Heritage Federation-Era Home with a Polished and Concealed Rear Extension

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Giving the traditional and historic home a modern makeover is a task that involves finding that perfect balance between the old and the new. This federation-era home Down Under is one such gorgeous residence where the heritage street façade has been given a sensible retoration with the rear section getting a contemporary and spacious extension. Designed by Studio Prineas, the home now has a new guest area that hosts large family gatherings, guest bedrooms, a modern pool with deck and a garden that becomes a visual part of the large, open interior.

Brick, glass and wood shape the new extension of classic federation-era home
Brick, glass and wood shape the new extension of classic federation-era home
Wonderful-view-of-the-pool-area-and-the-green-outdoors-thanks-to-the-floor-to-ceiling-glass-walls-16715-217x155 Contemporary-style-living-room-of-the-home-with-polished-decor-pieces-and-a-hint-of-blue-33910-217x155 Lovely-brick-walls-coupled-with-modern-finishes-and-wooden-sections-inside-the-Cnr-Virginia-home-33664-217x155 Lovely-contemporary-credenza-for-the-modern-living-room-wih-ample-storage-space-18966-217x155 Marble-adds-class-and-elegance-to-the-contemporary-kitchen-in-black-and-white-76842-217x155 Modern-kitchen-in-black-and-white-with-drak-cabinets-and-marble-backsplash-and-countertops-55303-217x155 Skylight-brings-natural-light-into-the-modern-kitchen-of-the-Federation-era-home-98188-217x155 Floor-to-ceiling-glass-walls-and-white-drapes-connect-the-living-room-with-the-pool-86508-217x155

The new addition in the rear sits just a few steps below the original house and this ensures that it is cleverly and completely concealed from the street view. A glazed walkway connects the old heritage home with the new extension and transition through this area is made much more enjoyable thanks to the wonderful garden next to it. Natural light permeates into every room of the residence with dark cabinet finishes, glass and exposed brick finding space next to one another.

Wonderful view of the pool area and the green outdoors thanks to the floor-to-ceiling glass walls
Contemporary style living room of the home with polished decor pieces and a hint of blue
Lovely brick walls coupled with modern finishes and wooden sections inside the Cnr Virginia home
Lovely contemporary credenza for the modern living room with ample storage space
Marble adds class and elegance to the contemporary kitchen in black and white
Modern kitchen in black and white with dark cabinets and marble backsplash and countertops
Skylight brings natural light into the modern kitchen of the Federation-era home

Inside the house, color palette is largely neutral with the white, open living area and family room, a dashing kitchen with marble countertops and dark black cabinets made from Paperrock and furniture that is all modern. Sliding glass doors and floor-to-ceiling glass walls open up the kitchen and dining spaces on to the deck outside completing this eye-catching makeover!

Floor-to-ceiling glass walls and white drapes connect the living room with the pool
Planned and concealed rear extension of the federation-era home

The kitchen joinery is made from a smart material called Paperrock, a very condensed form of paper; the deck around the pool is in Blackbutt, an Australian hardwood; and the exposed brick walls comprise recycled brick sourced from a nearby brickyard.

Ample garden area and a pool extend the living area outdoors at this federation home
Exquisite contemporary monochromatic bathroom in white with natural light

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