’s comfortable and when he folds it up and puts it away in the cabinet every night? It gives him so much space in the room.

Oh, wait.


I said it again.

I can’t help it. I’ve decided that space is a lot like time.

You can never have enough of it. 🙂

disclosure: This post is sponsored by Overstock.

All opinions are my own.

You can see my disclosure page here.

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