How to Remodel Your Bathroom in a Stylish Way to Maximize Space

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A bathroom remodel is one of the best investments a homeowner can make. According to Zillow, a standard renovation that involves replacing some features and upgrading paint and lighting can result in a return on investment as high as 68%. Using techniques to maximize bathroom space during projects increases your home’s functionality, beauty, value, and appeal to buyers.

Depending on the scope of renovations, there are various ways to make even the tiniest bathroom look spacious. Professional favorites include using vertical space, changing the door, replacing a sink or vanity, and brightening up the bathroom.  

Use All the Space 

Older homes often include small, original bathrooms with minimal storage space. Fortunately, you can often add a tremendous amount of extra storage by taking advantage of vertical spaces.  

With even the most basic bathroom remodel Des Moines homeowners can increase storage dramatically by utilizing wasted wall space. For example, the area above the doorway is almost always empty. Why not install good-looking shelves to hold items like sponges, bath salts, and scrubs? 

Building expert Bob Vila recommends hanging decorative shelving in areas like the wall above the toilet and other blank spaces. Think about hooks, ledges, and even ladders that can hold anything from towels to plants.   

Install a Space-Saving Vanity or Sink 

Suppliers offer a range of vanities and sinks made for smaller spaces, and many are ultra-stylish. They are available in pedestal, wall-mounted, and cabinet styles. The advantage of the cabinet type is that it includes extra storage. A space-saving corner sink is ideal for very small bathrooms.

When there is a little more room, Forbes suggests a gorgeous floating vanity with a pull in the same color rather than protruding handles. This type of sink/vanity can add more than a bit of style and creates a spacious, airy look.

Change the Door Swing 

Bathroom doors often swing inward, which uses valuable space. Think about reversing the door so that it turns outward instead. The idea works best if the area outside the door is not heavily trafficked.  

A pocket door is another solution. Pocket doors are attractive and slide into the wall, so there is no swing at all.   

Brighten Up the Bathroom 

Since brighter, lighter rooms appear more spacious than darker ones, you can add the illusion of room by increasing brightness. If possible, add a source of natural light during renovations. A skylight adds sunlight from above, creates a cheery atmosphere, and is a solution when the bathroom has no window.

Lighting fixtures can also make a big difference. Install a stylish single lighting fixture over the vanity to provide additional illumination and a dash of flare. Adding a ceiling-mounted fixture is ideal for extra-small areas, and many are very decorative. Suppliers sell fixtures in styles and finishes to match any taste.  

Change Up the Shower

Choose glass doors for the shower to extend the length of the space. It’s a visual trick that makes a smaller bathroom seem bigger. Running shower tile straight to the floor also tricks the eye into believing the area is more spacious than it is. 

If you’re remodeling the entire bathroom, build a shower niche. It provides accessory storage without increasing square footage. 

Upgrading a home bathroom to maximize its space is a wise investment that offers an excellent return on investment. Adding smart storage solutions, changing the door swing, and installing a space-saving sink can increase style and create the illusion of space. It also helps to increase the amount of natural light and use elegant lighting fixtures. Glass shower doors can also make a bathroom look bigger.

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