Homemaking Journal for 2022

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I have no regrets about leaving social media, but I also enjoy sharing little finds or triumphs that don’t warrant a full blog post.

Hence, this blog post, updated mostly weekly.

Declutter Extravaganza – January 3-7, 2022

So I thought I’d do a whole series on moving, since that fits my life right now. However, as the moving project actually unfolded, I have no room to explain how to do an organized move. That’s not what our move was.

We moved quickly and had plenty of help. Both were good things, but both also precluded a level of organization I’d had in previous moves. Previously, we had plenty of time and it was all in-town. Previously, all my kids were little and I was the one who ended up handling almost every item we own to pack and move it – and those items were much fewer twelve and more years ago.

We’ve added two members to the family in this house and brought one to adulthood and another nearly so. We’ve lived all our thirties in the house we moved out of – where we tried out all kinds of potential, flopped hobbies. We hosted large events, homeschooled, and made the most of our space.

Sure, I spent 4ish months decluttering to prepare for the move, and that was very helpful. I would ask the question: Does this need to move to Idaho? We painted and put new carpet in all the bedrooms, so the bedroom junk collections had all been dealt with.

However, there was still more stuff than it appeared when it came time to actually move, and the shoveling into the moving van happened faster, with many hands to help, than I could attend to. My energy was needed to clean and pack, not micromanage. So, it was a rather haphazard move, but executed quickly and without much stress because we gave up the goal of organization and efficiency and went simply for getting out the door in a timely fashion while still getting along and pitching in.

The “T” is for things to go to the temporary house, our rental, and then there is “B” for basement, “U” for upstairs, and “M” for main level – those three all go to storage for now and will come out and be put on the appropriate level of the big house when it is built.

An organized move isn’t always the best outcome or a needed outcome.

Cleaning Service – January 13, 2022

So in preparing our house to sell, we were going to hire a cleaning service. For various reasons, that didn’t work out and so with the help of several loyal friends, we cleaned the empty house.

I made my first project the kids’ bathroom, which had been wiped down regularly, but not really scrubbed as much as it needed. My husband had redone the bathroom about 2 years before, installing at that time a sliding shower door on the tub. Turns out that this door was actually not opaque as I had assumed for the last year.

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A mix of vinegar and dish soap in a dish scrubber brush (a trick I learned from a Simply Convivial Continuing Education member several years ago), revealed that a little extra vinegar and scrubbing power were required to bring the shower door back to its intended state.

New Homes for Everything – January 15, 2022

The real trick for moving to a new place is figuring out new homes for everything. I love Dana White’s question in this regard: “If I was looking for this, where would I look?”

It’s a confusing, difficult question in a new house, because all the places are new. But it’s better to ask and look and think about it that way instead of just chucking things in the closest place they fit.

It took us two days to finally arrange the furniture in a way that seems to work, and then we also ended up putting the school supplies cabinet in the boys’ bedroom and the piano in the girls’ bedroom.

It works for now, seeing as this is just a temporary home. The homes for things don’t have to be ideal; they just need to be doable and findable and not in the way on what few horizontal surfaces we have.

Cook’s Illustrated Recipe – February 4, 2022

My husband, for the last few years, has gifted me a subscription to Cook’s Illustrated. I love reading it, but it is always full of recipes I know I will never make. Sometimes, however, a recipe calls for immediate action.

This week I received the latest edition and there was one such recipe: Decadent, Cheesy Pasta in a Flash. All the ingredients were normal things I already had on hand. So I made sautéd chicken, sautéd veggies, and cheesy pasta. The new-to-me tactic was using egg as the main sauce base; it cooks when added to the piping hot pasta immediately after draining it.

It really was simple and fast and delicious enough to become a family staple. And the leftovers reheated beautifully with the chicken.

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