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If you are considering a bathroom remodel, much of your attention may be drawn to practical items like storage, water pressure for your shower, or underfloor heating.  Today’s bathroom is more than just a practical space – it is integrated into the style of your home.  This small room can also be the ideal place to make a style statement, by adding colors and textures you might not include in another home living space. 

How do you find inspiration to create the perfect bathroom design style for your home?  In our experience, if you find that one thing that inspires you, it creates an anchor for the rest of your bathroom design. Where will you find your design starting point? Here are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing.
A personal interest
This bathroom design in Newtown, PA started with the client’s love of the outdoors and fishing.  That inspiration led to the one-of-a-kind mosaic tile design in the shower depicting a waterfall, pond, fish, turtles, and more.  The rest of this amazing bathroom design incorporates natural elements that complement this theme, including the warm wood vanity and wood floating shelves.
A special item
In this Washington Crossing, PA bathroom remodel, the bathroom mirrors were a source of inspiration for the style and color scheme.  The homeowner had purchased these mirrors before doing the bathroom remodel and wanted to incorporate them into the design.  Instead of trying to fit them to the design, the mirrors served as a foundation for finding a color palette and tone that fit the design goals for this family.  It also allowed the homeowner to feature an item they really love, all while creating a one-of-a-kind bathroom design.
Color inspiration
In some cases, it could be a favorite color that inspires you. While we often think of bathroom design as being limited to a neutral color palette, it can also be an ideal place to experiment with favorite colors in a way you would not consider for a kitchen or open living space. 

Powder rooms, like the two shown below, are a perfect place to get inspired by color and inject some personality into your home design.  The powder room design in Newtown below left features glamorous gold tones in the polished brass hardware that carries through into the eye-catching wallpaper.  You may not consider bold wallpaper for a living room, but it is ideal for a small powder room, adding the perfect dash of drama! The Newtown, PA powder room below right makes a statement by combining blue and gold tones, with the blue vanity cabinet and brass accessories.
Furniture style
Today’s bathroom design is more than just a functional space where you shower and brush your teeth.   A well-designed bathroom can also be the ideal place to express your style. One way to do that is to choose a one-of-a-kind furniture style cabinet as the centerpiece of your design.  The cabinet in this bathroom remodel serves at the focal point for the design, allowing everything else to neatly fit into place around it.  You might want to repurpose a piece of furniture or find a furniture style cabinet while shopping for your new bathroom, then let your bathroom remodeling expert help you build your design around it.
One Favorite Feature
When shopping around for bathroom design ideas, whether it is online or by visiting a bathroom remodeling showroom, you could get inspired by one design feature that stands out.  Maybe you always thought you would stick to a simple tile floor until you saw a herringbone patterned floor like this chic bathroom design in Newtown.  Start with that one item that inspires you and build the rest of your design theme around it.

Or perhaps you never thought of an industrial style bathroom design until you saw this unique faucet.  Your bathroom design expert can work with you to find fixtures and products that go with that one must have feature.  In this case the industrial style elements like the faucets and sinks combine with distressed cabinetry, an open shower with river rock shower floor, and octagonal-shaped skylight.  The result is a perfect balance of industrial and natural, rustic styles.

What is your bathroom design inspiration? If you already know, contact our bathroom design experts on 215-968-5300 and let us help you create a design that showcases your style.  If you are still looking for inspiration, check out our bathroom remodeling gallery or stop by our showroom to browse for ideas.

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