How to Have a Neutral Home Decor

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If you’re not sure how to create a visually interesting home decor, you may think of sticking with a neutral color scheme. This is a popular approach. Neutral color schemes are an excellent way to show off your design style. Using neutral colors for your home decor also a great way to add a touch of personality to any room. When you use neutral tones, furnishings will stand out more, and different textures of fabrics will add visual interest without distracting from the overall look. But there are other ways to add drama and interest without relying on color or texture alone. Try using furniture with interesting silhouettes, such as those with curves and round shapes instead of the predictable squares and rectangles. Although, you can still choose square or rectangular furniture. In addition, you can bring wood elements into your neutral home design. A wooden accent piece is a great way to add warmth and texture to a neutral home decor scheme. You can add a touch of rural France to your home by using muted textile prints and rustic wood finishes. A duck egg blue or white wall is complemented well with rich cream furniture and distressed painted wood. Despite carrying a neutral theme, a neutral home decor allows you to add patterns and even you can mix them. Here are some ideas on how to have a neutral home decor.

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White is one of the neutral colors that is suitable to be applied in any room, including in the living room decoration. You can try it on the wall paint and some of the furniture around it. One of the advantages of using neutral colors is that it makes the room feel wider and brighter. Enter natural accents through the use of wooden floors and a reclaimed wood dining table without repainting so that it looks more vintage. White themed living room from homebnc.


There is nothing wrong with using patterned tiles in your modern bathroom decor. The thing you need to do is choose and use a tile with a neutral color like white. The existence of this tile makes the room feel more modern and not out of date. In addition, you can also clean this bathroom with low maintenance which makes it easier for you to do it regularly. You can try it right now. Modern tile bathroom from homebnc.


It’s a good idea to include other colors in the living room decor with neutral nuances. This is done to bring a touch of fun color that you can do easily. The bold color in this room can be applied to the use of a tulip flower arrangement placed on a minimalist wooden coffee table. Use pink tulips, you can get them in your backyard garden without having to buy them. Neutral and bold color living room from homebnc.


Living room furniture which is dominated by white will work well together when combined with old brick walls that seem vintage. With this you can present a vintage and modern theme simultaneously in one room. To make this room look more open and bright, you can add a large enough glass window. This window is able to let sunlight into the room freely, use curtains when there is too much light. White furniture color from homebnc.


Look at the bathroom decoration which is dominated by white, doesn’t it look elegant and modern? Yes, you can try it easily. In order not to look too boring, you can also add wood accents through the use of a small bench that can be placed next to the bathtub. The flower arrangement blooming on the bench is a fresh decoration that can give a fragrant aroma to the area around it. Elegant white bathroom from homebnc.


The entire interior of the living room which is dominated by a touch of white looks very elegant and is certainly one of the color choices that will never fail. Currently you can apply this white tone starting from the sofa, wall paint, carpet and window curtains. A little gray on the chairs also adds to the appeal of the room and doesn’t give a bold color that seems tacky. The white color will be very helpful for those of you who have small or limited home decorations. White themed living room from homebnc.


The neutral color used is not always white. Currently you can enter other neutral colors such as yellow which you can try on the carpet which is applied right under the bed as the first footwear when you get out of bed. The choice of this carpet is very appropriate because it has a combination of yellow and white colors that can blend well. In addition, the use of reclaimed wood floors adds a warm feel to the room that you can feel instantly. Yellow and white carpet from homebnc.


Look at the rustic bedroom decor which is dominated by several neutral colors, doesn’t it look simple but attracts attention? Yes, you can try it as best you can when changing your bedroom decor. Neutral colors that can be combined in this bedroom are white, gray and brown in the use of furniture or interiors made of wood. There is no need to repaint the headboard and wooden nightstand for a natural look which is certainly very environmentally friendly. Rustic bedroom from homebnc.


