Home Design For A Single Family That Beautiful Inside And Outside

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It might be one of your dreams to have a beautiful house with fantastic interior design and appealing outdoor look. The key is on the architecture of the house building, interior design, and garden decoration. It doesnt have to be a luxurious home but contemporary is nice too. Look further from this house below that made for a single family.


The faade of the house is with black hues that look cool. The glass windows allow us to get glimpses of wonderful interior design inside. Look at the landscape that filled with cacti, green grass, and trees. It also has beautiful hexagonal stepping stones made of concrete.


The living room is connected to outdoor when we open the door. We can see wonderful view with green wall, trees, and neighbor house. Inside, a colorful area rug, throw pillows, and chairs add cheerful appeal.


With open layout, we will see this room with living space, kitchen, and reading nook too. It completed with a bookshelf with thousands books. On the other side of this room wall, there is a gallery that nice and chic.


Look at this dining space with casual style where a rectangular wooden table and wooden chairs. The lighting is pretty cute with white accents. A long wooden cabinet with grey countertop is elegant. Then, the glass windows attach more natural shine.


Talking about kitchen, we will see a wooden cabinet that looks elegant and warm. Grey tile used for countertop for sleek and clean look. Hexagonal tiles on the backsplash look modern and calm with white shades.


For master bedroom, the designer applies white color with long rectangular glass windows. But the curtain used for cover it is floor-to-ceiling. This sleeping space is located on the first floor. Though in small space but look bright and clean.


Now, let us see the bathroom look. It has hexagon tiles with different colors that combined well with concrete floor. A white bathtub, mirror, and floating toilet look great for a modern bathroom design. Glass windows are there to attain natural light and fresh air.


Enjoy the weather outside from this backyard with simple patio design. The green wall backdrop is amazing. This area is filled with old wooden seating. A rectangular table and chairs, a fireplace, and two green rattan chairs that will be your most favorite nook.


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