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Most commonly designed over the past year is white kitchens. White kitchens usually contain a white tile backsplash such as subway tiles or herringbone patterns, white marble countertops and white shaker cabinets. Now, all white kitchens do present an elegant, cohesive and clean design but let’s talk about adding a hint of uniqueness. An up and coming trend as of late is incorporating blue paint into the kitchen cabinets. 
We saw green cabinets make a rise over the last year and as it continues to do so, their new competitor is blue. With so many shades of blue to choose from, you’re bound to find one that fits your home’s style and personality. A crucial part of using blue cabinets is ensuring the kitchen faucets and appliances pair well within the design. Some Kingston faucets that would look great with blue cabinets is the Heritage Bridge Kitchen Faucet. This faucet offers a traditional charm and is sure to be a great addition in finishes ranging from brass, chrome, matte black, bronze and copper. Whether you are starting a remodel or are looking for an upgrade, painting the cabinets can be a way to do that. Cost is always a factor in these types of work and should have consultation from experts in the field to ensure proper work.
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Adding a blue vanity to the bathroom is much simpler than resurfacing and painting kitchen cabinets due to size and certain processes. It’s always a good idea to obtain advice from painting experts in case a project doesn’t go as smoothly as anticipated. Painting the bathroom vanity does require certain steps such as prep, sanding, applying primer and painting. Choosing the perfect color for your bathroom vanity in accordance with a current trend such as blue is a fun way to add creativity to the bathroom. As previously mentioned, there are endless shades of blue to decipher from. The best way to narrow down your perfect choice is to consider the vision for the bathroom. Is it a modern style? Farmhouse? Coastal? Are you going for a moody ensemble? The design style is an important aspect to consider because that will help determine what shade is necessary. Once the color is picked and painted, accessories and faucet finishes will also play a big part in creating your vision. Kingston offers faucets and accessories in finishes such as brass, matte black, chrome, nickel, bronze and even copper. Any of these finishes can be paired with a blue vanity as solely up to your preference and style. A blue vanity can be a focal point in guest, master or half bathrooms.
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