To make your neutral kitchen decor more attractive and colorful, you can add a runner rug that is applied to one part of the empty wooden floor. Choose and use a runner rug with a vintage pattern that is perfected with a touch of shabby chic red. This runner rug is surrounded by white and light blue kitchen furniture so it looks bolder and of course makes your footwear more comfortable while in this area. Try this famhouse modern famhouse idea as much as you can. Modern farmhouse kitchen from homebnc.


When your bedding and wall paint have used shades of white, then it’s a good idea to add another neutral color to one of the furniture used in this bedroom. Wooden nightstand that is repainted in gray is a smart choice that you can do. The existence of this nightstand in addition to adding color to the room is also an organization of your small items so as to minimize a messy bedroom. Complete the top surface of this nightstand with some ornaments such as flower arrangements and a photo vase. Gray wooden nightstand from homebnc.


Do you want to bring a famhouse theme to your bedroom decor? If so, then you can use shades of white to some parts of the interior in it. Start this white nuance through the use of fireplaces, bedding, curtains and wall paint. Another color that you can apply in this room is the color of the wood, what is the use of a mantel and a mirror frame that is quite large. This white color makes the room feel cleaner and more spacious. Farmhouse white bedroom from homebnc.


The monochromatic style applied to this dining room decor will never fail. You can try white on the walls and use a wooden dining table that has been repainted. Furthermore, for the black color itself, you can try the part of a minimalist cabinet sink. With this you will get a monochromatic style instantly. End this room with a flower arrangement in bloom that is placed on the table nicely and neatly. Monochromatic dining room from homebnc.


White and blue that are applied simultaneously in this modern living room can work well together because the white color itself has maximum neutrality. The use of a blue touch in the use of a throw pillow can be used as the focal point of the room. Then you can add natural materials such as a wooden coffee table that has an irregular shape. Cover the floor using a rug as a finishing touch that looks elegant. White with blue living room from homebnc.


This small living room decoration has white shades that make the room look neutral. You can use white tones on the use of chairs, blankets and paint the living room walls. Decorate the empty corner of the wall with several rattan wicker plates of various sizes. This woven plate is able to bring a natural impression into the room instantly, you can try it right now. Small white living room from homebnc.


Give a touch of focal point in this white home office decor for a room view that doesn’t look boring. Currently you can hang two tropical themed paintings on the empty wall. These two paintings can be hung at a distance that is not too far away. Also use a painting frame with white color so that it has color harmony with the wall paint that is currently being used. Neutral home office from homebnc.


The wall paint, which is dominated by white, is complemented by the use of a fireplace whose outer surface is covered with patterned tiles. Continue to use tiles with neutral colors so as not to damage the color tone of this room. This tile fireplace design is also perfected with a wooden mantel that can be used as an area to put some of the beautiful ornaments you have. Arrange all the ornaments neatly for a more perfect final result. Tiles fireplace from homebnc.


Consider the use of white tones in this combo dining room kitchen decor. This neutral color will help your room look cleaner, more open and bright. You can also apply it to several interiors such as dining chairs, kitchen tiles and a kitchen island made of wood that looks shiny. Finish the decoration of this room with a combination of flowers and green plants that are placed on the dining table and kitchen island so that it can be used as a room decoration that makes the room feel more natural and fresh. White kitchen dining room combo from homebnc.


The shades of white in your home decor don’t just use a splash of white. Now you can try other neutral colors, for example using light blue which is applied to some modern bedroom interiors. This color looks very cool and bright so it becomes one of the favorite color choices that are often used. Also enter the pattern of the room by using a wooden bench covered with a striped seat cushion. Light blue bedroom decor from homebnc.


Brown is one of the neutral colors that is highly recommended for interior use in your living room. With the use of neutral color shades or themes, you can combine interiors with one another more easily. For example, when you have used side tables, benches and chairs with a light brown color, then the use of sofas and paint the walls you can use shades of white. You can combine these two colors well in the same room, try it easily and maximally. Light brown and white living room theme from homebnc.


