How To Make A Coffee Filter Wreath

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I love decorating my home and I love doing it on a budget, even more! It’s always fun for me to take something ordinary or thrifted and turn it into a beautiful piece of home decor and this little project was right up my (decorating) alley! I’m going to show you how to make a coffee filter wreath that is super easy, extremely cheap and will give you a huge decorating bang for your buck!

What I like most about this little project is that it only takes a couple of items to make a gorgeous statement piece for just about any room in the house. 

I’ve seen these wreaths all over Pinterest and most of them require a hot glue gun and lots of glue sticks.  This one is different though. It requires ZERO hot glueing and no wreath form!

So, if you’d like to see how to make a coffee filter wreath that you can use all year, I’ll show you how! Let’s get started!

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how to make a coffee filter wreath

Supplies needed:

  • 1 package of coffee filters (150 count) I bought these at the Dollar Tree
  • 1 wire coat hanger
  • About 4 cups of cold coffee
  • Bowl
  • Wire cutters
  • Duct Tape

Coat hanger not pictured.

How to make a coffee filter wreath

First thing to do is pour your coffee into a bowl and take a few coffee filters (around 8-10) and completely submerge them in the coffee. This will. instantly die the coffee filters.  If you want them dark brown, you need to let them set for a few minutes. I’m a little impatient, so I dunked them and took them out after only a few seconds.

*Tip* -It’s best to do this process over your kitchen sink as it can be a little messy.  

When you take them out of the coffee, squeeze them out as much as possible.  You’ll want to remove as much of the liquid as you can.  This will also give them that wrinkled texture that we need.

Repeat this process until you have all of the filters dyed. 

Next, you’ll want to lay them out as flat as you can, like pictured above and let them completely dry.  I laid mine out on a large piece of foam board (from Dollar Tree) and let them dry overnight. 

*Tip for drying* 

They’ll dry much faster if you lay them out in a single layer as opposed to stacking them like I did.  As the top ones started to get dry, I would remove them so more air could get to the next layer.

Before cutting, take the coat hanger and shape it into a circle as best as you can. It helps if you use a hanger that is easily bendable, as it’s easier to bend it into a true circle.

Now, cut about 2 inches from the “neck” of the coat hanger with the wire cutters. Once the filters are completely dry, you can start layering them on the coat hanger. Take 4-5 filters at a time, stacked and push a hole through the center (as shown above). Be careful not to poke yourself with the hanger.

Once you have all the filters strung on the coat hanger, take a piece of duct tape, bring the two ends together and wrap it tightly around the coat hanger, making it a closed circle, again.

The tighter you can wrap the tape, the better. It will make it easier to slide the filters over the tape with little to no tearing.

how to make a coffee filter wreath

you’re done!

Now you can “fluff” and shape your beautiful wreath! You can also add embellishments like a shabby chic bow, ribbon, tassels or a tag, like I did below! It even looks beautiful by itself!

This wreath would be a perfect addition to your Fall decor as well as year round. It reminds me of corn husks!  

how to make a coffee filter wreath

It looks great in just about any room and goes with just about every kind of decor. I love it hung above my bed on the medallion. It’s extremely neutral and is the perfect addition to my black, cream and tan color scheme.

**more Tips**

  • If you don’t have left over coffee, you can get the same dyed effect from take a bowl of water and adding 8-10 drops of brown acrylic paint.  The more paint you add, the darker your filters will be.
  • The white filters will absorb any color, so you could definitely make a colorful wreath by using different colors of paint. Blue or pink would be perfect for baby shower. They’re also beautiful if left white.
  • If you don’t want to take the time to dye your filters, you can buy the brown, unbleached filters. Keep in mind that these tend to be much more expensive than the cheaper white ones.
  • If you want your wreath to be SUPER full, add another 1/2 package of coffee filters.
  • You can hang your wreath with a beautiful ribbon, but I kept the hook on the coat hanger and used that for my hanger.
  • Do not hang it in a room that has a lot of humidity, like a bathroom or outside. Since it’s made of paper, it won’t hold up very well with a lot of moisture.

I plan on making at least one more wreath to go in my dining room. I think it would be a beautiful addition my decor to hang in the center of my china cabinet.

If you decide to make a fun, frugal and beautiful coffee filter wreath, I’d love to hear how it turned out for you!

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how to make a coffee filter wreath

how to make a coffee filter wreath

how to make a coffee filter wreath


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