Five Reasons You Should Consider Laser Hair Removal

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It can be frustrating dealing with unwanted body hair. If you are a woman, you probably get tired of having to spend extra time shaving your legs and under your arms. Many men get tired of having to shave their face pretty much every day. You may have a lot of reasons for not wanting to deal with your unwanted hair. If so, laser hair removal may be something you want to look into. 

Laser Hair Removal- What Is It Exactly?
Laser hair removal will permanently remove any unwanted facial or body hair you may have. The procedure works by targeting pigments and generating heat that together removes unwanted hair while preventing regrowth from occurring. Not only does it remove hair that is already there, but it will also permanently reduce the quantity and quality of the remaining hair. It is an easy treatment that both men and women often undergo. 
Here are the five main reasons why you may want to undergo laser hair removal. 
1. It’s Less Time and Hassle
Many adults, especially women, spend a lot of time trying to get rid of unwanted hair. Not only does it take time to shop for the products, such as razors and creams, it also takes time in the bathroom. You may already set aside time to shave your legs and your underarms, which can be a hassle when you have to do it every day. For women, having to shave during the warmer months to wear shorts or skirts can be more hassle than they want to deal with. 
2. You Can Save Money
Yes, the actual procedure to have hair removed professionally will cost a little bit more. However, the money you will save in the long run will be well worth the cost. Most consumers spend a ton on shaving necessities, such as razors, refills, shaving cream, and other gadgets that promise hair removal. Over time, this adds up. When you opt to have the hair removed permanently, you will spend less and less as time goes on due to either no hair growth or less hair growth. 
3.No More Ingrown Hairs
Many men and women suffer from ingrown hairs. Not only are they unsightly to look at, but ingrown hairs can also be pretty painful to remove. Many people don’t even realize that they have an ingrown hair if it develops in a hard to see place. If it isn’t taken care of, or you can’t get the whole thing out with tweezers, you may be at risk of infection. Permanent hair removal will take care of the hairs underneath your skin so that they cannot grow inward after the treatment is over. 
4. Enjoy More Confidence
Unwanted body and facial hair can wreak havoc on your confidence, especially when the hair grows in places that it shouldn’t. For example, women may start to develop unwanted facial hair when they get older, or men may have to start shaving places on their neck that are difficult to reach. Getting rid of this unwanted hair for goodwill cause a definite increase in your self-confidence.
5. It May be Less Painful
Having your unwanted hair removed professionally will be a pain-free experience. Can you say that for all of the cuts and nicks you get from your razor or the agony of pulling off hot wax strips? The procedure is completely safe for your skin, and many treatments are now used with cooling systems to make the experience that more relaxing and pain-free. 
When you are ready to take the plunge, contact Dr. Jennifer Walden today to discuss your specific needs.  #HairRemoval #Skincare #Beauty
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