How to Make the Most of A Limited Space

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Living in a limited space doesn’t have to mean you’re confined to uncomfortable quarters. You can still feel comfortable as possible. Then, what you have to do? Well, the answer is to make the most of the space you have. Even, you can take advantages of your corner spaces. There are some ways that you can do. First, you can think to make the most of your limited spaces as a functional space and do double duty. For example, as a home office, laundry room, reading nook, entryway, etc. You can also use your limited spaces as storage spaces. You can built hidden storage, built-in shelves, and applying vertical storage system. Moreover, you can use multipurpose furniture. Using multipurpose furniture will save you space in your home while adding value. This type of furniture will not only solve space problems, but it will also make your home look stylish. It will also help you save space as you won’t need extra furniture. By following these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your home while having more space! Read on to learn more! If you’re thinking of moving into a smaller home, try these tips!

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Small Home Office103540621_587965628770624_9054076839333702203_n

Having a floating table against the wall, doesn’t it look cool? Have this furniture to save more space in your home. This furniture idea is very smart and is suitable for those of you who have limited room decor. Add chairs of the appropriate height as a combination of furniture that will work well together. This is an interesting idea for you to try because it will have a beautiful design while saving space in your home. Home Office from @designharvest.hyd

Entryway Decor


To save space in your home decor, it’s not just storage you can count on. The layout is also the right idea that you can do well and maximize. For example, in this tiny entryway, there is a slim glass console table complete with just a few ornaments that will give a beautiful design and look more stylish. This slim glass console table combined with white shades is able to give the effect of a wider, brighter and open room, you can try it as much as possible. Slim Glass Concole Table from @esco_homedecor

Corner Glass Table


If you can do it, why not. Choose and use furniture that is not too much so that the room has a wider area and of course does not limit your movement too much. For example, the use of a glass table in the corner of the living room can provide a sophisticated design and will look more attractive. This glass table is the right choice for you to do. Equipped with a green knitted ottoman, it will make a beautiful home decor and will provide extra comfort. Glass Table from @mothedesign

Corner Built-in Storage


To make your living room look neat without taking up much space, you can build built-in shelves in the corners of the room to maximize space. The shelf material used can be wood that is painted white which will give a sturdy appearance and look beautiful. This shelf consists of six storage sections that can be used to put some ornaments and stacks of books neatly and orderly. While the white color scheme on this wall provides a calm and comfortable design. Bulit-in Storage from @studiob_low

Home Office


Turning the corner of the room into a home office is a brilliant idea for you to try. You can try it for a more unique impression of the room and of course able to minimize the chaos in the room. Using this minimalist-style work desk set is able to provide a beautiful and stylish decoration. Some greenery and these wall hangings can create an attractive and fresh look throughout this room. Corner Home Office from @calebs.hideout

Yellow Paint Storage


To bring storage to your home decor, consider using the built-in DIY storage painted yellow. You can make this type of built-in storage box yourself with yellow paint so you don’t have to spend a lot of money that is too expensive. This decoration will make your room look neat and uncluttered. This white wall is also able to give the impression of a spacious and airy room. Yellow Built-in Storage from @lets_hatch_studio__




The empty space next to the sink is enhanced by handrails that you can use as needed. The existence of this towel handle is intended to make it easier for you to store it, so it doesn’t cause your bathroom area to look neat and avoid clutter. The selection of this handle material is also very appropriate because it is more sturdy and able to accommodate your towels. Handle Towel from @thehomethatbethmade

Cozy Corner Room


Placing the sofa in the corner of this cozy house gives a beautiful look and looks more stylish. Opting for a soft gray sofa and adding these pillows will add extra comfort to the entire room. In addition to the emouk sofa, you can add a TV next to the sofa to create an attractive decoration that will maximize the space in your home. Corner Sofa from @houseatno59

Bench Storage


A small entrance will be more practical if you use multifunctional furniture. You can use a small bench that matches the size of the remaining space next to this shelf. You can use a bench equipped with shoe storage underneath to give a beautiful design and look more stylish. It’s not enough to stop here, if you add a mirror on one wall, it will give the illusion of a wider room and look more spacious. Bench and Shoes Storage from @designcafe.dc

