How To Keep Yourself Organized During A Home Remodel

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You have made the decision to a home remodel of a room or space in your home! But now what? Where do you start? How do you keep yourself organized?

We have done countless remodels and renovations over the years, and if there is one thing I know remodeling your home can be stressful. There are lots of things to consider, keep track of, and decision to be made.

I am breaking down how to keep things organized during a home remodel. These tips are incredibly helpful with or without a designer supporting you through the process.

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Start With A Budget

Having done a few remodels, I can say from experience that having a budget is going to help you so much! There are so many incredible things you can do…but they all cost money.

So to make sure you stay within your means, set a budget and try to stick as close to that as you can.

Every renovation or remodel will have its ups and downs. So your budget may not last. But at least you have an idea of what funding you are working with.

There is always going to be something that comes up with a remodel. So budget for that too.

We had a line item in our budget for “unexpected costs”. It was an extra amount for things that might happen.

Like when we renovated our kitchen. We ended up needing to replace our entire driveway because of water lines. This was an unexpected cost that we sort of budgeted for. But like I said, you can’t budget for everything, so be prepared for some of those unknown things that happen during the process.

Secure Your Contractors

There are some home remodel projects I feel confident in tackling and there are others where I want to leave it to the professionals.

So if you are going to DIY your remodel, make sure you have a backup plan just in case.

If you are going to go with a contractor, make sure to read the reviews. We have found that not all contractors will listen to my vision for things. So I like working with people who just let me do what I enjoy doing…and that is decorating a space!

Now if you are going to work with a designer, find one whose style is similar to yours. Ensure that they see the vision you want to create.

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Create An Idea Board

The one thing that has helped me during any remodel is creating an idea board. This can be done on Pinterest or using your notes app on your phone.

You want to start with rooms or spaces that you are trying to recreate in your home. I personally like finding spaces that feel like I want my space to feel. So as I look at a picture, I find images that create that feeling.

For example, for our current kitchen remodel, I found bits and pieces of what I wanted to create online. I would take screenshots and save them to the notes app on my phone. I found a green cabinet that was in a bathroom, but the color green is what I want for our kitchen cabinets. I found a white vent hood for the kitchen so I took another screenshot and added that to my notes.

Once I got all the ideas, I was able to stick to that during the entire remodel process. Instead of feeling like I had a million decisions to make, I made them all ahead of time.

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Sourcing Supplies

When I source supplies, I try to limit the number of stores I search. The reason why is because there are so many choices that keeping my options to about 4-6 stores really helps.

Let’s say something doesn’t fit. But I am unsure of where I purchased that item from. I don’t have as many places to search to find how to return or exchange that particular item.

I also purchase from a range of different stores with different price-points. I do this because it helps us stay on budget.

For our bathroom remodel, we splurged on the vanity and faucets. But went cheaper on lighting. This helped keep us within our budget.

amerock hardware booklet and samples

Adding The Details

Don’t forget about the details that go into a renovation. These are things like pulls and knobs. Towel bars. Hooks.

These are things that can easily be overlooked, but they are the things that add the finishing touches to your home remodel.

Amerock has a catalog that legit walks you through adding hardware to match your faucets based on brand type! It is on pages 72-73 in this guide.

These small details really add to a space. Which is why selecting companies that keep your home remodel easy is the best way to go!

Relocate Items

No matter where the work is taking place, you are going to feel the disorganization. So create a temporary home for the items you had to relocate during the remodel.

During our kitchen remodel, we created a temporary kitchen in our primary bedroom. This included the coffee maker, a toaster oven, plates/bowls/silverware, and a makeshift pantry.

When we did our bathroom remodel, we moved all our bathroom supplies into the linen closet and our kids’ bathroom.

By relocating items into places that can temporarily work for you, you can remain semi-organized during the process.

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How To Keep Yourself Organized During A Home Remodel

Home remodels and renovations can easily destroy any sense of organization you have. So you need to be super proactive to keep your remodel organized so you don’t get lost in the disorganization.

Start by setting a budget and hiring your contractor.

Create a vision board for how you want the space to feel. Make sure to fill that space with tons of inspiration so you don’t have to make decisions on the spot.

Make sure to add details to your plans like hardware.

Only source products for a few stores. This will help if things don’t fit or work. It really does help with returns or finding more of an item if you truly love it.

And create a temporary home for the items you had to relocate during the renovation.

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