Bohemian home decor usually uses neutral shades to your liking. Now you can apply this bohemian style to a small living room decoration that is dominated by white and brown. These two colors will work well together in the same room. For the brown color itself, you can try the use of blankets, rattan wicker baskets, a planter stand and the use of herringbone wood floors that look shiny. Green plants are an environmentally friendly addition to color. Bohemian living room from thespruce.


Complete the white living room decor with several large glass windows to add to the impression of a brighter, more spacious and open room. With this glass window you no longer need lighting during the day. Just take advantage of the reflection of sunlight that enters through this glass window to the fullest. In addition, a high enough ceiling combined with glass windows also makes the room healthier and not easily damp. Bright and spacious living room from thespruce.


A luxurious living room doesn’t just use a splash of bold color. For now, you can use shades of gray to make the room look more elegant. You can try this gray color through the use of furniture as well as high curtains that are used to coat the glass windows. Tufted sofa and transparent glass coffee table make this living room decoration more luxurious and never out of date. Luxury gray living room from thespruce.


An easy way and the best idea you can do to display a white living room decor that looks glamorous is to use the right interior. This transparent glass coffee table and a white tufted chair are the right combination that you can try. Don’t forget to decorate the coffee table with white flower arrangements which can give a fragrant aroma to the area around the room. Do a living room makeover with different decorating ideas. Transparent glass coffee table from thespruce.


Not only modern living room decorations can be completed with white shades. You can also try a living room with modern vintage decorations as well as possible. White floors and walls can be combined with some interiors made of natural wood. The wooden interior includes chairs, ceiling as well as pillars of the house that stand firmly. No need to repaint for a more natural and environmentally friendly result. White living room with wooden interior from thespruce.


Scandinavian style can be applied to several home decorations including a kitchen decor. This style seems very neutral because it is dominated by white color and the use of natural furniture. Look at this kitchen decoration, doesn’t it look very eye-catching? To add a pattern to the room, you can coat the wooden floor with a runner rug that has a striped pattern and is dominated by the use of white that matches the color of the wall paint that is applied. Neutral Scandinavian decor from housebeautiful.


The combination of black and white combined in a living room decoration presents a monochromatic theme instantly. You can try it through the use of a white sofa and faux fur rug, then black can be tried on the rug as the main layer of the wooden floor used. Enter the wood accent through the use of a round coffee table that looks minimalist and beautiful. You can try it right now. Monochromatic style living room from housebeautiful.


Another home decoration that you can apply with shades of white is a small entryway area that is perfected with a beautiful natural interior touch. When you have this entryway area with limited space, then you can use the wall as a storage idea by hanging several hooks not too far apart. Benches equipped with built-in storage are also smart furniture ideas that you can use. Small entryways decor from housebeautiful.


White is a choice of room nuances that will never fail to be applied to your home decor. Try going to the dining room by using a shiplap wall that has been repainted in clean white. Furthermore, to combine these white nuances, you can try using a dining table set made of natural wood. The green plants on the dining table are natural decorations that you can easily get in the backyard garden area. White paint wall shiplap from housebeautiful.


Pink and white are a combination of two colors that can bring a neutral feel in a bedroom decor. This white color can be tried on the shiplap wall, while the pink color can be tried on the bedding which has a fairly large and wide size. The advantage of using glass windows is that they are able to provide maximum sunlight into the room. It’s not enough to get here, the sunlight that enters the room also makes the bedroom decoration not easily damp. Shades of pink and white from housebeautiful.


The combination of white shades with wooden furniture is the best combination you can do. You can try this white paint on the use of shiplap walls while you can try wood materials on a desk design that has a solid surface. No need to repaint for a more environmentally friendly result. The use of a wall painting frame adds to the pattern of the room so it doesn’t look too plain. Neutral themed home office from housebeautiful.

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