Essential Oil Blends for Valentines Day + Potpourri With Essential Oils DIY

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Make your home smell amazing this Valentine's Day with this easy potpourri with essential oils DIY craft. Use essential oil blends for Valentine's Day for the perfect aromatherapy combination for your taste and needs.

I haven't decorated for Valentine's Day in several years. We need a little bit to de-Christmas, and then we have a January birthday and a February birthday. Valentine's Day seems to get lost in birthday season.

This year, I decided to do some fun DIY projects. I wanted to make a natural air freshener with a fun Valentine's Day scent.

I found these adorable clear plastic hearts, so I used them to hold the potpourri. They hang, so you can use them in the closet or anywhere else.

I have one hanging on the cabinet in the bathroom. I also stuck one in my dresser drawer to freshen my sweaters this winter.


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