Corner Shelf Storage


Don’t let your walls look empty and not work at all. To save space in a tiny house, you can maximize the walls with built-in storage shelves that are designed to be open. This shelf can be used to store all collections of green plants in pots and several piles of books to make it more organized and neat, more precisely, this shelf is located on one wall, which is enhanced with a comfortable sitting area. You can also find it with a more effective and efficient time, try this storage idea well and maximally. Corner Floating from @thisiswinnieshouse

Cabinet Storage


In this built-in laundry room, you can use cabinet storage that is hung on the wall to give a beautiful design and look attractive. Choosing a cabinet that hangs above this washing machine will be a neat decoration of the room and will avoid clutter. In addition to the cabinet, using this built-in laundry room idea will also take advantage of an empty space in your home so it will be suitable for you to try. Wall Cabinet Storage from @nest.of.neff

Under Bunk Bed


Under a bunk bed equipped with your child’s study table, this will be a beautiful bedroom idea that looks organized. With this idea, you will maximize your home decor so that it will provide a beautiful design. This bedroom will look neater and different from other bedrooms. Placing a study table right under this bed will display an attractive and stylish design. Study Desk Under Bunk Bed from @home_ngarden

Side Table


You can use a side table that matches the size of the rest of the room next to your sofa. You can use this small table as a nightstand complete with a night light on it. It’s not enough to stop here, the use of this small side table will look minimalist and will give a different look every year. This white dining sofa and soft sofa will provide an attractive decoration and look more spacious and comfortable. Side Table Living Space from @copper_chalet19

Corner Fig Tree


Look at the fig plant placed in the corner of the house which will give a beautiful decoration and give a natural effect to the whole house. Placing it on a side table and adding some lights will be a stylish idea and look attractive. This furniture idea is very smart and is suitable for those of you who have limited room decor. Add a chair with the appropriate extra comfort as a furniture combination that will work well together, besides you can use the chair in any style including a beautiful modern touch. Corner Fig Tree from @chicstylecollective

Corner Mirror Frameless


Adding a mirror accent in the corner of one of these houses will decorate a room that looks spacious and bright. Choosing a frameless mirror placed in the corner of this room will make a beautiful and stylish decoration. So that this mirror area looks up, you can add green plants in the pot to give a natural decoration and look fresh. Just add a wicker basket that will add a natural touch to this home decor. Mirror Frameless from @naddy.ned

Corner Bed


In this bedroom you can add a bed that is placed in the corner of the room so that it can maximize its use. In addition to the bed, you can add a nightstand that will provide a beautiful view and will look stylish. Choosing a bed that is equipped with a shell-shaped headboard will present an attractive room decor and will steal the show. This simple design will make your space more comfortable and inviting. Corner Bed from @mybeautyrevival

Laundry Room Storage


Maximize your storage in the laundry room by using as much of the interior as possible. What you can do now is take advantage of the corner of the laundry room that you can turn into storage and countertops to give a beautiful and stylish appearance. This is done to make it easier for you to take the items you need more practically and effectively Storage Laundry Room from

Dining Area


Choose and use multifunctional furniture to beautify your minimalist home decor. One of the furniture that you can use is to add a small dining room in the corner of your house so that it will give a beautiful appearance. A small dining table set with a round table that can be used according to your needs. Choosing a dining table set with a round table equipped with gold legs will make the decor elegant and look more luxurious. Corner Dining Area from @ourinteriordiary

Intertainment Area


Do you have a home decor with a narrow room size? If so, then there’s no need to worry as you can add entertainment areas anywhere to give your decor an antique and stylish look. In addition to the entertainment area, you can add a fireplace that is placed under the TV to provide an eye-catching decoration. This beautiful design makes for a cozy and inviting decor.  Corner Intertainment from @mylittleapartmentsdecor

Reading Nook


To minimize the use of floor area in decorating a small room, you can apply a comfortable reading area to design it. This soft sofa complete with pillows and blankets has a beautiful and stylish design. In addition, you can add a floor lamp that will give a bright look and dramatic lighting to the entire room. This green and off-white color scheme will make for some interesting decorations for you to try. Reading Area from @myhomeinlittlesquares77

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